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I waggled into my cottage and I opened the door. I found a stranger inside and I jerked out in fear. My amethyst eyes glowed in defence to protect my territory since it was marked. "Who the hell are you!" I yelled indignantly in frustration as emotions churned up in my chest. "I am Aryan Delcour, am sorry I stumbled upon your cottage. I was simply passing by" He retorted unfazed. His chest tightened afterwards and his jaw was clenched. A part of him knew that he had trespassed for sure, so he felt contritely at the moment. My eyes were fixated on his packs since he was just in shorts and I almost stuttered. I waggled closer to him fortuitously. "Is this the impact of the bond under moonlight?!" I pondered to myself in a perturbed manner. I knew that I had always resisted the urge to have a mate and bond with him under moonlight but not this time! Not when I was drunk and heartbroken! Dahlia Hyacinth, an Omega from the Loodwig Crescent pack ends up having a one-night stand, fortuitously with an alpha, Aryan Delcour who was a stranger. It was the irrefutable impact of bonding under the moonlight and there were solid factors that caused her not to resist; From being dead drunk to being horny naturally under the moonlight. She gets banished from her pack by her father, the alpha of the pack she was in. While she tries to live a fresh start with her quadruplets cute babies all werewolves, the alpha shows up at her doorstep leaving her mesmerized. Would she get entangled in his world filled with love, conflict, war and myth?


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