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Her Sweet Passion

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Waking up to a new day, Olivia ,a shy and introverted lady couldn't believe her ears when told her life's changing. The normal life she lived will change as she has to get married to him- Lucas Davis, a billionaire who's only interested in exploring life to the core and making more money. On the long run,she discovers secrets she didn't know about. What is the secret? Are there secrets to why she's marrying him? What will happen as they start their journey together? Who's going to be the most passionate about their love story? Find out in this intriguing story.

Chapter 1


I woke up when I felt the light tap on my arm. My eyelids snapped open gently and I rubbed on them to see clearer. I still wanted to sleep more, yes, because I missed my room.

"What's it?" I asked whoever was in the room.

"Ollie!" I heard mum's voice and I stared at her immediately. Well, she calls me that whenever she's panicking. Is she okay?

"Yes?" I answered sitting up.

"Your dad wants to talk to you" she said and I shut my eyes, as I exhaled. I forgot they sent for me yesterday. Dad and mum said I should come over because they had something important to talk to me about.

"Hmm, I'll be down in a few minutes" I answered and she smiled.

"Make it fast" she said and I smiled getting down from the bed.

I will, well yeah I've gotten used to always panicking whenever dad calls for me. Why? Because he changed all of a sudden. Dad was all nice but I don't know, things changed a long time ago, he became frigid and I really don't know why. I heard the door close indicating mum's out of the room. I smiled as I glanced around my room, I so much miss being in here. I guess I'd come to admire it later, now I have to go meet dad. I rushed to the bathroom and almost immediately, I was out.

Ohh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Olivia Harris, a young, beautiful investment banker. Yeah, investment banking, that's what I do. Age? I am 21 and I really can't wait to be 22. But that's still a pretty long way to go. I packed my hair up into a messy bun before grabbing my phone and I headed downstairs immediately.

I saw them, they were having breakfast already, clam chowder or what was I seeing.

"Good morning" I mumbled while sitting down. Well, my parents and I don't really have a good relationship and that's why I moved out of their house. I have my own apartment. I really love them though.

"Morning" dad said and immediately I heard the yell.

"Olivia!" Mason yelled, reaching me, I turned to him and he engulfed me in a hug. I was still seated so he hugged me tightly.

"I didn't know you were here" he said and I chuckled ruffling his hair. Of course I am.

"Goodness, I missed you" he mumbled and I smiled.

"Yeah, we're gonna talk after breakfast and you tell me about your girls" I gave him a knowing look and he chuckled before sitting down. Well, Mason has always been shy, just like me. I cherish him a lot.

"Olivia" dad called as we ate. I looked up at him, mouthful of the bite I took.

"You're…" he wanted to say but mum beat him to it.

"You know Lucas Davis right?" She asked. I furrowed my brows as I tried thinking of who that was.

"The young, handsome man that you went on a date with, the one your dad introduced to you" she said and I nodded remembering him. Well, I did go on a date with him because of dad and I must say, he is calm. So calm and exquisite.

"Yes, I remember him" I laughed when I remembered his look. It was a restaurant and I fidgeted that day.

"You're getting married to him" she dropped the bombshell and I looked up surprised.

"What? I only liked his personality, not him" I said, laughing at her joke.

"It isn't a joke Olivia, you're getting married to him" mum said again and I looked up at her.

"Stop with the joke please" I said chuckling.

"It isn't a joke " dad almost yelled and I turned to him confused. "You're getting married to him," he said again.

"Huh? Why? How?" I was confused.

"This" he slid a file to me and I took it. My eyes goggled in surprise as I read the document. A contract marriage? Are you f*ck*ng serious? I asked in anger.

"Yes Olivia, there's a contract and I'm getting a whole lot of money," he said, making me chuckle.

"A whole lot of money? You're trading me for money? I won't get married to him because of a stupid contract!" I yelled in anger. My voice was starting to shake and I sniffed as a tear rolled down. Yeah, I know he suddenly hated me but giving me out? That's way extreme.

"That's my final decision!" He said firmly. "And you must adhere to it" he stood up before walking away furiously.

I sniffed glancing at Mason and mum. With their sober look, I'm sure it's true.

"Olivia, please " mum begged and I shook my head. No, that's not coming from her, right?

"Why did he sign the contract? We're comfortable already " I cried.

"He has to get it," mum muttered.

"Why? To compete with Mr Williams?" I asked and she exhaled looking away. I shook my head as I stared at her, wondering about the hate they have for William's family.

"I won't get married to him" I gritted and firmly, I picked my phone heading to the door. I ignored their call walking out and despondently, I walked to my car.

"Ollie!" Mason yelled but I ignored him, roaring the engine to life and I drove out angrily.

Me? Marry someone? No.

Tears flowed down as I thought of it. Why will they just wake up one day and tell me I'd be getting married. To someone I don't know? I chuckled at the thought. Of course not, that's way trash. Because of his own deal, his own gain? He's going to trade me for a deal? I realized he probably didn't even like me. Of course I know he doesn't love me but to the extent of giving me out? Of course not.

A set of tears poured down as I thought of him again. He's my dad but he's always cold to me. It isn't even fair. I brought out my phone to dial the number of the only person I want to see. Ander. Ander is my best friend and he's very kind to me. I don't do well with guys or should I say relationships, but Ander is different. I took him as my best friend when I felt at ease with him. Well, I can't say I haven't been in a relationship with a guy because I've been in lots of situationships and we end up not being with each other. Some of them did include s*x.

"Lie?" He called at the other end I sniffed.

"Please, where are you? I want to see you" I cried.

"Lie?" His panicked voice came up. "What happened?" He asked worriedly.

I sniffed as I explained to him.

"Go home, go home okay? I'd be there soon" he said and I nodded taking the direction of my house.

"Alright? Be safe please Olivia" he said and I nodded, wiping my tears. I needed to see clearer after all.

Chapter 2


"So, do you understand, Lucas?" Dad asked and I groaned.

"Yes" I answered as I scrolled through the phone.

"Alright, it's a deal now" he said and I nodded. I badly wanted to roll my eyes but I couldn't.

"Rest, dad" I told him and he smiled. "Bye" I mumbled walking out of the door. I wonder why dad is signing such a deal. He did explain everything he's gaining but I sure didn't understand a thing. Anyway? It's no problem. Marrying the girl ain't a problem, I just find it funny because now, I'd have to introduce her as my wife. That's the only big deal but it's okay. My phone rang and I picked the call instantly.

"Sir? The goods are ready" my PA spoke into the phone.

"Okay, I'll be there soon" I answered before ending the call. Well, wondering what goods? I am the CEO of FLOURISH JEWELRY, LTD. It's owned by dad but he ma


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