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Emmanuel Abraham

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About me

Emmanuel Abraham is a Fiction Author. He was born into a family of five, and with an undivided determination to fulfill his dream, he soon began his adventure. At a younger age, he became the leader of a drama group with the sole responsibility of writing and coordinating drama presentations on stage. This inherent talent soon metamorphosed into fiction writing, where he has since excelled, reaching thousands of book lovers worldwide. Though he writes in many genres, he is best known for Billionaire, romance, crime, and children's fiction. He may not have won many awards for his immense contribution to the world of literature. However, his realistic style of telling his story has endeared him to the hearts of thousands of book lovers worldwide. Not only to read his books but also to wait eagerly for his new releases and feast on them joyfully. He believes the world can be a better place with good storytelling. He is the author of Love Beyond the Flesh and now his long-awaited Masterpiece Billionaire thriller FALL IN LOVE. Exclusively on AphaNovel, read it Now! Do you want to read more books from this author? Check out, WILL I BE FORGIVEN and LIFE IN A JUNGLE, all exclusively on AlphaNovel. You will love it, read it now!!


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Sandra Strullid's love at first sight, drew her closer to Duke Rexon at her tender age when Duke moved with his family to the Lisbon estate. She never knew his history but fell in love. Soon Duke’s history started revealing the unbelievable and she was shocked to know that his father was not only a billionaire but they came from a magical family— Will she continue loving Duke or take the back door— A family conflict soon started when Duke’s grandmother, Pamela Xobed showed up, and Sandra's family was dragged into the whole of it. Duke soon became the instrument of terrible undying vengeance! His sixth target for his vegetable experiment was the family of Bruno Strullid—the same family he got a crush on a thirteen-year-old girl, Sandra Strullid. “...kill them all.” The mystery voice came again. And Duke Rexon knew he must not stop until everybody dies... Everybody in Lisbon must feel the wrath of his shotgun... NOW OR NEVER— Is Pamela Xobed, the purple old witch behind his vengeance? Or— Duke's crush on Sandra Strullid gradually metamorphoses into a life of love and passion that spiraled far beyond the realm of humans. Duke is in a coma, he is dying and he needs help! Sandra Strullid is determined to bring the love of her life back but has to visit the realm of the immortals amid other obstacles— Must she die to rescue the love of her life? It is worth finding out how it all went wild!


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