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Brittany Cole

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“Dance!” She seductively swayed her body and bit her lips before closing her eyes to feel the s*xy rhythm of the music from her earphones. Her body moved on its own like it was accompanying the s*xy song. She’s in the kitchen, drinking some milk when she suddenly felt like dancing. She’s sure that nobody would see her since she was the only person who was left in the house. “Ooh baby…” She mumbled, harmonizing the song desirably. She was only wearing her black short shorts and a lose white shirt paired with a fluffy slippers. She didn’t care if her long black hair was messy, after all, she was alone at the moment. She continued dancing sexily as the music climbed up to its climax. Her fingers traced her curves as her butt swayed alluringly. It crawled up to her nape and slowly untie her hair clip which made her hair fell and scatter. As she slowly opened her eyes after turning around, her body froze. Her hands that were busy touching her messy hair stopped midway. Shock was written on her face. She straightened her back and stood normally when she saw her dad with his dumbfounded expression. But it didn’t stop there, he’s with his business partners. Sh*t! “L-lets go to the g-garden.” Her dad utterly said and awkwardly walked away. She looked down when she felt embarrassed. D*mn! She was sure that all of them saw her, dancing like an idiot with her eyes closed. After nearly a minute, she lifted her head and was about to go upstairs when her eyes landed to someone that she wanted to forget. Someone whom she wanted to burry for the past three years. Him, staring at her intently from the kitchen door. His fascinating grey eyes scanned her yet the rapid movements of his Adams apple bothered her more. She watched how his slender fingers adjusted his tie before he walked away. He was not so close earlier but she could still smell his addictive manly scent. It was him! One of the most handsome and powerful Ceo in the world. A hot yet cold man that both men and women aim to have. Black De Villa, ------- her ruthless ex-husband.

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With a shaky breath, she spread her thighs widely apart and showed him exactly where she needed him. "Please... please daddy..." He roughly cupped her wetness and she moaned softly, "Since my princess asked so nicely, I won't deny her-" -●- ---- -•- Acacia could not wait to spend the summer holidays with her estranged step-father, she saw the three week long visit as an opportunity to unwind and bond with the most important man in her life- but nothing will ever be the same between them after he catches her with her fingers lodged deep inside her, moaning his name as she climaxes…. Hunter had not seen his step- daughter in almost four years and now nineteen years old, he didn't expect his little "poppy" to rock up on his front door a full- grown woman; beautiful and s*xy in every way imaginable. Hunter knows he shouldn't desire the very human being he raised from infancy- he was practically her father for fucksake, the only father she has ever known for fucksake. It was illegal, unholy for him to think of her youthful body and luscious lips in the ways he did, it made him downright depraved, but a mere look from her doe- like eyes had his cck raging. Acacia knows she wants anything but for his interest in her to be fatherly, though she has convinced herself that the hottest man she knows will never be interested in an inexperienced, innocent as innocent can be prude like her. Sexual tension rises, boundaries are blurred and try they might, they will not resist the forbidden fruit, because the forbidden fruit, always tastes sweetest.

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“Don’t you get it, my little flower? I own every bit of you. Every. Single. Bit. Anyone who looks at you, I’ll pluck off their eyes. Anyone who touches you, I’ll cut off their hands. Anyone who breaths the same air as you, I’ll cut off their nose. And for everyone who has been inside you, be certain I’ll chop off their dicks and shove down their throat” I watch a sinister smile make its way to his face as he spoke, his hold on my neck tightened, making it difficult for me to breath. “Now, be a good girl Zinnia, and take my d*ck” ****** In a world where morality blurs and alliances shift like sand, Reed Dammington remains a constant force—a living legend in the gritty realm of bounty hunting, where survival depends on wit, skill, and an unyielding will to pursue justice, no matter the cost. By night, Twenty-four year old Zinnia Levine isa bartender, navigating the ebb and flow of patrons' stories while keeping her own guarded. Her chosen profession becomes both refuge and battleground. At first sight, Reed is obsessed with Zinnia and would stop at nothing to make her his. Slowly, Zinnia learns that there is more to Reed than just slitting people's neck. With him, she finds out more about herself and what she yearns. Her discoveries makes her understand that they are alike. More than she had expected. ********* WARNING I CARE FOR YOUR SANITY. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTS. IT CONTAINS REALLY DARK SCENES (DEGRADATION, DUBIOUS CONSENT AND CONCENSUAL NOT CONSENT). READ AT YOUR DETRIMENT. OH, AND LEAVE A COMMENT. THANKS!! --------


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