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The Alpha's Supposed Virgin

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“You committed a crime, princess," he murmured on my neck as he slowly licked a long trail. I shivered, both from the cold and the sensation of his tongue on my neck. “I did nothing wrong,” I breathed out and clenched my hands as I tried not to moan. “You ran away," He said before he sank his teeth into my flesh unexpectedly. ***** All my life, I knew I was promised to the Alpha of the Dark Moon as compensation for my father's crime. And what was more? I was supposed to keep my virginity for him. It was seen as a crime for the Alpha's bride to be tainted by others. But as a rebellious teen, I lost my virginity the night I was supposed to be given over to him. I wasn't afraid of the consequences, not until I met the ruthless man who was determined to punish me for my thoughtless crimes. Punished, and rejected, I was only able to run away. However, a certain discovery shook my entire world. The night I spent with the stranger, produced a fruit.

Chapter 1 A virgin for the Alpha

I lost my virginity on the night I turned eighteen. Call it rebellion or anything you wish to tag it as I don't care. 

I don't regret last night. The only thing I regretted was not seeing the face of the man who took my virginity. Last night was the best night, and he showed me enough pleasures to leave me wanting more.

However, I was aware that our paths would never cross. Not only because I never saw his face, but, I was getting married —today. If you will call the union a marriage. It was mainly like I was getting tossed away.

My dad, as the head of the second known mafia group in the entire country, pledged his loyalty to the Mafia Alpha. 

A very deadly man —no, werewolf. 

All my life, I was unlike any other human. I was aware that shapeshifters lived among us. And what was more? My dad works for them. 

I never minded about that since I never got to meet any of them. However, a day before my birthday —two days ago — my dad broke the news that shattered my entire world. 

Apparently, I was promised to the Mafia Alpha. My dad promised to give me to him the moment I turned eighteen. 

That was why I went to the masked ball last night. At first, it was to vent out my frustrations; however, when I met that man whose touch left shivers in its wake, I got another idea. 

And that was to lose my virginity. According to my dad, they monitored me and kept me sheltered —for the Alpha. As werewolves were quite territorial, I was supposed to be a virgin. 

Ha. If only they knew that I wasn't a virgin any more. 

“Why do you look lost in thoughts?” Mum asked as she combed my hair. She sounded worried, but I knew she was just pretending.

“It's nothing.” I stared hard at the mirror. “There is nothing wrong,” I added as I tried to hold back the sass.

“Where were you last night?” She dropped the comb on the table with a sigh. She looked tired. From the dark lines around her eyes and how dull her hair was, I could tell she was worked up with the new contract they were hoping to sign with a textile company in Thailand — not about me. It has never been about me.

“Nowhere." I took a band from the table and packed my hair up in a bun.

“Beauty," she called out in a stern tone. 

“What's wrong?” I turned to her, not ready to listen to her drone about what I needed to do and how I was expected to act.

“You might be able to fool your dad, but you can't fool me. Where were you last night?” She folded her arms and narrowed a glare at me, daring me to lie. 

“I went to a party, okay?” I pursed my lips. “Why do you care?” 

“Don't tell me—”

“It's my body. I am entitled to do any damned thing I want to do with it!” I lined my eyebrows.

“You are betrothed, Beauty. You know the rules of his pack. Do you want to be shunned?” She took a step towards me. “Tell me you didn't do what I think you did.” She was almost begging. 

I can see the fear in her eyes — not for me. She wasn't concerned about me. She was only worried about their image. 

“I'm not concerned with that. I never asked to be betrothed to him. He can go to damned hell for all I care!” I checked my reflection in the larger-than-life mirror my mother installed in my room.

My black, lustrous hair shone in the dim light as my honey-brown eyes stared back at me. This was my attractive feature. My eyes were the only part of my body which seemed attractive. Aside from that, I was just an average girl with average looks but not-so-average parents. 

My twin brothers were the only ones who inherited our parents' beauty. I only had their eyes.

“Beauty, you—” 

“Father is waiting outside for me, I need to leave.” With one last glance at the mirror, I stepped out of the room. 

“Beauty!” she called out to me, but I didn't stop.  There was no reason for me to. I was aware she didn't care. All she and her father cared about was their reputations —no one cared about me. I was nothing more than a bargaining chip to my father.  For years, I wondered why they pampered and kept me from the outside world. Only to discover that they did it because they had to turn me into something cute for the Alpha.

“You look beautiful, my dear.” Father grinned the moment he saw me. He dropped the newspaper he was reading on the table before he closed the distance between us. I didn't say a word— I just stood there and watched the man who was supposed to be my father.

For years, I had done everything they asked of me. I'd tried to be the best daughter, but it turned out that wasn't what they wanted from me. They needed to produce a virgin for the Alpha, and not a daughter.

“Let's go. The Alpha must have been bored to death, waiting for you.” Father tried to link his arm with mine, but I took a step back, avoiding contact with him. 

“It's okay, you can lead the way,” I said with a forced smile.

“What's wrong?” He furrowed his brows at me. “Are you feeling okay?”

“You are wasting our time, don't you think? The Alpha must be bored.”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at him. The Alpha is all they talk about. They don't even try to hide it. 

“That's true!” He chuckled. “Let's go.” He turned and headed out of the house. 

“I thought he was here? Why are we going out?” I trudged after him, trying not to think of the Alpha and my future with him —if there was any. 

“No, he's in his car.” He turned to me with a smile. "Don't be afraid, Beauty. He only wants to speak with you.”


I shouldn't have believed that. 

It turned out that my parents had planned everything. The moment I entered the supposed car, it was locked. And before I knew what was happening, I was halfway across the city. 

Before I knew it, I was in a house I didn't know anything about, waiting for a man who was supposed to be my husband. I sat up on the bed the moment I heard sounds. Could it be that the werewolf is back?

I tucked my legs under me as I watched the door. My palms were extra sweaty, and my heart was beating miles a minute —the organ hammered in my chest as if it were about to lunge out of my chest. 

As the door to the room opened, my heart skipped a beat. 

Chapter 2 Caught

I was called into a room by one of the maids. After the werewolf returned, I was served dinner, which I didn't touch.

An hour later, a maid appeared in the room. She helped me bathe before she escorted me to the room I was standing in front of.

“Our master is waiting for you in there. I will take my leave now.” She bowed before she left.

I stood in front of the door, scared of my wits, and confused about what to do.

Should I run?

But if I should do that, I don't know my way around here. Not only have I been sold by my parents, but I don't know the type of person the werewolf is.

I knocked on the door before I entered the room.

The light in the room was dim. I couldn't even make anything out aside from the bed which was in the middle of the room. The rest of the room was shrouded in darkness.

“Lie on the bed," a voice commanded from the darkness. The deep, rich, baritone, which sounded so familiar, caused


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