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Sinful Desires: Taming The Cold Mafia Lord

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“You need to know what you are getting into, sweetie.” He smirked, running his eyes down my body, stripping me bare with his dark, wanton eyes. I gulped and took slow steps towards him, walking on shaky legs but trying to look strong. “You don't know I am, Mark. Bring it on. I can sate your demons.”No matter how dark they are. After all, I'm not the angel he thinks I am…****Running from her foster parents, Giulia had a run-in with Mark, a Mafia Lord in Spain. The meeting was incidental, but it sealed the hearts of the strangers, bringing them back to each other despite how far they tried to go.One is a sadist, and the other is a closeted masochist, waiting for the right one to set free her inner restraints. Will their paths be straight, or will there be internal and external forces trying to keep them apart? Would Giulia succeed in taming the mafia Lord, or will his darkness engulf her?Note: This is the second book in the series.

Chapter 1

NOTE: You can read this work as a standalone, but for better clarification, I would recommend that you read the first book.


I kept peeking behind me as I dashed down the busy streets of Madrid. Most of the pedestrians gave me curious looks as I weaved through them. My heart was thumping violently in my chest. I was sweating, but that was the least of my problems.

I knew there was no way those monsters could have tracked me from the States to Spain, but I couldn't help my intrusive thoughts.

I securely gripped my purse, clutching it to myself to discourage pickpockets. The minute I left the airport, I went to a Bureau de Change to get my currency changed from Dollar to Euro. I only had 700 Euros with me, and I hoped to use it sparingly.

I intended to find a motel that wouldn't cost more than £3. If that was possible. I didn't mind living in a rat-infested place until I got a job, which didn't sound like something that would have happened anytime soon.

“Sorry!” I apologized to a man I crashed into when I turned to look over my shoulders. It was getting late, and I had found no cheap motel. I had only seen one for £9. Too bad none of them wanted to give me any discount.

“Watch where you are going, chap!” he growled at me. Luckily, he didn't communicate in Spanish like the one I knocked into an hour ago.

“Oh, you can speak English?” I beamed at him, trying to strike up a conversation.

The man's eyes took me in. He started from my red hair, down my 5 foot 6 inches body before he fastened his grey eyes on my honey-brown ones. “Mind where you are going!” he snapped angrily before he turned and hurried down the road.

“Huh?” I flipped my hair back. He should be thrilled someone beautiful tried to chat with him!

I turned and proceeded down the street. I steered clear of alleys. No matter where you are, the States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or bloody Antarctica, you need to be vigilant of the dark.

Striding down the streets, I kept pondering what to do. Should I return to that £9 motel? But that would cause a dent in my pocket!

There was no freaking way in hell I would do that!

My tummy rumbled the moment I walked past a bistro. I placed my right hand on my belly, glaring daggers at it.

With a frown, I traipsed over to a grocery store. I smiled at the security guy by the door, and he muttered words in Spanish that I didn't quite catch.

With a nod, I strode in. I didn't bother with a basket or trolley. Since I was trying to save some cash, I planned to just get two energy bars for the night and the following morning.

Tomorrow, I will start job hunting.

I knew it would be challenging to get a job with my high school degree, but it would be more challenging because of the language impediment. I couldn't speak sh*t when it came to Spanish. (Well, I could perfectly say "Hola")

I smiled at the few people in the aisle as I scurried over to the shelves that housed what I needed.

“Sh*t!” I planted both hands on my waist and glared hard at the bars that were beyond my reach.

Who the hell instructed them to stack items up so high?!

Weren't they aware that there could be short people who wanted something from the top? Could it be that they only kept it for tall people?


I would have given them a proper tongue-lashing had I been eloquent in their language. It would be more like splashing water on a rock should I grumble now.

Groaning, I rose on tiptoe to take it, but I couldn't reach it.

“F*ck you!”

I jumped, only to miss my step. A soul-shattering shriek wrenched from my gut as I helplessly flayed my arms. I expected to fall flat on the floor with my bones broken and my beautiful pearly dentition broken or dislodged.

One, two, three…

I gasped, clutching my eyes tight as I resigned myself to fate, only to feel something strong against my lower back.

I gradually opened my eyes when I felt the warmth on the side of my body and arse. My eyes locked with that of an unfamiliar man. They trailed down his face, noting the scar that ran down the right part of his face and his clenched jaw. He had his brown hair up in a man bun. The long lashes fanning his cheekbones accomplished…

Wait a f*ck*ng minute! Where the hell were his fingers clutching?

“Pervert!” I yelled at him, pushing him away from me with all the strength I could muster. I staggered the moment he let go but righted my posture. “Do you think you can cup a touch because I was in a desperate situation, huh?” I pointed at him.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He narrowed his eyes at me, looking like he was barely holding himself from snapping. His eyes darkened. For a minute, it seemed like I was staring into the crevasse.

“Why did you touch my arse?!” I yelled at him, not mindful of the attention we were getting.

He folded his arms, still glowering coldly. He didn't speak a word, but his eyes gave out most of his thoughts.

“F*ck you!” I grabbed the nearest energy bar, ignoring the ones I was trying to take. “Out of all the places to grab, why must it be my arse?! What a flagrant pervert!”

My eyes trailed his body. I started from his head and down to his toes, noting his tight abs that were trying to shred his black turtleneck off —just kidding. The black slacks he had on did nothing to obscure the heavy outline between his legs. Had this been a normal circumstance, I would have eyeballed him. However, the man in front of me was a handsome weirdo!

“What the f*ck are you saying? I was just trying to help—”

“Never say that help word around me, pervert! Keep your d*mn hands to yourself!”

Snapping at him, I indignantly matched to the cash point, paid for the energy bars I picked up, and stomped out of the convenience store still p*ss*d at him. What awful luck to meet someone like him!

Chapter 2


"This isn't all." For the second time, I grabbed the bundle of cash on the table, threw it up, and promptly caught it midair. "You're lying. This isn't all."

The idiot, who stood by the fireplace with his palms clasped before him, laughed nervously.

"Boss, that's all."

I sighed and leaned better into the chair, so my head could rest on the pillowy boobs of the lady I was to spend the night with. She promptly weaved her fingers into my hair and began to massage my scalp.

The room was dark—I had ordered all the lights to be turned off—because it was better to think in the dark, and I didn't want to miss the natural glow from the sky.

The embers in the fireplace combined beautifully with the glow from the moon to give the sitting room just the amount of light sufficient for me.

"Kenzo," I called out softly. A figure materialized from the dark and stood before me. The room bec


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