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BLURB George's hatred towards his brother intensifies as he finds it hard to forget his old lover, Arlene Beckley whom his brother, Stanley killed on the morning of their wedding day.. To avoid seeing his brother, he moves out of the family house into his personal house. A week to the well known Ball Night usually hosted by the Odlenes, George is captured by a camera in a sexual position with his fellow man. This sends a message to the public that George is a gay. In order to clear the air, his father brings up the idea of an arranged marriage between George and the well known Lily Trevor, a model who is so obsessed with George Odlene and would stop at nothing to make sure they go out. What happens when the supposed dead bride shows up on the ball night?

Chapter 1


She has a bright smile, a heartwarming one. As he drew close to hold her in his arms, she disappeared. He screamed as he ran deep into the woods to look for her. He woke up, sweating profusely. It was all a dream, He thought. With tears in his eyes, he looked into the dressing mirror; he raked his hand into his full blonde hair. It’s been 2 years already and he hasn’t gotten over her death. He got into the bathroom, brushed his mouth and got under the shower. He allowed the cold water to run down his body as the thought of the big family dinner ran through his mind. The thought of seeing his brother gets him angry. He turned off the shower, wrapped the white towel below his lower abdomen and got into his room.

All dressed up in a black trouser, a black shirt leaving the three buttons open , a gold necklace with the name ARLENE customized on it and a pair of black loafers to match, he got into his favorite black car and drove to the company. Getting to his company, he parked in his private garage. Looking at the name of the company boldly written GG (GEORGE GOLDS) . Dangling his car key as he walked into his company, you have incompetent workers to lay off today , George Odlene thought. H is eyes were cold as he walked into the company. Everyone scurried away to their different departments. George walked to the emergency bell and pressed it . Without much hesitation, everybody ran to the normal venue downstairs whenever they hear such bell.

‘What do you think the boss wants to announce’ this was the question on everyone’s mouth as they gathered to the venue.

“Without wasting time…” He stretched his hands towards his PA to give him the file he requested for. “These are names of workers in each department and their heads of department”.

“The personnel department, your performance for a year has been nice”. He called other departments and laid off some workers or changed their heads. Finally, he concluded the meeting and left with his PA. Everyone rushed back to their offices. He got into the elevator and his PA got in with him. “Get me a cup of warm coffee”

“Okay Sir, your schedule for today…” He cut her off.

“Just send it to my email” She nodded. The elevator got to the last floor and he left. He walked into his exquisite office, he looked around. It’s been a month here, he thought. He sat on his swivel chair and swirled round. He sighed at the mere look of documents on his table. As he picked up one of the documents, his phone rang. It’s his mom.

“Hey son” Mrs. Odlene squealed over the phone.

“You picked up today, such a bad son. I haven’t seen you for a month” she rushed her words.

“Good morning, mom. I’ve been so busy”

“I expected this answer from you. Busy to call your family or return calls?”

“I know you aren’t eating so well, my poor baby”. She cried over the phone.

“I’m not a baby, mom” He rolled his eyes. “You are my baby. Expect something amazing from me today”

“What’s that? He asked. His door opened and he swirled round to see who dares to enter his office without knocking or calling.

“Mom! I mean when did you get here” he asked looking surprised .A lady in her late fourties looking like she’s in her early thirties. She had a light makeup on her face, all dressed in a straight gown that dropped on her knee with a deep plunging V-neck showing her back to her waistline and high round neck in front, well beaded in front. She packed her hair into a bun.

“My baby” She walked up to him, giving him an alluring smile. “I’ve missed you so much, see how lean you’ve become” She kept touching his cheeks and arms.

“Mom, I’m fine. By the way, you are getting prettier and younger everyday” She held him as they walked to the office lounge. “Of course, with less stress though. I don’t need to try hard”.


“I brought breakfast, Burger made by me and of course, milkshake to wash it down”.

“Owwwww mom, I think I have to enjoy this before going back to the table” They sat down to enjoy the breakfast. Biting into his burger, he moaned, “Mom, it’s been like ages”

“Yeah, for someone who doesn’t want to come home”

“You know mom I’ve been so busy and…” She rolled her eyes at him.

“Or you don’t want to see your brother” He looked away and took more bites from his burger.”Excuse me, Sir” The PA announced her arrival. Mrs. Odlene fixed her eyes on the lady, following her moves.

“Good morning, Ma. Sir, this is the coffee you requested” She said, dropping the coffee on the table.

“Yeah. Such a good time to bring the coffee” He said sarcastically.

“Son?” His mom cautioned with her eyes. “Thank you, you can take your leave” She added. “She’s pretty, don’t you think so?” She asked giving him a wide smile.

“No, I don’t “He replied taking a gulp from his milkshake.

“Yeah I forgot you are still mourning the dead. I mean it’s two years already and it’s high time you move on. Stop brooding already” She said with concern written on her face.

“I’m done. Thanks mom, you are just the best” He said wiping the crumbs on his lips with a wiper

“Nice way to avoid this discussion”

“Yeah, it was nice having this with you. I’ve got work to do” He pecked on both cheeks. She packed up and stood up.

“I have to leave. Do take care of yourself”. She pecked him on his cheek and left. He slumped on his chair, thinking of what his mom said. Yeah, he needs to love again but it’s hard and not even with his employees.

Chapter 2


He brushed the thoughts away and focused on the documents staring at him.

It’s 2:35 PM and he’s still signing the documents. His PA Came in

“Excuse me, Sir. You have a meeting with STAN STEEL Company by 3:30 PM”.

“Cancel the meeting and any other meeting that comes up from that company, decline it”

“But Sir, I…” He looked at her with anger written all over his face. “Sorry Sir” She apologized and walked out. He dropped the pen he was holding and face palmed himself. STANSTEEL Company is his elder brother’s company and he hates him for killing his fiancée on the morning of his wedding day. He remembered getting a call from an unknown number to rush to the hotel. Dressed in his black tuxedo, he left the altar and got into his car to the destination only to see his brother soaked in his fiancée’s blood, holding a knife. He ran and held Arlene, shaking her vigorously but what was he doing, she was dead. He held his brother by


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