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Martin Henderson always wanted to be a billionaire to fulfill his childhood dreams. As part of that dream, he founded Force Craft International, a global corporation that deals with single ladies' affairs. His wife, Karen hated this whole idea and that led to their divorce and their five-year-old daughter Cassey soon became the center of attraction. As Cassey grew, she had to carve out a niche that was saddled with so much romance and passion. It led her into the arms of her father’s agent in Diaspora, Marcus. And this exhumed secrets, she never knew existed... The moment she found love everything changed, including her thoughts about Force Craft International... Cassey soon realized she had to go through the challenges of life now and not tomorrow to rediscover herself amid several battles ahead of her that could turn her from a weakling to a stronger human she never envisioned. #billionaire


Martin Henderson had had a bad day, he wasn’t used to having a long talk with her five-year-old daughter Cassey, but he had one today, and that completely changed his mood. She often asked for her mother, Karen, who was no longer living with them in the Castle. And every effort he employed to make her forget about Karen fell on deaf ears, and now, he had driven out of the Castle and left her behind with maid Dovett without telling her when he would be back from camp fossil.

His thought was still firing high when, he suddenly parked his Jeep at the large compound of the fossil camp, and five minutes later, he was briefed by the supervisor of the camp about the recent development that led to the escape of one of the trafficked girls brought to camp. Henderson was wrath and glared at Rock Omen, and with his right outstretched hand, he flared at Rock Omen,“Go and look for her. I think she went that way—” Martin Henderson shouted as he stared into the frightful eyes of Rock Omen, “How could she escape from you, find her now or I cut off your tongue.”

Rock Omen started sweating profusely; tension crawled through his nervous body when he heard Henderson’s angry voice yet again. He looked away and ran like a madman into the forest. He was scared to see Henderson's redden eyes. He knew, he was not sensitive enough to see when she sneaked out of the camp, and now he must go and find her or face the consequence of being negligent in his duty.

He still cannot understand why one out of the twenty-four girls trafficked was a headache to him.

The moment, he felt he had run far into the middle of the forest, he stopped and started panting. He panted for a while and cleared his sweaty eyelids with his right hand. He knew he had come a long way. He started looking around for the missing girl.

Where did she run through?

She was not supposed to go this far but it seemed she had already.

He looked around for a while if he could see any strange human movement, but he didn’t, and now, the more he walked further into the forest, the more scared he became.

He put on a bold look that would help him ignore the thought of losing his nerves. The moment thoughts started coming into his mind, he knew he had no choice, but to entertain them.

Was she eaten by a wild animal? Or swallowed by a wild snake?

The thought of looking for her dead body came into his mind with a whisper.

“No, it can’t be, she can’t be dead!” he reassured himself.

The more he searched, the more his heart pounded against his chest for fear that she had escaped.

How come she ran so fast and all of a sudden, she wasn’t seen?

As he gazed far ahead, he saw nothing. He felt pain in his spine and noticed his lips dried from the taste of water.

Suddenly, he thought he heard a sound. It wasn’t so strange a sound to be afraid of, he thought looking fearlessly around as though ready to hunt.

Fossil forest wasn’t strange to him. What he wanted most now was to catch the fleeing prisoner girl that had escaped from the camp.

He drew closer to where he thought he heard a sound a few minutes ago. He searched behind every tree in the wood his eyes could see. He run around the woods like a wounded animal and he didn’t see any trace of the escaped prisoner. The thought of going back to the camp grew stronger within him, but he knew he can’t do that without the missing girl, for Henderson will not tolerate such cowardice.

The sound came again and this time, he knew he must not give up. He dragged his weak feet forward and then opened a cluster of leaves where he knew he heard a sound.

Was it just a sound or more sounds?

That was what he was never bothered to know for he was in a hurry to find the girl.

Suddenly, thousands of bees gave him a hot chase. He ran for his life and dived into a river and stayed inside for minutes and when he finally came out, the bees have disappeared. He swims out of the river and feels so lucky to have escaped.

He looked at the river and whispered, “You save my *ss.” He knew he wouldn’t have been able to survive the stings of angry bees. He lifted himself out of the water, and soon discovered, he was in another territory beyond the forest of fossils. The sounds he heard from the treetops and around him made him uneasy.

Now, he was eager to stop the search and relocate to where he started the hunt. He wanted to return to the camp, but where will he begin?

He scratched his long beard and looked to the south, and then, to the north. He was confused but knew he must trace his way back into the forest of fossils and then locate the camp before nightfall.

“That way, I am d*mn sure now,” he whispered to himself and then laced his big shoe. The moment, he touched his pistol behind his back pocket to assure himself it wasn’t missing, he smiled and felt secure.

Rock Omen loves guns, and he also loves to see his enemies drop down dead from bullets from his gun.

He looked further into the woods, heard another sound, and his thought got frozen.

He licked his dried lips with his tongue.

The fear of being bitten by bees crept through his mind, he flinched and started backing out from the direction he thought he heard the sound. The forest of fossils seems to be full of bees, he thought.

The moment he wanted to run away from where he thought he heard the sound, a voice came. It wasn’t just any voice, but a human voice. “Wait, I am thirsty, please give me some water to drink.” She looked at him and wished he could help for she saw he had a small container of water with him.

He spun around when he heard a calm feminine voice.

He looked at her closely, and behold it was she, the missing girl. He walked closer to her, but her torn clothe caught his attention the most. Her torn clothes revealed her beautiful breasts and pointed n*ppl*s. He looked at her carefully, and instantly, he fell in love with the shape of her body. She got this bold look, and she was so beautiful to behold. Several thoughts crossed his mind, but he knew he must start a brilliant conversation somewhere.

“Why are you running away?” He demanded with a not-too-pleasant smile.

She looked at him like a stranger who could help shield her from her enemies. She knew she had run far away from the camp and her captors can’t find her, but now, she taste it. She knew if she does not drink water she would not make it.

She felt so weak now and also knew that any moment from now, she could drop dead. “They want to give me drugs and make me a s*x worker, and I don’t want that life—”

“They, who the hell are they? Rock Omen pretended with a smile that betrayed him.

She stared at him closely for a while, and she soon recognized him. She backed out gradually and then ran with the last strength she could find in her whole being.

Rock Omen ran after her, and after a few minutes of hot chase, he watched her fall to the ground.

She was weak, thirsty for water, and staving for food.

She sat up and started backing out slowly on the ground with her buttocks, “I know you now.” She whispered. “You are one of them—go away from me, evil. I don’t want to be in the camp, I don’t want to take drugs. I just want to be clean and go home—”

“Shut up, you b*tch. You have no choice, and don’t you act as though you had one. You never had.” Rock Omen didn’t let her finish her words, he considered her insane.

The moment he approached her, he loved what he saw.

His eyes fell on her exposed breasts. He drew closer, lowered himself to her, and then pushed her to the ground. “I will give you water to drink if you let me in. I want to work through that window in-between your legs, so you get the water if you allow me.” He shrugged and watched her lovely eyes and beautiful red lip.

She was quiet for a few minutes as if trying to process what he meant, but the moment she lowered her head down to the grass, she ired. Rock thought, she had submitted to his request.

Did she?

He unbelted his trouser and brought out his erect d*ck, but the moment, she lifted her head, she whispered, “what do you want from me? Do you want to r*p* me? Never, you beast, get away from me.” She held closely onto her torn dress near her genital region and shouted with what seemed like the last strength in her. “Somebody help me.” It echoed far into the forest, but that didn’t stop Rock Omen.

“You made me suffer looking for your fat *ss. R*p* won’t be a bad idea to compensate for my waste of time searching around for you, and I was almost being bitten by bees, you b*tch.” He spat on the ground and kept an angry face.

He tore her underwear and forced her to the ground. And the moment he struggled to fix his erected d*ck into her hairy opening in-between her thigh. He heard a thick and bold voice behind him. “What a hell are you about to do, Rocket? Do the right thing for once, and put that d*ck inside your trouser, you idiot”

Rock Omen recognized that stern voice. It was his Boss, Martin Henderson. He stood up quickly, lifted his lowered trouser to his waist, and then belt up in shame.

He knew he was about to flout one of the most important rules of Force Craft and would be punished for it. He bowed his head in shame. “I am sorry, Boss Martin. I was only trying to teach her discipline—”

“What! Shut up, Rocket. You want to teach her what?” Henderson flared. “Teach her discipline with your promiscuous rocket d*ck, right? I see you have gone crazy. You must follow Carl Sandy to the camp right away. I will come with her,” Rock Omen glanced at her lovely body and walked closely behind Carl Sandy, who was on his way already.

“What is your name, pretty girl?”

She looked at Henderson and kept him quiet for a while. He seems like a savior to her now, even though she remembered he was the brain behind the mission, the mission of taking delivery of trafficked girls from around the world who seek greener pastures in the west.

“I am Gloria—Gloria Mulla.” She struggled to sit up on the ground.”I don’t want drugs or to be drugged, and I don’t want to be a s*x worker. I want my life back.”

Henderson was surprised at how she knew about the core mission of Force Craft. It was a mission to help the less privileged, help them make wealth they never knew ever existed within them, and make them have a voice of their own.

They pay a large amount of money to the traffickers and in turn, Force Craft house these girls takes care of them, gives them s*x education, and subsequently uses them as commercial s*x workers in wealthy hotels in Europe and America.

They also give drugs to aid their s*x work. It was a business that was profitable to Force Craft and to the s*x workers, who in turn became rich and gave money to their loved ones abroad.

Martin Henderson looked at her carefully. His eyes steadied on her lovely body for a while. She looks so beautiful, he thought. Her pretty form lips and pointed breasts caught his attention the most. Her lovely body gave her the most amazing appearance, he had ever seen in a lady. She is an asset, he thought, and will be good for Force Craft's vision, he reasoned again but careful not to say a word just yet.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on her naked wet opening in between her thigh and then on her torn underwear a few distances from her feet. “Rock is a beast.” He whispered.

“I won’t give you drugs, and I won’t force you to be what you hate. I will use you for another task. I see in you something different, unique. Well, unfortunately, I can’t figure out that right away—”

“Water, I thirst,” She demanded.

“I will give you water, but you must accept my proposal first.” He walked closer to her with a keg of water. “You must work in Force Craft, be my assistant, Gloria Mulla.”

Gloria Mulla's eyes seemed to be getting weaker now. She nodded and stretched her hands out for the keg of water. “Alright—”

“You must be my PA,” Henderson demanded with a smile that Gloria Mulla seemed not to trust.

She forced herself up and grabbed the water keg, drank out of it hurriedly, and then gave Henderson a bold stare, “I think, I like that job better than the first—”

“Yeah, better than the first,” He interrupted with a smile, didn’t let her finish.

He watched her regain her strength back and then, he stretched out his right hand for a handshake. “I am Martin Henderson—”

The moment he felt her tender hand on his and saw her lovely smile that followed he spoke loud enough, “Welcome to my world of romance and adventure, Gloria Mulla.”


The moment the clock on the wall chimed, Cassey Henderson's thoughts ignited. She knew many ugly things had happened these past few days. The more her thoughts tumbled within her head, the more she felt a cold chill walk past her spine.

Many horrible thoughts have fed on her brain cells but the worst of it all was living without a mother. It wasn’t only frustrating for Cassey, who would be turning fourteen years old two months from today, but this ordeal has affected her mental health.

Doctor Lyons has visited her several times to check on her well-being but knew the only way Cassey could become herself, and recover fast was for her parents to reunite. The more he thought about this, the more he knew Cassey’s father, Martin Henderson would never want to make that happen for strange reasons he still finds so hard to understand.

And now Cassey’s health is deteriorating and her father seemed not to be bothered about it, but wants Doctor Lyons to


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