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Lana POV Today was our sixteenth birthday and of all the days my brother Alpha Ryker had to call an Alpha meeting on his twin sister’s birthday. To say we were p*ss*d off was an understatement. Arial and I watched from the upstairs window as Alpha’s from all over filed out of their cars before being greeted by our father and Ryker. My twin sister Arial hated the meetings just as much as me. It was one thing being twins, it was another being Lycan hybrid twins, and we always found that we copped the most stares. Once we came of age and didn’t get our wolves or shift, we knew we differed from our brother. Our mother was a direct descendant of the Moon Goddess, therefore, so are we. Our brother inherited most of our father’s traits, he shifted when he was twelve and was what we call an early bloomer, but he didn’t share my mother’s Hybrid gene. Yes, he was a direct descendant like us, but for some reason he only received certain traits while my sister and I were exactly like our mother. We had no wolves and were half vampire and half Lycan. We were both saddened when we didn't get our wolves. Ryker always spoke of how much he loved his wolf growing up. But we still had each other. Being twins means you always have another half, a best friend for life, and my sister and I were incredibly close. So close, my mother sometimes had trouble telling us apart, the only giveaway being that our scents were different slightly.

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▷Important note: The story is not finished and has not been updated for some time. “I, Madeline Clark, rejec…,” I started speaking, but Alpha Dimitri stopped me by putting his hand over my mouth. He pulled me closer to him and growled. “What the hell are you doing?!” he shouted. “I am not letting you do this, Maddie. I’ve waited for you for months and I am not going to lose you!” His eyes held so much pain and his voice was laced with panic. “You are mine, Maddie,” he said as he leaned in and pressed a small kiss on my forehead. “You are mine, and I am not letting you go.” Madeline is a 17-year-old girl who still hasn’t shifted into her wolf. Her father abandoned her mother when she was very young. She’s been bullied and laughed at all the time. After she lost her mom, the person who loved her the most, Madeline is completely distraught and broken. Her father comes back to take her back to his pack. Madeline is against it, but her financial situation forces her to go with him. Dimitri is a Lycan wolf, the Alpha of his very successful pack. He is 22 years old, and he still hasn’t found his mate. When Madeline comes to his pack, he is very surprised to find out that she is his mate. He is also very frustrated because she is his stepsister who still hasn’t shifted. She can’t recognize him as her mate. Madeline struggles in the new pack. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her stepmother. She can’t wait to turn 18 and leave. What will happen when Madeline finds out who her mate is? What will Dimitri do after she rejects him? Will he be able to convince her to stay?

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I waggled into my cottage and I opened the door. I found a stranger inside and I jerked out in fear. My amethyst eyes glowed in defence to protect my territory since it was marked. "Who the hell are you!" I yelled indignantly in frustration as emotions churned up in my chest. "I am Aryan Delcour, am sorry I stumbled upon your cottage. I was simply passing by" He retorted unfazed. His chest tightened afterwards and his jaw was clenched. A part of him knew that he had trespassed for sure, so he felt contritely at the moment. My eyes were fixated on his packs since he was just in shorts and I almost stuttered. I waggled closer to him fortuitously. "Is this the impact of the bond under moonlight?!" I pondered to myself in a perturbed manner. I knew that I had always resisted the urge to have a mate and bond with him under moonlight but not this time! Not when I was drunk and heartbroken! Dahlia Hyacinth, an Omega from the Loodwig Crescent pack ends up having a one-night stand, fortuitously with an alpha, Aryan Delcour who was a stranger. It was the irrefutable impact of bonding under the moonlight and there were solid factors that caused her not to resist; From being dead drunk to being horny naturally under the moonlight. She gets banished from her pack by her father, the alpha of the pack she was in. While she tries to live a fresh start with her quadruplets cute babies all werewolves, the alpha shows up at her doorstep leaving her mesmerized. Would she get entangled in his world filled with love, conflict, war and myth?

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  • Author: Destiny B
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"What's your name, princess?" Princess. It sent a shiver down my spine, and my entire body seemed to catch fire. "Angelique," I managed to respond in a hushed tone, uncertain if he caught my name amid the chaotic beating of my heart. "Angelique," he purred, his voice a sensuous melody, "a perfect name for someone as enchantingly beautiful as you are." My name rolled off his tongue like velvet, each syllable caressing the air. Holy sh*t, was it hot in here, or was it just me? "Uh, thanks. What's yours?" I inquired, capturing my bottom lip between my teeth. His gaze fixated on the subtle movement, and he moistened his lips with a slow, deliberate flick of his tongue, sending heat straight to my core. "Dante Greene. I'm surprised you haven't heard about me," he said, his eyes dancing with amusement, as if he could sense the effect he had on me. Could you imagine? I would literally die right now if he knew why I kept shifting in my seat. Gushes of heat were currently pooling in my underwear like a relentless waterfall, and the more he spoke and stared at me like a predator locked on its prey, the more intense it got... *** 17-year-old Angelique Baker is forced to move to a new town under mysterious circumstances. Starting a new school at the end of her senior year has already turned her world upside down, but just wait until she finds out she's mated to a werewolf and discovers the secrets her dad has been keeping from her since her mom's disappearance.


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