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Daddy's best friend

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BLURB After a painful teenage rejection from her crush who happens to be her father’s best friend, Sophia is determined to win over his heart at all costs, especially now that she is going off to college and would be living under the same roof as Henry. He is a 40-year-old breathtakingly handsome man. He doesn't even look a day over forty. Henry is a renowned businessman and also best friend and business partner with Collin’s Sophia dad. When Sophia moves in to live with him, he tries to resist the urge to be with her especially knowing all the complexity it would cause, him being twice her age and knowing Collins would adamantly kick against it, But he begins to nurture strong feelings for Sophia which is at first disguised as Jealousy and later he realizes he has fallen deeply in love with her. What would they do with this growing strong affection they have towards each other and how would they deal with all the complexity that comes with being in-love?

Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1SOPHIA’S POVI have waited almost four years for this day, the day I would receive an email from UCLA to know if I would be accepted into UCLA, moving to California has not always been my dream and let’s not forget UCLA isn’t some sort of ivy leaguer school one would be excited to go.But I had my reasons."So, you won't believe it, Kylie. Four o'clock can't come soon enough," I blurted out, my excitement bubbling over as I plopped down in the library chair opposite her. I was not just excited but also anxious as I knew all that would be at stake if I didn’t get accepted. Kylie glanced up from her book, raising an eyebrow. "Okay, spill. What's got you counting the minutes?"I leaned in, unable to contain myself. "The email, Kylie. The email from the school that would determine my future. I'm freaking out, honestly."Kylie closed her book, a bemused smile tugging at her lips. "Wait, slow down. Email from who? And why are you freaking out? I thought you already got all the email that you were waiting for"I clasped my hands together, my anticipation almost tangible. "From UCLA. Remember that email I sent? They are going to reply me today and this would determine my future, especially that of I and Henry."Kylie's eyes widened. "Henry? Oh my god, the Henry? Like your dad's best friend, Henry?"I nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, that Henry."She leaned back, her expression a mix of disbelief and amusement. "You're nuts, Sophia. Seriously, nuts.""Hey, watch it!" I playfully nudged her. "It's not like you've never been a little crazy."Kylie let out a dramatic sigh. "Fine, you got me there.""Anyway, don't tell anyone, but guess what?" I couldn't hold it in any longer. "I got into Harvard and Brown!"Kylie's eyes widened even more, “Are you freaking kidding me, you got into two Ivy league,”"Lower your voice! Do you want the whole library to know?"She blinked innocently. "Oops, my bad."“I don’t want anyone to know about it,”Kylie shook her head, exasperation and amusement warring on her face. "You're something else, Sophia. First, you're freaking out about an email that will determine your so-called future with a man twice your age, and now you casually drop that you got into Harvard and Brown like it's no big deal."I grinned unabashedly. "It's not, really. I mean, they're just Ivy League schools."Kylie stared at me incredulously. "Just Ivy League schools? Oh my god, you're hopeless."I shrugged, relishing in her disbelief. "Hey, I can't help it if I'm smart and Ivy League-worthy. " I teased and she gaze at me getting humor and she had also gotten into Yale but she was more excited than I am. Kylie sighed. "You're a piece of work. Did you at least tell your dad?"My grin faltered, and I shook my head. "Actually, I told him I got rejected."Kylie's eyes practically popped out of her head. "You did what?"I winced, feeling a tad guilty. "I had my reasons."Kylie stared at me, realization slowly dawning. "Oh, I see. You think if you tell him you're going to UCLA, you'll be closer to Henry."I nodded, feeling a bit sheepish. "Yeah, it's kind of my plan." I smirked, I get it, but there is no way my dad would let me go to UCLA if he knew that I got into an Ivy League. Kylie burst into laughter, and I couldn't help but laugh along. "Oh, Sophia, you've outdone yourself this time.""I know, I know. It sounds crazy," I admitted, my laughter fading.Kylie's amusement softened into something more earnest. "Look, I get it. You've had this crush for ages, and it's intensified into something more. But seriously, UCLA just for him?"I leaned in, my tone more serious. "It's not just a crush, Kylie. I've thought about this a lot. I mean, I'm an adult now. I have the chance to finally be with him without restrictions."Kylie raised an eyebrow skeptically. "You think it's that simple? He's twice your age, Sophia. And he's your dad's best friend!" She kept reminding me of this and for the umpteenth time I told her I didn’t care about all that. I huffed, frustration building. "I know all that, but I don't care. I've come this far, and I can't turn back now."Kylie's gaze softened, understanding in her eyes. "Okay, fine. But just remember, there are other ways to be with someone you care about. And going to an Ivy League school is one heck of a way to set your future up."I sighed, my heart torn between the sensible voice in my head and the passionate one in my heart. "I know, Kylie. It's just… It's complicated."Kylie sighed too, letting out an exasperation. "Yeah, I can see that. Just promise me you won't make any hasty decisions, okay?"I nodded, a sense of resolution settling over me. "I won't. And hey, maybe UCLA's email will shed some light on all this."Kylie grinned, her eyes sparkling mischievously. "Oh, I can't wait to see how this unfolds."It was a crazy, tangled mess of emotions and choices, but it was my mess, and I was determined to navigate it, no matter how complicated it might be.“Have you thought about the fact that you haven’t seen him for a while, what if he has someone who he is with now?” I thought about it for a second and shrugged the thought away, “He doesn’t the last time I over heard a conversation he had with my dad he stated so, so I have hope,”I whispered to myself, I have hope.****I walked through the door, and there was Dad, sitting in the living room with a grin that practically stretched from ear to ear. "Hey, early bird," I greeted him.He chuckled a glint of excitement in his eyes. "Well, I couldn't miss this moment, could I?" My dad is the sweetest most supportive soul ever. I flopped down on the couch beside him, my heart racing. "Yeah, about that... I'm kind of nervous."Dad patted my back reassuringly. "No matter what, Sophia, I'm incredibly proud of you. Ivy League or not, you've done amazing."I appreciated his words, but I was still too antsy to sit still. I glanced at the clock. Four o'clock. It was time. I refreshed my email, my heart pounding as I scanned the inbox.And there it was. An email from UCLA, what I have been waiting for, for years. I clicked it open, my heart in my throat. "Congratulations!" the subject line read.I couldn't contain my excitement any longer. I screamed, "Dad, it's here!"He leaned over, his eyes scanning the screen. And then he saw it too, the words that brought tears to my eyes. "Congratulations!" he echoed, pulling me into a tight hug.I hugged him back, feeling a mix of relief, joy, and accomplishment. "Thank you, Dad."He held me at arm's length, a proud smile on his face. "I always knew you could do it, Sophia."As I wiped away a few happy tears, he continued, "You know, Sophia, since Henry has that mansion in California and he's family, I was thinking..."I looked at him, curious. "Thinking what?"He grinned mischievously. "Why don't you stay with him while you're in California? It'll be good for you, and I trust him to take care of you."My heart raced, and I struggled to keep my composure. This was it, the chance I had been waiting for. "Stay with Henry?" I pretended to consider it. "Well, I don't know. I mean, he's a bit strict, don't you think?"Dad chuckled. "That's exactly why I think it's a good idea. You need someone to keep you in line."I feigned a grumble. "Fine, fine. I'll do it."Dad grinned, his eyes twinkling. "Great. I'll go call him and let him know."As he left the room, a triumphant smile spread across my face. I had done it. I had orchestrated the perfect plan to be close to Henry. And now, with Dad's unwitting approval, everything was falling into place.I sat there, my heart dancing with excitement, replaying the moment in my mind. It wasn't going to be easy, living under Henry's roof. But it was a small price to pay for the chance to be near Henry. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, all my fantasies and dreams were about to become a reality.All my life I had waited for this opportunity to be close to Henry and here it was. After all the rejection, it was finally here.My mind flickered back to years ago when I first confessed my feelings for him and he rejected me, breaking my heart into pieces.

Chapter 2

Four years ago CHAPTER 2SOPHIA’S POVI sat close to the school library, it was close to the driveway and far from the hallway, it had become my new favorite spot, it was far from the classroom, from the people in high school, You know that saying about high school being the worst moment of your life, it was precisely that for me. Growing up, I was constantly criticized and made fun of for how I looked. I was a chubby girl, well, I used to be a chubby girl. Then I made it a daily task to work out and become the cheerleading squad captain.“How do you think he would ever notice you if you constantly shy away from him,” Kylie spoke, startling me from my ever-lost thoughts. “I don’t want him to notice me,” I muttered, and continued sketching a familiar figure on my notepad, Kylie and I have been friends since we were kids and since my foster dad adopted me


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