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Falling for His Contracted Wife

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Wayne Anderson is a highly successful man. A billionaire. A business tycoon. But there was one stain in his story—he was once married, and his wife cheated on him. They divorced, and it was a messy affair. It has been a few years since that happened, and Wayne has been putting all his focus on his empire. That is until he meets Andrea Payne. She was someone he knew as a child, his younger sister's best friend. He wasn't expecting to see her grown up as a beautiful woman. She seemed clumsy, but she has this air of confidence about her as she kept proposing business ventures to him. Andrea needed his help as her father was once again scammed out of his business.

Chapter 1 – First night

Her hands clutched the sheet beneath her as he mastered her body.

Andrea’s breathing turned heavy and irregular. She’s not sure whether she’s supposed to breathe or not in certain moments. When he touched her, she caught her breath. When he roughly squeezed her breasts, she caught her breath again.

“That’s it. Let them hear you,” he whispered against her skin. His mouth pressed wet kisses on her naked body. And then, he captured one breast into his mouth and s*ck*d. The bolt of pleasure that went through her body was dizzying. She’s no virgin, but her previous encounters were nothing like this. Those were clumsy, messy, and total embarrassments. She hadn’t felt any pleasure, only pain.

But now, her hazy gaze searched for his face. She reached to touch his hair and guide him as he tasted her body. He moved from one breast to the other, and it was bliss to her. She gasped and moaned loudly as his fingers delved inside her folds. Ever since he started touching her, her body quickly responded. She’s wet and ready for him. His actions produced such a noise, flesh slapping wet flesh. His fingers dived deeper inside her with every thrust, and she couldn’t help the moans and screams that escaped her mouth as her body reached an orgasm. He didn’t stop. He continued with his ministrations. His hold on her turned rough, and it caused a bit of pain. Bearable. Pleasurable. She no longer cared about the noises she was making. That’s what he wanted anyway.

Wayne Anderson. Her husband. It has been two weeks since they got married. Today, they visited his parents and were invited to stay the night. He told her that it was probably a ploy to see how they would be spending it.

“You better be screaming tonight,” he whispered against her ears even before they started. At first, she was puzzled. What does he mean? Now she knew.

There must be ears against the door or pressed against the walls. She’s screaming alright. She’d gone to great heights of pleasure. When he finally towered above her, pushing her legs farther apart, she knew what would come. She agreed to it. And now that it’s happening, she can’t lie. She actually likes it. He’s definitely skilled in the bedroom and could give a woman real pleasure.

She was supposed to proposition him, but he propositioned her instead.

Her family is on the verge of bankruptcy. Her father trusted yet again another scammer. Oh, he was someone they had known for a very long time. One they consider family. And yet, he went away, taking all their money. Or at least the money in her father’s businesses. He has three. Had.

Andrea had known Wayne since they were kids. They were neighbors. As a child, she used to go to their house and play with him and his sisters. He’s older than her by five years, but she’s fascinated by the boy’s toys. That’s the main reason Wayne tolerated her as a child. There were no other boys in the house, and she’s his only playmate.

They grew apart. Her family moved to another place. She lost contact. When Aria went to college, she haunted Andrea through various social media platforms. Even so, she only reconnected with her and Annie. Wayne? No. There’s not a thing they could’ve talked about. She’d heard the news about him and his success. And then, there was that scandal about his wife. Well, ex-wife. When he found out that the child she gave birth to was not his, they divorced. It was such sensational news back then. Afterward, he had become more successful in business. When dealing with him, you’re never to bring up his past.

When she witnessed her father’s broken figure, she decided that she must do something. Her father is a good man. She sighed. Too good, in fact, that some people abuse his kindness. It wasn’t the first time he was swindled. He’s too trusting of people. But then, some of them are people they’ve known for so long, they wouldn’t really have thought anything was amiss. She couldn’t let him suffer through it.

Andrea sought Wayne’s help. He’s a good man. She knew that much. And he’s highly successful. Built a business empire on his own, for his own. A person whose name yearly appears in the list of young billionaires. He’s not exactly young. He’s already thirty-five. But still considered a young age to attain and maintain his billions.

She thought he might be able to spare her family some or, better yet, help them out. When she asked Aria and told her the idea she had, the other woman shrugged.

“I haven’t talked to my brother in months. The last I saw him was during my father’s birthday. But he’ll definitely remember you.”

Not entirely assuring, but it’s a chance. It might or might not be successful, but it’s worth trying.

When she showed up at his office, his eyes were blazing as he looked over her. She quickly introduced herself, and she saw a flicker of recognition in his eyes. Then, she stated her business. A business proposal. She prepared for weeks. He barely looked through it when she gave him the copy as she started her pitch.

It was clear that she was nervous. By the end of it, she almost gave up. She changed tact and acted like a close friend coming to ask for help. Which she technically is, but they’re not exactly close friends. She mentioned Aria and Annie, his sisters. She narrated their problems in the last two months and how she and her family are trying to start again. She already sat on the couch, almost comfortably, as she informed him of everything.

At some point, she realized something was not right. He should be swamped. He wouldn’t have time to listen to her, but she is talking for almost half an hour already. She briefly glanced at her wristwatch. She’d also been watching his expressions for any sign of irritation. She’s ready to exit at any hint of annoyance. She dared not offend him. He glanced up to stare at her when she stopped talking without saying anything. How many hmm had she received since she came in? Not a single actual word came out of his mouth.

“I know you’re busy, so I’ll show myself out now. Please consider this proposal. Even if you don’t accept, if you can suggest a few things that would improve it, I would deeply appreciate it.” She clasped her hands together and slightly bowed while walking back towards the door.

“Then, thank you for your time.” She was hoping that he would at least acknowledge her words. Nothing. She smiled in a light chuckle before exiting. She’s not entirely embarrassed. She was prepared to be embarrassed when she walked inside his company building. Thankfully, Aria informed his secretary about her, which gained her entry and appointment. At least she wasn't thrown out when she showed up.

She sighed when she reached the ground floor, prepared to walk through the exit.

What happens now? She smiled to herself as she glanced at the tall building.

Well, back to the drawing board.

Chapter 2 – An underlying attraction

Wayne pounded into her as her cries echoed around the walls. He thought it might take a while before he could have her, but she proved ready and willing. She didn’t resist. She reacted sweetly to his every touch. When he entered her, it seemed her insides were sucking him in. She was tight, and her warmth was pleasurable to him. Her body and skin were too soft. She was very pliant. He grunted against her neck as he spilled his seed inside her. Her body trembled beneath him, and she whimpered after shouting in ecstasy. She was panting against his ears. He’s not finished with her yet, though. Only now did he realize how brilliant his decision was. She would be a nice companion in bed. But of course, she’s his wife. New wife. He was reminded of the previous one for a moment, and his expression darkened.

Andrea didn’t notice anything as she was too exhausted to move and open her eyes. Her body was still reacting to his movements, though. Soon, she could feel him thrusting inside h


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