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Find a way to my heart

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A surprise is waiting for Brielle Ashby when she returns home to her hometown of New York from college. This bombshell will alter her life forever. Zuriel Richardson, the Devilishly Handsome CEO of Richardson Empires, is a playboy but extremely vicious when it comes to his business. He doesn't care if you're alive or dead; all that matters to him is his business, his company, and his profits. When they first meet, it's only for business. But will the spark that she gets from being around him ignite into something more, or is love not in the cards for them? When she will marry him, things become more intimate, but the catch is that there is no love involved.

Chapter 1

Brielle POV

I looked out from the car while Mr. Brook, our family's chauffeur, was driving the car, taking me to my parents' mansion.

I've just returned from San Francisco. From my university,

I looked around the stunning skyscrapers. I really missed being here.

"How're you, cool dude?" I smiled at Mr. Brooke. He is a middle-aged, very kind man. He's like a father figure to me.

I remember in my childhood, whenever mom refrained me from eating and buying chocolates, he always brought them to me, hidden from everyone.

He's like my best dude since that day, and

I called him "cool dude." It's our thing.

"Amazing, and happier since my best buddy arrived," he laughed with me.

Finally, we've reached the mansion.

I was not excited at all about reaching there, because no one was there to welcome me there, no family.

My parents died when I was ten, and since that day I've taken care of myself. A week ago, I got a call from Mr. Wilson, our family lawyer, that, now as I'm 18, I have to come back to New York to take over my Dad's Company. My Dad owned his business of herbal skincare products, which

can cure any complex skin disease, as these are made by mountainous medicinal plants and natural foods without any externally added chemicals.

I love my parents so much. Why does God have to do this with me? And this makes me scared. Scared of losing whom I love from the deepest of my heart.

Since that day, I've had to build a wall around my heart. I never let anyone come near to my heart. I always refrain myself from being too attached to someone.

I directly come to my room, in a mansion. I don't want to look around. It will remind me of my childhood memories with my parents, which I hate to remember because it always brings tears to my eyes.

I quickly took out my phone from my purse, and kept it in silent mode, and laid on my bed. I closed my eyes, refraining from any unwanted memories of my childhood.

I stirred and shifted on my bed. When I felt the sunlight directly falling on my face,

I sighed and sat on the bed. Everything is so silent and boring. I don't even have any friends, because I always refrain myself from making new friends because I know they'll leave me, as everyone did to me,

"Good morning Bri," Mrs. Brook's wife, smiled at me. She worked in the mansion as the cook, and she was also my caretaker after my parents left me.

"Morning," she smiled and quickly wore my slippers and made my way towards the bathroom.

I stared at the sandwich with the glass of milk. I'm not in the mood to eat anything. I just hate everything around me. I hate it all.

But, I know if I didn't finish my food, then Aancy would definitely scold me. Not to find it. She and Mr. Brooke took care of me since childhood, and I'm so glad for it.

I chewed it slowly, and finally, after I was done,

I sat in my car, as I was going towards Mr. Wilson's office to discuss and sign the formalities, as today, I'll take over my dad's company.

"Good morning, Mr. Wilson," I wrapped my arms around him.

"I can't believe that when little Brille just grew up," he laughed, and I took a seat across from him.

I still remember, when I was a child, he used to play with me whenever he came into our mansion.

"Here are the papers, sign them," he instructed me, and I did as he said.

"Finally," I smiled when I finished signing them all. Now I will run my dad's company and take it to its heights.

A tear fell from my eyes as I remembered the times I spent with them. "I'm sure he and your mom will be so proud of you," he said as he placed his hand on my head, sensing my anguish.

"Don't cry Bri, it's time to make them proud," a newly formed confidence aroused within my heart, like now, I can win the world. "I'm sure they are," I smiled and exited his office.

Now, it's time to make everything alright.

As I entered that multi-story building, employees were buried deep in their laptops.

In the lab, the experts are testing the products that have just launched on the market, our food products, and skincare items.

I smiled when I saw him, that boy who's been my partner in crime since childhood, but my smile faded when I realised I'd purposefully cut myself off from him, and I closed my eyes after my parents left. "I'm so sorry, Ivaan, in this war of emotions, I forgot our bond," I began at his back as he was helping the employee, while they were both working on the laptop.

Ivaan is my cousin's brother, the son of my maternal uncle. He and I are like best friends forever. No wonder we're siblings but we were more friends.

"Hey, Big Bro," I said, and he froze at his spot and slowly turned towards me, his eyes widening as he looked at me.

I shrugged, smiling, and I knew the next moment, he jumped on me.

"Bri," he quickly wrapped his arms around me.

"You're back, finally," he exclaimed cheekily, and I nodded.

"Are you okay?" he asked, and I shake my head. I've missed them so much. "They're always with you Bri, in your heart," he wrapped his arms around me, and I buried my face in his chest. "And guess what, today I take over my company too," I said, looking around. "What, really," he asked, and I nodded and showed him the papers, which screamed that today I took over my Dad's company."

Finally, I came towards the office and clutched the knob of the door, looking around.

Examining the office, a large comfortable chair across the big glass table, and I can see the view of the city from the opened windows.

It seemed so peaceful. Well, that's good.

I really like my privacy. I don't like being with anyone.

I came to a halt in the middle of my walk and looked out the large glass window.

I'm no longer that nerdy Brielle, who hides behind her books, her days spent in the library, and my coffee mug collection. Ugh, that introverted me.

I shook my head, don't think about it,

I have to accept it as soon as possible. Now I have to be responsible. My dad started this company for me. He wants to see me as a successful businesswoman and I will become it for him. But again, what will happen to that introverted me? But now I have to attend meetings with different people, have to go to business charity events, Oh God,

I dragged myself to the large chair and closed my eyes.

"I know, you hate meeting new people," Ivaan said, looking at me.

I opened my eyes and shook my head.

"I will get used to it, don't worry," I smiled and looked at the wall. The certificates and trophies that my dad won in the business field are placed neatly in the rack.

One day, this rack will sing the grace of my achievements.

Chapter 2

Brielle POV

I took the glass of water and gulped it whole in one.

"Today is my first meeting with businessmen, who will sign a deal with us, which can be very profitable for both of us."

It's very strange, the Richardson's Empires, the skincare products are only a chain of their vast company. I'm surprised that Mr. Jared Richardson, himself, is coming to the meeting, instead of their representatives," Ivaan said while taking a seat across from me, taking hold of the file placed on the table about the deal.

I looked at him and narrowed my eyes at the wall beside him. He's right, why is Mr.Jared Richardson himself coming? This deal is like a small thing for their billion dollar multinational company.

I was startled by a knock on my office door. Lucas, my assistant, comes in.

He's the same age as mine and a university graduate like me. He was doing his internship in business management, which i


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