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Sassy outspoken Josephine Mac grew up with the hopes of being a part of the privileged when she's grown up to fend for herself and her widowed mother. But had rather much woken up to reality. She graduated from college with a first-class degree in the aspects of hotel management and was presently looking for job opportunities and her efforts all to fruitless avails. After thorough searching and rough days turned jobless months, she finally got a job as a room service attendant in a luxurious hotel. However, Josephine is shattered when her mom was diagnosed with third-stage cancer of the blood. Now, our heroin is emotionally in awe and very much determined to get enough money to pay for her mother's treatment. Along the line, tension thickens as Josephine's determination later leads her into stealing a ruthless billionaire's wallet just to pay for her mom's hospital bills. What happens when the billionaire pops up at her front door requesting for his wallet of which she has spent half of its entire sum Find out how conflicts in this fascinating novel are solved.

Chapter 1

The luminous sun cast its rosy hues across the bright morning sky with its rays seeping through the silky curtains of Josephine's room. Its rays charged directly at her face, it breached her lids as it stung her eyeballs.

 “Ugh, '' Josephine yawned, wincing at the pain of sleeping on her right hand. She pursued her temple lazily and grimaced, pressing her brows against each other.

She flinched the duvet over her head, trying to suppress the urge to get up from bed. Not being able to fight the urge, she pulled off the duvet from her body.

 Josephine alighted the bed and glided towards the bathroom door which was just some steps away from where her bed was situated.

" Am so tired!"

Josephine was a twenty three years old, who worked during the day in one the biggest hotel in New York, and worked as a waitress in a club at night.

She only worked in the hotel before her mum sickness, but right now, she has to doubled her work, so as pay the rent and also her widowed mother hospital bills.

Josephine glided out of the bathroom in a white furry towel, her long raven black hair flowed down to her hips in a wet cascade, she made her way towards her wardrobe.

Josephine room wasn't elegantly heaped with clothes; it contained a few clothes of hers of which were hung on the rack.

She sighed as she picked up the clothes she'd chosen, her hands trailed on her wooden shoe rack as she picked her heels taking it alongside with her work clothes.

She dressed in a blue female suit with her hair packed in ponytail, her pink chapped lips equally oiled with lip gloss.

She strides towards the door gripping her purse in her hands as she heads close to the door as she walked out of her apartment.

“Hi Josephine,” Mrs. Adam, her neighbour, flashed a bright smile at her from the counter revealing her white set of teeth which glowed in contrast to her eyes which were midnight black.

" Hello Mrs. Adams, how are you today," Josephine greeted with a smile on her face.

" Am good, I checked on you last night but i guessed you came back late," Mrs. Adam said.

"Yes ma'am, how is Stephen's doing?"

" His good,thanks for asking," Mrs. Adam said, and she waved her good bye.

She walked to the mini car pack in the small apartment and open her car door and to start her car engine

 “Oh you stupid car, you want to start again!" Josephine sighed hitting the burnet of her car fuming with anger.

The last thing she'd wanted was to get delayed by her car. With a little hint of hope, she walked back into the car and turned it on as it miraculously worked.

 Her car made a roaring sound as it turned on with Josephine yelling for joy as she drove out of the parking lot.

 “Well, faith could really move mountains,” she chuckled slowly as she continued driving.

 The drive was rather silent and calm, the regular honking of cars as they all were jam packed in heavy traffic.

“I should visit mom today, I haven't seen her in two days," She said to herself, as she heaved out a sigh as she checked her time to see if she still have enough time before going to work.

She anchored the wheels veering it in a direction as her car reversed driving into a path one more free than the one that led to her work place.

The car drove for some minutes before it paused with Josephine hitting her hands on the steering wheel as she drive inside the hospital and pack her old car, hoping it wont give her any more trouble for the day.

She walked over the terrace as her hands clutched the door handle of the huge glass door of the hospital as she pushed it with a little force.

She headed straight into the hallway of wards when a voice called out her name.

“ Uum... Ms. Josephine Mac," The voice called.

“Goodmorning Nurse, ,” She reply was curt as she flinched her body in the direction of where the voice came from.

Her gaze landed on the receptionist who was a petite blonde lady with deep black eyes. She had a thin figure with a bright smile plastered on her lips.

“The doctor requested for your presence in her office,” she prodded. 

“She'd been trying to get in touch with you but you weren't replying to our Emails.”

“Hmm, I am sorry, I have been busy at work and I haven't checked my email for a while,” Josephine said, in a calm voice, looking at the woman, as she glided towards the elevator door which sat at the extreme end just some steps away from her.

She tapped on a button as the elevator door chimed open as she walked in escorted by the chiming sounds of the closing elevator door.

She stood waiting for the ride to come to a halt, it didn't take long before the elevator door chimed open and she rushed out.

She tried to run but couldn't with her heels as she made her way towards the doctor's office door, hoping the doctor should have some good news for her.


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