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Forbidden Desire

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Betrayal indeed hurts the most. But can anyone ever justify it? How cruel it sounds to even take the side of something so heinous, isn't it? ******** She knew she was wrong yet she chose the path of treachery. She chose to be in the arms of another man, and let her marriage break into pieces. What could have led her to that step? Was it that simple or did the pieces of the puzzle tell another tale? **** To know more join the cast of Forbidden Desires and let them narrate their story of desire, love, lust, and revenge.


"I'm not a wh*r*... " I said, gazing directly into his lovely orbs. Even when my sole plan was to resist him still I couldn't help but admire him more.

There was a glint of dissatisfaction in his eyes exactly when I had expressed my contemplations. Before I could get tangled more I laid my hands on his chest of his sturdy structure which was hovering over me and shoved him to the side.

As I was leaving, I was yanked with power to such an extent that my back collided into his front. There wasn't an inch of room between us.

In front was the gigantic mirror where I could see our reflection closer than any time in recent memory. His shirt collapsed to his elbows and his veins flexed, I hadn't noticed before. I could feel his pulses berserk. My eyes landed exclusively on his appearance; he appeared to be menacing while I was entangled in the middle of his arms. I was captured in his embrace.

"DON'T." He snarled, gritting his teeth. His features solidified, jaws clenched. His incandescent eyes bored into my soul. My hands quit driving him away and they laid on his hands which were on my mid-region. I could feel his heartbeats, they were musical. I understood I would need to leave before things got out of hand.

Tuning in to him was the worst decision I made, I presumed.

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT WORD AGAIN." He appeared to be a peril to me, however, for reasons unknown, I had this urge to comply, to oblige. Reluctantly I nodded.

I pondered, why.

His eyes were as yet on me. Attempting to get out of his hold didn't seem right. But when his hold loosened I didn't miss the chance to be liberated only to be captured once again. We faced each other with his hand on my waist.

I felt his fingers playing with the knots of my top. They ran on my bare back, erupting goose flesh all over. He was trying to conquer me and boy did I want to defy him, hell no!

He sneered when my expression was giving up one by one. Soon enough the knots were undone. His hand rested on my back while the other, which was on my waist, slid up.

It travelled from my waist to my abdomen until it cupped my left bosom. I refrained from making any sound but my back arched on its own accord.

"This isn't right... ." I bit my lips. His thumb moved on my bud over the piece of fabric and I could feel his breath fanning my neck.

"But it does feel right, doesn't it?" he murmured, following his lips on my neckline. My knees were feeble as of now.

"Aditi... " I heard the voice of my husband. He was calling me yet I was in the arms of another man, who had planned to show me the glimpse of bliss I had never ventured before.

My guilt was overpowering me until my top was removed in the flick of his finger. I stood half-naked in front of another man, the one who had faculty to reign over me.

His eyes meandered over the entirety of my stripped self. The bizarre fact was I didn't feel exposed.

Even though his gaze was lusty, still, he didn't seem the one to pounce, instead, appeared the one who wanted to devour me.

"You are the most desirable woman I have ever laid my eyes on." He conceded. I was flushed at his remark. I could feel the warmth crawling up and the heat pooling down.

"Aditi... " The voice of my husband was getting stronger, however for me, it appeared to be far.

He picked me up before I was laid on the silky sheets of my bed. The same bed my husband and I used to have s*x on before.

Yes, s*x, because I couldn't remember making love with him. It was all a blurry memory.

"You are mine, all mine." He claimed, trailing kisses from my neck to my cleavage yet halted when heard me saying, "I'm somebody's wife."

He didn't appear to be mad yet his eyes portrayed another story that was loaded up with rage I could recognize.

I was afraid but soon enough his coquettish grin was back soon.

Brushing his lips over mine, he escalated the pace of my already accelerated heartbeats. The back of his fingers was smoothly dancing on my left bosom. My eyes were hooded but I could witness him enjoying my state.

He held my areola in the middle of his thumb and index finger before reminding me, "That still doesn't change the fact you desire for someone else more than your husband."

He was right. I had the hots for him.

He tweaked my nipple and the abstained wording of pleasure left my throat, "Aaahhh..." A grin of contentment marred his face.

"I would rather hear you screaming my name when I make your soul wither in ecstasy instead of you reminding me of the existence of your f*ck*ng husband."

At the point when his tongue swirled on my nipple all I did was set myself loose entirely, moaning the name of my captor, "Aahir..."

CH 1 || Craving To be Found



It was the coldest evening of the city so far in the previous ten years. The windows of the three-storey manor were left open only for the wind to march inside. Actually like an undetectable beast the breeze was prepared to make each being shiver in its essence. Even though the climate was sufficient to freeze anybody, the lady in her twenties who was perched on the floor of her examination in a side seat position wasn't influenced. The breeze couldn't make her bone-chilling in any event, when the solitary attire covering her body was a slim cotton white robe.

A book named "The housewife's dilemma." laid on her lap while her eyes stuck to the moon she could see from the window. It was a warm smooth shine in the sky however it was isolated.

Individuals always appreciated it from afar.

She wondered whether the moon also wanted company so that it could not fe


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