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Guerra De Amor

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Piper had her vacation at El Preve where she stayed with Letty’s. There, she got close with Cade and their bond grew. Both Cade and her were in the love-and-hate relationship as they call it. They had many misunderstandings until they were able to fix it and Cade courted her. They both had a relationship that was kept in the dark due to the reason that Piper’s parents opposed her to be with a poor man, instead, they wanted her to be with Arrow. For many times, they both secretly go on dates



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are neither the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance of actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Do not distribute, publish, transmit, modify, display or create derivative works from or exploit the contents of this story in any way. Please obtain permission.


I am no ordinary person. People fall in line for my attention. One could tell that I am blessed with many things. Beauty, fame, and money. I could no longer ask for anything more, but sometimes one thing could change your beliefs in a snap of the moment. Maybe that is how it really is; it is something you can endure despite the pain because it is far from shallow happiness. 

“The one and only Queen of television artists - Pilley “Piper” Perouzé Roshan!” uttered the TV host who is interviewing me. I contemplated numerous times if I would accept this interview. After all, I am not fond of Q and A because, in this kind of show, most questions are too personal. 

“You have made a name in this industry, are there more things you want to try aside from being an actress?” I thought about it for a few seconds before I answered. “If there is something I would want to try, maybe it would be to join an international pageant. That is one of the things that my fans also want me to try.”

I laughingly answered. It was frequently commented on by my fans on my Instagram posts, especially when I am wearing a bikini swimsuit. “You’re aware that the question is about social issues right? Now, the issue is about the scarcity of national rice supplies. In your opinion, how could we provide a solution for this?” Upon hearing this question, I was like ‘are you serious?”, even though the question is actually an easy one. 

“A new and more concrete program should be made for that. Increase the quality of the water irrigation for the farm, because that is the primary need of this project. Each family of farmers should be given a free machine. And most importantly, we should educate everyone that the backbone of our economy is the agriculture sector.” This is my answer, an answer I learned from the teachings of one of my professors during my college days. Those teachings gave a great impact on my life because my family has a wide land that needs to be planted by such things. 

“Thank you for that Pageant-like answer, Piper. Let’s now move on to questions which your fans want to know!” he pointed out to the audience who went wild on their seats out of excitement.  They all are holding different things such as a tarpaulin and wearing a shirt that has a print of her face. “Are you dating someone? particularly, Latrelle Aurelius.'' 

The cheers of the audience become louder as if they just got out of confinement with the excitement they show. But, I’m happy that they want to know what’s happening to me. They’re here through the ups and downs of my life. Even though there is a pain sometimes when a few of them stop supporting me. Pixie, my manager, is sitting in a row with other known people in the entertainment industry. He’s one of those people who’s looking forward to the issue regarding Latrelle and me. 

“Actually, Latrelle and I are good friends.” not really. I want to laugh at what I just said. But for the sake of my fans, I leave it at that. That is the safest answer - it would also make a hot topic. Both of us were not enemies nor friends. I think acquaintance is the proper word for both of us, and that is enough. “Don’t the two of you have an upcoming movie? It’s Paper Rings?”

 “Um yes. But it would take more time before the showing as there are still some things that need to be polished.” The real reason is that Latrelle shoots his television series first, and does not want to shoot the movie until he is finished there. That is also the reason why I have decided to take a vacation first. I have already told this decision of mine to Aria, but I have no plan of letting Pixie know about it. 

“You’re still NBSB. A brave woman!” This is how they always treat me. And, this phrase is no longer new to me. 

“Still working to be richer! When you are already rich!” added the host. But honestly, that is not what I am thinking. It’s just that, I don’t find a liking towards anything. He asked me more questions, which I urgently answered. I heaved a sigh when that interview was finished. 

On the other hand, Pixie won’t shut up, even though we are already inside the van. “You should have told them that we used to be together!” 

“I don't want to talk about it. Can I rest for a while first?” He no longer talked again, thus I was able to have a peaceful sleep. That night, I prepared all the things which I will need to bring for my journey to El Preve. I have also permitted my housemaids to go home to their province, as they are not needed in my home while I am away. My driver Ben and I left at dawn. 

The drive until we reach my destination would take a long time and I do not want to arrive at night considering that my companion is already old, so I decided for us to leave early. I am wearing earphones, while I am admiring the beauty of the view outside of the car. It has been many years as well since I last visited that place. It’s time for me to relax, as others say. For our lunch, we bought food via a drive-thru and I called Pixie while I am resting after my meal. 

“You leave without my permission!” my eardrums almost exploded with Pixie’s high and loud pitch voice.

 “I am already on my way, Pixie. I am sorry, I did not inform you,” I said, but that is actually my plan because I know that Pixie won’t permit me.

 “Sorry! Sorry! I don’t know what to do with you anymore!” Pixie said before cutting the call. Ben and I looked at each other for a second, before he continued driving. I can’t help but not smile whenever I see a billboard with my face on the road. Others are tarpaulin only, but sometimes I feel disappointed because some people are placing inappropriate drawings on my pictures. I am not sure if those are my haters, or they are just bored in their life and decided to do it. I sat back upright when I saw that we were already near the mansion. 

Upon our entrance in the El Preve, many hectares of rice fields welcome us. But, it was no longer as wide as I remember before. Some of the rice fields were changed into buildings, or become empty concrete lots. Our car made an abrupt stop when a man almost got hit by us, due to their flirting with his friend. Ben opened the window on his side and scolded them, “stop flirting on the car roads. You’ll get hit!” 

Beside him is another man whom I cannot see the face of because of the farming that he is wearing. “I am sorry, Mr. Ben!” apologized for the familiar man who is wearing a uniform. 

“Oh, Cazue. You all should be careful next time,” Ben said before he drove again. I observed the two men via the rearview mirror of the car, as I found the man with them very familiar to me. 

As I get out of the car, I immediately see Sandra — one of our housemaids. “What a beautiful tourist you are, Senorita!” she greeted before she helped me with my things. “Thank you, Sandra. You haven’t changed! You're still silly.” I said with a smile.

Chapter 1

“Bring back the farmers' land! Give it back! Return what you took!” This noise is what woke me up early in the morning. I abruptly got up from my sleep due to the annoying noise and diligently caressed my lumbar which made an impact with the floor upon my fall.

“Geez! Why is it too noisy?!” I complained.

My bedroom door then opened and one of our housemaids camed in to help me stand up. Honestly, despite the wide gap between our social status, she is one of those people whom I treat as a friend aside from Aira. She and I both had a fight over some petty stuff. One would be the fact that she declined to study with me far from our home town. However, as we have spoken afterwards, we have been able to make amends with each other.

Of course! Who would not feel overwhelmed with what she did? She is not that kind of person who is fond of social media accounts, but still she made a facebook account just for the both of us to be able to talk. She has asked multiple times f


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