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The Devil's Feisty Luna

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"You are mine, Joel." The devil whispered on my neck, causing more shivers to rack through my spine. "I'm not yours." I bit out, trying not to moan when his tongue snaked out to lick his mark. "You are mine, and always will be, wolf." His teeth scraped my neck. "Spread wide under me, you still deny that?" He smirked down at my naked, aroused, and undeniably needy body. ******** As the Luna to be of the pack, an arrogant Joel stepped out for her last mission. However, a glitch on the way left her in the possession of a devil, who was not ready to let her go. Well, not after tasting her delicious wolf nectar. Joel isn't ready to submit to any man. But is the Devil a man?

Chapter 1 He's no longer my father

“Are you certain about this, Joel?” Hush asked for the umpteenth time.

“Why won't I be? This is my last mission before I'm crowned Luna of the pack.” I gazed out at the large expense land.

“You know you don't have to.” Hush frowned. “The position has always been yours. You don't need to prove yourself to be crowned.”

If only he knew how much I fought for that position.

“It might seem that way to you, hush, but I don't think the others think the same way.” I turned. “Get the others ready. We are leaving tonight.”

“Why tonight?” Hush sulked. “We just returned from the—”

“As a Beta, you are not in the position to complain when you are given an order by your Luna.” I scowled at him. “If you are not ready, I—”

“Who said I'm not?” Hush nudged me. “You are stuck with me, friend. I'm your Beta. There is no other way.” He circled his arm over my neck.

“Unhand me this instant.” I shoved him. “We are not kids any more. I need to maintain my image.”

“I'm sorry.” Hush chuckled, not sounding repentant at all. “It's always fun to mess with you, Joel.” He winked. “Life will be boring if I don't do this.”

“Get the others ready!” I snapped. “I don't have the time for your childish plays.”

“You love me, Joel. I know you do.” He winked at me. “I will get the others ready, my Luna. You don't have to worry about that.”

“I know I can trust you, Hush.”

“You can.” He beamed. “What will you ever do without me?”

“Probably the Luna now. You drag me back, you know that, Hush?”

“No, I don't.” He turned to leave. “I will get the others ready. See you tonight, Joel.”

“Luna! You are supposed to call me Luna!”

“Sorry, Luna, I know you as Joel.” He chuckled. “See you soon!” He waved at me before he ran towards the pack house.

I sighed.

“What would I have done without hush?”  I turned and headed home.


My father's thunderous voice echoed in the entire house.

“Here goes the fiery Alpha.” I sighed. “I'm back, Alpha.” I walked into the house, and straight to my father's study.

“Here goes a round of scolding,” I murmured under my breath before I walked into the room.

“Where have you been?” Father glared at me. His blue eyes were more golden than blue, to show how angry he was.

“I went for a run with Hush,” I crossed my hands behind me.

“You went for a run?” Father rose from his chair and advanced towards me.

“Yes.” I stared into his eyes despite the urge to look down.

Father's pheromones were too much in the room that it made my legs shake a bit.

I felt the urge to submit to him, and bare my neck, but I quelled such urge.

I'm the future Luna, I need to be strong.

He might be an Alpha, but I'm the Luna.

“You were supposed to meet the Alpha of the black moon, but no, you went on a run with your stupid Beta!”

“He's not stupid, father!” I clenched my hands into fists. “Hush is never stupid. He's much better than any Alpha you might wish to pair with me!”

“And you know what is good for you?” Father raised a brow.

“Yes! I'm going to be the Luna in the next full moon. Of course, I know what is right for me!”

“You can't be a Luna without an Alpha, Joel. I know you are strong, but that doesn't mean you don't need a strong man next to you.”

“Of course, I don't!  Who needs a man next to them when I can do more without them?” I folded my arms.

Father's eyes turned darker. He looked like he was barely controlling his wolf.

“You need a man next to you, Joel! The pack won't be completely in your control.”

“Yes, it will be. Tonight, I'm going on a mission to the dark shallow graves. And when I return, I will prove to you all what a mighty Luna I can be.

I'm not going to be under any man!” I levelled my eyes at him. “When I return, I will prove to you that I'm more than three sons!”

“Shut up!”

His palm collided with my cheeks.

“Shut that tramp up!” He growled.

“You dared to slap me?” I place a palm on my cheeks and glared at the man who claimed to be my father.

“Yes, and I will do that should you not be repentant of your words. No daughter of mine will—”

“I'm your only daughter,” I growled back at him, feeling my wolf on the edge.

The only reason why she hasn't made an appearance was because of the powerful pheromone of the Alpha in front of me.

“No, you are not my daughter.” He said in a tight voice, with his jaws clenched.

“Then, so be it. I will go for battle. And when I return, I will make you eat your words.” I clenched my fist. “You will regret saying those words.”

Without a glance at him, I stormed out of his study in anger, almost colliding with my mother.

“Sorry,” I muttered but didn't stop, and neither did I area a glance her way.

“You know he doesn't mean those words, Joel. He loves you and wants you to—”

“He's not my father. He ceased to be my father the moment he raised his hand on me.” I turned to look at my mother. “He's nothing but an Alpha to me. And that won't be for long. After the full moon, I will be the Alpha of the pack, and I will reign over all.”


“Don't say a word, mother. He's not my father any more, and will never be. He doesn't deserve to be my father.” I turned and headed upstairs to my room before she could say a word further.

Chapter 2 Mate

I jumped down from my window at the call from Hush.

Luckily, I had to mind-link him about the argument I had with my father earlier. This way, he will know the right way to approach without making a dramatic entrance, as he loves.

“Can you make a less dramatic entrance, Joel?” He frowned at me.

“Why? A Luna does things differently.” I winked at him. “Come on, let's go.”

“The others are waiting for us at the border,” Hush said, running towards the place the others were.

“Okay, let's go.” I ran after him.

The others like we call them are just my gamma and twenty of the werewolves who are of the same age as me.

They are my trusted wolves.

I stopped running and turned to look at the house.

The silhouette of my father was unmistakable. His profile was so sharp it was unmistakable.

“I will return,” I whispered before I transformed, right under the moonlight.

A howl tore from my throat the moment I did so, a


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