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Found You

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Charlotte had always seen herself as a disappointment to her family. Lots of money was spent on her when she got into an accident at a young age, in order to send Charlotte and her siblings to school, her dad's shoe making company went bankrupt. Charlotte was never Interested in a relationship, she had a best friend when she was young, Brandon which she so much love. Brandon's parents lost their lives in an accident and so he had to live with his uncle, Charlotte and Brandon lost contacts due to that. Charlotte never had a friend or a relationship, she was on the search for her first love, Brandon. Due to his company situation, Charlotte's dad, Ray started going to his friends for partnership. Ray met his friend, Paxton Bennett and he accepted to the partnership but only if Ray would accept a marriage between his son, Dirk Bennett and Charlotte for 2 years, which Ray did accept and Charlotte was sold in exchange for Paxton's partnership. She was sold to Dirk Bennett, a possessive and arrogant Billionaire, the CEO of Bennett's Enterprises. He had a bitter childhood and so he never wanted to be with anyone except his best friend and first love, Daisy whom he was on the search for after losing contact with her at a very young age. Dirk believed life was cruel to him, from losing his parents at 7 and getting maltreated by his uncle for his parents properties, to being taken to an orphanage home where he was adopted by Paxton and Sarah Bennett. A contract marriage with both having someone they love. What do you think will happen?

Chapter 1

The morning breeze blew, and the crystal clear dewdrops slid down the leaves and jumped cheerfully. 

The green grass wakes up under the gentle morning light, and it looks greener under the shower of rain and dew.

Some unknown birds stood on the swaying stalks, swaying their heads, shaking their wings, vying to show off the moving voices, and the sweet songs seemed to flow in the clouds, rolling on the green waves and running. In the fresh, moist air, the sound is lingering, the small sound is like a light breeze blowing.

The powder is swaying, the yellow lotus leaves just off the petals. The fragrance is overflowing, and many red wings and blue-headed owls are on it.

It was Brandon's birthday.

Screaming swarms of children ran through the house as bubbles floated in the air and balloons drifted around aimlessly on the floor among the discarded wrapping paper.

Multi-coloured banners were draped on the top of each door. A stack of unopened presents stood in the corner of the room wrapped in smooth shiny wrapping paper. A silk bow had been carefully tied around each package. Hungry and excited children loomed over the table which was filled with food. They grabbed at sandwiches and filled their mouths with sweets.

A stand filled with yummy cupcakes sat in the middle of the table surrounded by brightly coloured bowls that were filled with food.

A jug of brightly coloured juice had been knocked over and formed a puddle on the floor. 

The birthday boy, Brandon was turning 7 and so everyone was excited

"Dad, Mum", Brandon called out, his handsome oily face revealing his uneasiness

"What's up boy" his dad, Tom said

"My cake, why isn't it here yet?", he asked, "My friends are all here already", he added

"I'll go get it now", Tom replied

"5 minutes dad, just 5 minutes", Brandon replied and went back to his friends, especially to his best friend, Daisy

Daisy and Brandon lived in the same neighborhood, their house stood by each other, they share the same yard. They've been best of friends since they were young, they were so fond of each other and they do things together.

One can't stay without the other.

"I'm coming with you, I need to get some cheese too", Brandon's mum, Pat said

"I'll get it for you just stay here", Tom replied, moving to the garage

"No, remember what happened the last time you did", Pat said and stopped giving him time to remember what had happened, "I'll go get it by myself", she added

"Okay come on, let's get going", he replied as they took off in their black vintage car

The party went on in their absence, Daisy's parents took charge, setting everything in their right places and they made sure the party went on well, the kids were so happy, it was all fun and their faces made it clear.

Brandon's eyes filled with delight as he ripped open his presents, anticipating his friend Daisy's present, he smiled at each of the present.

He picked up a box and ripped off the blue ribbon, he knew it was from Daisy. He opened it and the small box had two necklaces in it, a locket on each, one had his picture and the other had Daisy's.

He looked up at Daisy, "This is yours Brandon", Daisy said and hung the one with her picture on Brandon's neck, "Here", she said and gave Brandon the other necklace which he hung around he neck too

A cell phone shrill ring slashed Daisy's mum thoughts as she picked up the cell phone, flipped it open and held it to her ear.

"Hello", she said, "Bella Harper", she added and stayed quiet for a while.

"What!", she exclaimed, "No!, No!, tell me this is a joke,No!", she screamed and that got everyone's attention

"What's wrong?", Daisy's dad, Ray asked, "Is everything okay?", she asked

"They... they... they", she stammered

"Bella talk to me, what's wrong?", Ray asked again

"Tom .... Tom ... and... and pat", she stammered again

"What happened to them?, talk to me Bella", Ray said, he was now starting to become uneasy

"Tom and Pat met with an accident and they... they ... they are dead", Bella said after finding her breath

"Where?, how?", Ray asked

"Don't tell Brandon about this please", Bella requested

"My parents are dead?", Brandon who had been listening to their conversation all along asked, "What happened to mum and dad", he asked again, fear radiating all over his face

"Come here Brandon", Ray said and pulled the little Brandon into his hands.

"Are my parents dead?", Brandon asked again, holding Ray tightly

"They ... uhmm ... they", Bella stammered

"They what?", Daisy asked

"They got into an accident", Bella blurted out and then Brandon pulled out of the big

"What now?", he asked, his eyes heavy with tears

"Don't worry Brandon, you'll be fine, you'll be with us and we will make sure you are okay", Ray assured him

"My parents are dead right?", Brandon asked

"What happened mum?", Daisy asked too

"Brandon you'll be good, trust me", Bella said

"Just answer me, are they?"

Bella finally found her breath and said, "Uhmm... I .... yes Brandon, I'm sorry", 

Brandon crawled into Ray's hands again, his tears wetting Ray's black shirt.

"Calm down Brandon", Ray said combing through his hair to comfort him, "You'll be fine", he added

"I want to see them", Brandon said pulling out once again, "I want to see my parents", he added

"Alright, come on", Ray said  

Daisy and Brandon followed Ray's lead, their hands tucked in each other's.

They got to the hospital and collected Tom and Pat's body from the morgue.

Brandon moved to them, their body cold and laying lifeless.

"Mum", he said touching Pat's body, "Dad", he said again, "Mum, Dad, open your eyes, talk to me", he said admist tears

"It's me Brandon, it's your little boy, talk to me mum", Brandon said again, letting out a whimper after every word. Daisy went to him, took his hand and pulled him in a hug which he returned. If he needed anyone right now then it would be his best friend Daisy

Tom and Pat's body was collected and buried, Ray and Bella took Brandon in and took care of him.

Few weeks later, some men clad in black suits trooped down a black SUV, they had come Visiting the Harper's house.

"Hello", Ray greeted

"Hello, I am Bert. Bert Richardson, Brandon's uncle", the young man said, he looked like he was in his early 30, his sea blue eyes rolling in it's socket as he talked, he kept pulling back his silky brown hair from falling into his eyes.

"Oh! hello, I am Ray and I'm Tom's friend", Ray said stretching out his hand for a shake

"Thanks for taking care of Brandon Ray", Bert said and took the shake

"Uncle", Brandon who was just coming in with Daisy said and ran into the out stretched arms of his uncle, little did he know what was going on in his mind.

"My little boy", Bert said, pulling Brandon to himself, "I'm sorry for the loss boy", he added

"Are you here for me?", Brandon asked innocently

"Yes my boy", he replied and turned to Ray, "I will be taking him with me if you don't mind", he said

"It's okay by us as long as you promise to take good care of him", Bella said

"I'll do that, trust me", he said placing his hand on Ray's shoulder

"Go pack your things boy", Bert said to Brandon as he ran in joyously, he was so eager and excited to go with his uncle. He kept singing as he was packing his clothes.

"Are you going to leave me Toots?", Daisy who had been standing there all along asked Brandon, calling him by the pet name she gave him.

Brandon stopped humming and turned back to her and she could see tears in his eyes. He had been crying not just humming.

He moved to her and took her by her hand, "Come with me Dottie", he said

"You know I can't, what about mum and dad?", Daisy asked and broke into tears too

"I will come see you Toots", Brandon said

"Promise?", Daisy asked raising a hand

"Promise", Brandon promised

Daisy and her parents sent him off happily and Daisy became all alone again, doing things on her own, she changed drastically and stayed away from people.

Some weeks later, a letter was sent to her, it was Brandon, the letter showed how much he missed her too and where they would meet every week and that brought back Daisy's happiness.

Daisy and Brandon would meet every Friday at a secluded place, they kept on with their friendship.

After some months of meeting at the spot, Brandon stopped coming but Daisy kept going, hoping he would come someday.

After weeks of the same occurence, Daisy went back there on a Friday and stayed till it was dark at night, she felt bitter as she thought, his beloved friend Brandon had forgotten her, she walked alone, broken and sad on the street, she was so enveloped in her thoughts that she swayed to the road.

A loud bang brought her back as she had been hit by a car

"Geez", Daisy said as she gasped for breath, waking up from the same dream, her childhood memories coming back as dream and haunting her.

She wiped off her sweaty face, it was pretty hard for her to wake up to the same nightmare everyday.

She had to change her name to her second name, Charlotte, because of the panic attack she gets whenever people call her Daisy and that worked.

Daisy became a name she once beared, a name she would want only her friend, Brandon to call her.

Her whole body was sweaty, she sigh as she stood up from her bed, her baby pink bedsheet was supposed to calm her down and give her a peaceful night like her mum had said but that was wrong. She walked into the bathroom, crawled under the shower to take her bath, she held her breath under the running water and stood still as different thoughts swept through her head.

"How long do I have to wait?", she murmered to herself, "How long do I have to wait to see you?", she asked herself again and leaned her hand against the tiled wall of the bathroom, the warm water flowed through her body, it soothed her pains and gave her a sort of hope.

Minutes later, she was out in her robe, she swiftly performed her ritual of spreading on lotion, spreading the strawberry fragrance lotion on her glossy skin, she rubbed them thoroughly and sigh.

Charlotte wrapped her hair in a towel, a turban style and put on a silky blue playsuit, leaving her hair to dry off, she walked down the stairs and then to the kitchen.

The Harper's house was a fair sized house built of red Lyons sandstone with the most beautiful Picket fence

It had a heavy carved wooden door, indeed it was a beautiful one.

A foyer that would accommodate the Serengeti Plant at the foot of a vast curving staircase that probably went to heaven, a little garden filled with heavenly flowering fragrances.

Prints of gentlemen riding to hounds decorate the walls, picture frames of Charlotte and her siblings right from birth were also hung on the walls.

Charlotte's dad, Ray was keen on capturing every moment. He would always say, "We can't go back to some moments, but when we capture them, we can live in them again",

With all these, Charlotte would always wonder why her pictures aren't the same count as her siblings, there weren't pictures from her birth, it all started from her 2nd birthday. She is 24 and she still hasn't gotten an answer to that.



Chapter 2

Charlotte walked into the kitchen, her mum, Bella was making her magical dishes. The only sound in the kitchen was the crashing sounds of the plates against the marble made cabinet.

"Morning Mum", Charlotte greeted

"Morning princess", her mum, Bella replied with her smile pouring over Charlotte, "Will you set the table please?", she requested

"Sure mum", Charlotte responded

"Hey!", that was Charlotte's younger brother Ivan, he hid behind her and loosened the towel on her head, her wet Kohl black hair rolled down, they plunged upon her shoulder

"Hey young man", Charlotte yelled rolling her eyes at him, "Why did you do that?", Charlotte asked but he only replied with a smile which she found overwhelming and that calmed her down

"Where is dad?", Charlotte asked

"He's out, guess he has a meeting", her mum replied

"What meeting?", Charlotte asked

"He his trying to find a sponsor or partner for his company", Bella replied.



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