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About me

My name is Igbinai Margaret Joy, I'm a student and I love to write because I can't get the voices in my head to shut up. Now you have them too when you read my books 🤌😈


A Baby For The Bad Boy Nextdoor
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Seven years ago Chantelle Jones was betrayed by her boyfriend and someone she thought was her best friend. She caught them both in bed in her 18th birthday! Betrayed, hurt and thirsty for revenge, she ran into the arms of the boy next door. Shy and quiet Nolan Pierce. She suddenly realized she has made a mistake and leaves Nolan confused and dazed. Seven years later while working as the secretary of Penelope Quinn, famous model and business woman, hoping for a chance to get a gig and build an empire of her own, she runs into Nolan again.... only he is not the Nolan she once knew. He now controls his father's empire. Gone was the geeky kid from next door, Nolan Pierce was the next most eligible bachelor. Their encounter would resurrect bitter memories. For Chantelle, Nolan is the father of her son but he can't know that. And keeping her son secret would become even more difficult when Nolan makes a proposal "Work for me and I will make your dreams come true." Sparks will begin to fly and old enemies would resurface but what would be their fate?

Surrender To Your Hidden Desires.
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Rachel Rivers, a television host and magazine journalist with strong family values finds everything she ever worked for and believed in crashing down she she walks in on her husband and teen babysitter having sex. Sad and broken by this revelation of her husband's infidelity she goes out and makes a drunken fool of herself. But actions are not without consequences. Her drunken charade is not overlooked and soon she finds her left alone with nothing, not even her once perfect self image. She suddenly finds herself under the limelight of mockery among friends and foe alike when her soon-to-be ex husband begins to tarnish her image, making her look like the bad guy. She struggles to rebuild her image, seeking whatever help she can until one road leads her to Nate Madden. Rich successful driving force, selfmade billionaire, Nathaniel comes to the rescue with a seemingly innocent offer. What is not innocent however is the price Rachel must pay because Nate is a man she once crossed paths with. He is charming, he is secretive, he is powerful and dominating. He wants to introduce Rachel to a lifestyle she has never known before in exchange for her fame, her life and her job back.

At His Mercy.
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Penelope Quinn once Penelope Nowak, a rich successful business woman hasn’t always been the independent rich successful woman she is. She is the daughter of a criminal minded art thief, working for her father as the Midnight Fox. Wanting a better life for herself she plots to leave home only to have her plans thwarted when her father contracts her to be married off. In an act of defiance, Penelope goes out to get drunk and has a one-night stand with a handsome stranger. He turns out to be Noel Greer, the man she was supposed to marry. Noel is furious to learn that his bride-to-be was the innocent blue-eyed, blonde princess who had seduced him the day before and he cancels their marriage. Heartbroken, Penelope runs away from home. A new start. Years later, Noel Greer wants Penelope back in his life and is willing to do anything to get her back – including blackmail. He wants to possess her. Soon after, her father comes back into her life needing her for one more heist. Someone is blackmailing him and he needs Penelope to help him. But there are obstacles. Albert Kowalski. Her father’s former right-hand man who says he is a friend but Penelope is not sure she can trust him especially when he has a seemingly successful business now. Another obstacle is the Phantom. No one knows who is he but seems to be the reason the chain of events begin unfolding in her life. Every road links to him, every heist points at him. He is neither enemy nor foe but he is dangerous nonetheless. Penny realizes old friends can't trusted when she suspects Noel may be her father's blackmailer. Or was it Albert the stunning, cool-headed ghost from her past?

A Hunter For Cathy's Fantasies.
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  • 5.0

A Wolf Hunter for a mate? What in the world is the moon goddess thinking? Cathy, a strong - willed werewolf only wants one thing and that is to manage her club. Love hurt her once and it is not on the table again. Theodore Cyneric, a hunter wants one thing, "I want you to sit on my face, Cathy." When hot and hot meet there's bound to be an explosion and an explosion is what is waiting to happen when Cathy and Theodore come together. And that is the least of their problems. Theodore brings more than his own share of heat in their unusual relationship and that means old enemies and a long and unexpected connection with a crime syndicate. Will Cathy be able to survive in the turbulence of Theodore's world and will they be able to stand the test of time?

My Best Friend's Boyfriend
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  • 7.1

Beside her rich, spoiled best friend, Siobhan, Bianca Davis has always come second. She was not as pretty as Siobhan, her parents were not as rich, she didn't get the boys...but she was intelligent! That counts! But regardless of their differences both girls were the bestest friends right from childhood. They shared everything and were like sisters, nothing came in between them. At least nothing did until Andre Rios walked into both their lives. Bianca hates him, she despises him, he is everything she works against but for her best friend's sake she will pretend to like him. Bianca doesn't know why Siobhan still dates him when he dates half the girls in class. Maybe because he's hot and incredibly handsome? And also mysteriously dangerous? She doesn't know it but Bianca is about to find herself in a mess when she realizes that she doesn't just hate Andre, she wants him to notice her and her actions will unlock a series of events. From the truth about her and Siobhan's friendship to a ring of gangsters with a link to Andre, to fighting for her and Siobhan's life, to getting Siobhan to trust her again. All because she fell in love with her best friend's boyfriend. A new Edwin and Co. Highschool book!

Curse Of The Reborn Luna
  • 👁 246
  • 7.5

Maggie, daughter of the leader of the Dark Storm pack, was a wolf promised in marriage to the son of the Lycrox pack’s heir. Though skeptical at first, she eventually falls in love with Lance and swears to be his perfect Luna until her arranged marriage ends in disaster when she is betrayed and killed in a planned attack by her pack and her husband’s. However, she is reborn with a fierce determination to reclaim her rightful place as the leader of her pack. As she navigates the complex politics of the pack, she discovers that her betrayal was orchestrated by a larger enemy that seeks to take over her territory. She begins to recognize her enemies and when she finds herself at crossroads, Maggie must decide whether to seek revenge on her former pack or to ally with them to defeat their common enemy when they come running back to her with their tails between their legs. Along the way, she discovers her true enemy and it is a much larger enemy than she can ever imagine. Phoenix, the moon goddess, mother of all wolves, wants to reverse the creation of wolves. The power to stop her lies in Maggie’s hands.


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