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Chasing My Rejected Wife

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New Exclusive Chapters are coming regularly! After three years of marriage, Amber was terminated by infertility. When the mistress, her younger sister, showed up with a big belly, her heart was dead. Kicking out from that callous family and cheating by Rodeny, a man she had loved for 5 years, she chose to disappear without getting a penny after the divorce... Amber and Rodney had been married for three years. He had always been gentle with her, but there had been a drastic change in his attitude lately. Not only was he cold, he also became very impatient while answering her calls. What exactly changed Rodney so much? Part II coming soon.. Stay tuned!

Chapter 1 The Mistress Had a Miscarriage

At the hospital, where the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant, Amber Stone was in high spirits. She left the doctor's office with a laboratory test report in her hands. Just when she was planning to make a phone call, her phone rang first. She picked it up and heard her uncle's voice on the other side of the line. "Amber, is everything alright between you and Rodney Barron?" he asked.


"Yeah, we're good, I guess? Why do you ask?" Amber asked in return.

"Well, because I've just heard that Rodney brought a pregnant woman to an antenatal checkup on the day before yesterday," he answered frankly.

Amber burst out laughing and said, "Are you thinking that Rodney has a mistress out there?"

"Yes!" he responded.

"Don't worry, even if all men in the world cheated, Rodney wouldn't!" She was completely positive about it.

Amber ended the conversation with her uncle and proceeded to call Rodney. The phone rang for some time before it was picked up. "I'm extremely busy, so don't bother me if there's nothing. That's it!" His voice sounded cold and emotionless. Before Amber could speak, he hung up the phone. Her heart froze while her hand gripped the lab test report. Her enthusiasm had wholly dissipated.


Amber and Rodney had since been married for three years. He had always been gentle with her, but there had been a drastic change in his attitude lately. Not only was he cold, he also became very impatient while answering her calls. What exactly changed Rodney so much?

She turned around while still absorbed in her thoughts. Then, a figure swayed before her and a soft voice sounded in her ear. "Hey, sister." Amber turned her gaze in the direction of the voice and saw Celia Black, who had appeared next to her with a middle-aged woman.


Upon seeing Celia, the daughter of her father's mistress, Amber frowned. "Don't simply address me as your sister. I'm the only child my mother has ever given birth to!" Amber responded coldly with a look of disgust.

Unaffected by her demeanour, Celia smiled and gently asked, "Are you here to treat your infertility again, dear sister?"

"That's none of your business," retorted Amber.

"Aren't you going to ask me why I'm here as well?" Celia smirked at Amber and continued, "I'm pregnant! The baby is Rodney's!" 

Only then did Amber noticed that Celia's belly was a little rounder than before. Celia's feelings for Rodney had always been extremely obvious. She did everything possible to seduce him before he tied the knot with Amber. "It seems to me that you're not quite right in the head," Amber sneered. 

"You don't believe me? How about you take a look at this then?" Celia showed her a medical consent form and her face turned pale as soon as she recognised the familiar handwriting on it. "Rodney's signature? How could that be?" Amber was stupefied. 


"Rodney and I got to spend the night together four months ago. He was so vigorous that he kept me up all night and then, I was pregnant!" Celia smirked proudly. "He really likes this child, you know. Let me give birth to this baby, then, you may resign as his wife!"

"B*tch!" Amber slapped Celia across the face as her body trembled with rage. All of a sudden, Celia fell to the ground and groaned, "Ouch, my belly!" Amber was shocked, she had only hit Celia's face, but fresh blood could be seen leaking along her trousers. "How could it be?" Amber thought. 


Celia was taken to the emergency room by the medical staffs. Having no courage to leave, Amber went after them as well. 

After a few moments at the emergency unit, Amber heard footsteps coming towards her direction. It was Rachel Grant, Amber's mother-in-law. Rachel's eyes narrowed as she saw Amber. "What happened? Celia had been fine, but why is she in the emergency room now?"

"It was Miss. Stone. No, it was Mrs. Barron, she pushed her!" answered the middle-aged woman who was accompanying Celia earlier.

"You infertile b*tch! You yourself can't give birth and are you not letting others do it too?" Rachel gave Amber a hard slap across the face, she had never liked her since the beginning. That slap was so strong that Amber's face became swollen in a moment.

Before this, Amber had still thought that Celia was making up a story, but her mother-in-law's attitude had made everything clear.

A sense of despair crept through Amber's heart. She felt so suffocated as if she was about to faint. But at the same moment, the door of the operating room opened. A nurse came out and reported that Celia had a miscarriage.

The news made Rachel extremely furious. She charged towards Amber, punched and kicked her while grabbing her hair.

Amber was beaten till her vision became blurry and soon, she lost her consciousness. 

When she woke up, all she could see was white. She tried to sit up, but it was uncomfortable because her body was aching so badly. Nevertheless, she managed to position herself to lean against the bedside. While she was still catching her breath, the door was pushed open and a man wearing gold-rimmed glasses entered the room.

"How do you do, Miss. Stone. I'm Mr. Barron's lawyer."

"A lawyer?" Amber looked at the man before her in astonishment.

"Precisely. I am Mr. Barron's personal lawyer. Mr. Barron has entrusted me to discuss with you, Miss. Stone, about the divorce."

"A divorce? Rodney wants a divorce?" Amber thought she must have misheard him.

The lawyer walked towards her and handed her a document. "This is the divorce settlement agreement. Do have a look."

Amber's hands were shaking. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Rodney would give her a divorce agreement one day. She refused to look at it. Instead, she turned her gaze to the lawyer and said, "Inform Rodney Barron to meet me and let him tell me in person!"

"Mr. Barron is a busy man, he's not available!" stated the lawyer coldly.

"He's busy? Unavailable?" Amber scoffed. Since when did her relationship with Rodney declined to this extent? She's even prohibited from meeting him?

She grabbed her phone on the bedside table, dialed Rodney's number, and waited with her eyes shut. To her surprise, the call couldn't get through.

Since when did she and Rodney reached such a state? First, an affair and now, a divorce?

The lawyer was still there, waiting impatiently. "Miss. Stone, please take a look at the agreement. I'm very busy!"

The lawyer's attitude said it all. During her marriage of three years, everyone associated with Rodney had treated her with respect. But now, the lawyer's attitude was hard and cold. It was obvious that this was indeed Rodney's intent.

Amber grabbed the divorce agreement and swept her gaze to the part regarding property division. Tears started welling up in her eyes as she read what was stated, "All property belonged to Rodney Barron before the marriage and so shall be excluded from the division." 

Rodney had once said that she was his everything and everything he possessed were hers. However, within just three years, their love was no more. Had Rodney finally revealed his true colours? 

He had an affair behind her back and even got the mistress pregnant! Therefore, as the barren wife, she should make way, shouldn't she? Amber's heart was bitter to the uttermost. She stopped reading the agreement and shifted her gaze towards the lawyer who had been staring at her. "Give me a pen!"


The lawyer took out a pen from his briefcase and handed it to Amber. As she took the pen, he added, "Mr. Barron has said that you can't take away any of the jewellery he bought for you!"

Amber stared ahead blankly and remained motionless for a long time. Just when the lawyer thought that she would refuse, she slowly said, "Okay!"

Immediately, she picked up the pen and signed her name on the divorce agreement.

The lawyer took the divorce agreement and examined it briefly before proceeding to leave.

In the parking lot of the hospital, there parked a luxurious Aston Martin. The window rolled down, revealing an extremely handsome face. The lawyer scurried towards the car and said respectfully, "Mr. Barron, madam has signed it!"

"She signed it?" The man articulated the words slowly, staring at the lawyer's face with his brooding eyes.

Observing his uncertain expression, the lawyer felt a little nervous and thought he should reply something. However, he couldn't say a word. The man shifted his gaze from the lawyer and turned to look at the night sky. After a while, he uttered, "You may leave!"

Chapter 2 The Unhealthy Boss

Three years later.

The night was dazzling. In South City, luxurious cars assembled at the Azure Willow Hotel. A flock of reporters could be seen crowding up at the main entrance, all geared up with their weapons — the cameras.

This evening, the Parableutions organised a party at the hotel and had invited the business tycoons of South City to attend. The reporters were aware of this and had gathered themselves there, ready to garner any newsworthy information.

At around eight o'clock in the evening, a fancy Maybach drove up.

"It's Mr. Thomson! Mr. Thomson of the Parableutions has arrived!" The reporters immediately grabbed their cameras and went up to him.

Elliot Thomson was dressed in a white suit. He got out of the car with a cynical smile on his face. Simultaneously, Lulu, a beautiful supermodel, stepped out from the other side of the vehicle in a strapless evening gown. Elliot reached out to hold her hand and they generously posed before the media.


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