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Fated Mate to The Alpha

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Meet the runt of the Pack, Nadia Anderson. Runts are often cared for and protected in packs. But this wasn't the case for Nadia. She had more scars than she would have liked, and everyone in her pack hated her, even going as far as beating her. All for being born basically. To make matters worse her parents left the pack and haven't been heard from since. Meet Hudson Carter the cruellest Alpha of the Blood Moon pack. Everyone fears him he's taken over more packs in his area than any other alpha & recruited them to his pack. The pack everyone knew not to step foot into. Hudson's only rule he stood by was to never disrespect a girl, a rule his beloved mother told him to live by. Amidst all of his power and viciousness he finds his mate, what will he do when he finds out his pack has broken his sacred rule towards his mate.

Chapter 1

Nadia's POV 

 lowering the marker in a straight line I retreated to look at the wall. Twenty-one hundred and ninety days. My parents had been gone for almost exactly six years—more accurately, they had left me. I'm not sure why I mark the days; perhaps I'm hoping they'll return eventually. When I was twelve, it was natural to want your parents, but at this point, I didn't; I was almost eighteen, and I would soon be able to permanently leave the pack. 

 I never understood why they left, other than the obvious—that I was a runt—but that didn't make it acceptable to leave your child behind. This bundle, in particular, is considerably worse for people. Whether it was from humiliation or beatings, there was a fresh surprise waiting for me every day. The latter was, believe me, their first option, so it was by no means surprising at this point. Whoever started the thrashing would undoubtedly finish it, regardless of who they were. 

 The alpha, who was ignorant, was the only member of the pack who didn't defeat me. Considering our ranks, I don't think he would be all that concerned at this point. I never understood what to do, so I always chose to ignore it when it occurred. In addition, I was far too helpless to resist them, much less stop them. My wolf has been gone for a very long time, and I have missed Mia. 

 A few boys from the pack lost their school football match one day. To cut a long tale short, I became their punching bag when they got angry. I was certain I would die that day. I spoke to Mia for the last time; she had saved my life. 

 A female slammed my door and yelled, "Nadia, get the hell up one of the guys spilled milks all over the kitchen floor." 

 I was their servant in the pack house, which I could not protest to because of the other pack members. Those were the hardest times since I had to leave my room. This was a reasonably sized room that might have accommodated a dresser, a bed, and an additional chamber that led to the bathroom. I was more than happy with what I had, even though it wasn't much. I still had a haven to retreat to in case life dealt me a bad hand. 

 I hurriedly put on a black long-sleeve shirt to cover up the scars on my wrists. Several of the injuries the pack brought to my body were entirely my own. when you are tormented daily, and you also worry about your parents abandoning you. Certain people are just not strong enough; it breaks them piece by piece until there's nothing left. Not. 

 I saw the group of guys I detested the most seated at the counter as I was heading to the kitchen. I got the paper towels out of the cabinets under the sink without saying anything. 

 "Look it's the runt." One of the guys said something that prompted me to go for the rubber band and slap my wrist. 

 It was easier for me to ignore what other people were saying when I was preoccupied with the bracelet's discomfort. Naturally, it was a diversion, and the fact that my cuts were still so freshly made it even worse. I got up after wiping the milk off the floor behind the counter. 

 One of the males knocked over a cup and spilled its contents as soon as I started, asking, "Oops, mind cleaning that up for me, Nadia?" Logan questioned, grinning, while his buddies giggled. 

 My worst tormentors were Jameson, Logan, Steven, and Chester. Since my parents left, they have lived to make my life an absolute nightmare. The fact that they were all in higher power didn't help. Steven was the Omega, Chester, and Jameson were the Betas, and Logan was the Gamma. These were the boys who nearly killed me, and even though I hated them, I had to have dread for them. 

 "Yes," I replied, exhaling as I knelt to clean it with clean paper towels. 

 My nose was bleeding as a horrible pain suddenly went through it. I automatically fell back and held it, and when I looked up, I saw Steven. 

 "I apologize for not seeing you," he shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently. 

 "Fuck bro look how much she bleeds." Jameson concurred as Chester chuckled. 

 I rose, my hands clasped under my nose to ensure that the blood fell on my palms since I had no idea what to do. 

 "Ew, she's getting blood on the floor." As they entered, Logan's partner Donna giggled with her buddy Sara. 

 Sarah said, "That's so gross," sounding appalled. 

 I felt as though I had frozen in place, and I yearned for the universe to open up and engulf me. Now that I was standing there foolishly, everyone was laughing. How could I have been so foolish as to enter without first checking the kitchen? It was my fault. 

 The laughter stopped abruptly, and I sensed a powerful presence behind me. I froze again when I slowly turned around and ran into someone. 

 Alpha Hudson was there, the one who was unaware that his pack was just as dirty as he was. When our eyes connected, he gazed at my nose, and then back to me before making eye contact once more. 

 "I-I'm s-sorry." I managed to whisper so quietly before hurriedly stepping around him and into the restroom. 

 Fortunately, that was away from the kitchen, so I turned on the tap and cleared my nose. I recognized someone after I had peered into the mirror. Pale skin, green eyes, and black hair. The pack made it evident that I didn't think I was attractive when I looked at myself. 

 I sighed and opened the restroom door, only to have Logan shove me back inside. The worst of the four boys, the person who torments me the most. 

 He spat violently, slamming the door and coming over to me, saying, "You're such a fuck up, you almost got us caught by the Alpha with spilling your filthy blood on the floors." 

 Knowing what he was about to do, I could already feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I could see the anger and loathing on his face as soon as he was directly in front of me. The beta did something much, much worse than beat me. 

 I let out a little cry as he tightly gripped my throat, preventing me from breathing for a moment. He would do this every day if he saw me, until my last breath. On a good day, he might do it once, but if he was upset, he might do it twice or even three times. He might do three today, so I prepared myself for what was about to happen. 

 The worst thing someone may experience is the agony of losing their breath, let alone being unable to get any. Usually, throughout this process, I close my eyes and mentally count. to ponder over something other than my impending death. Other times I'd dig my hands into my wrist knowing there was a fresh cut to distract myself with. 

 I lost my breath and fell to the ground as he released his hold on me after what felt like an eternity. When I opened my eyes, my vision became hazy. I breathed evenly for a few breaths before taking deep breaths. I learned how to use the minute breaks he would take to catch my breath in case he did it again. 

 "You caught me on a good day because you and I both know I could do way worse so next time be more careful," he murmured, deadly in my ear, as he let go roughly and left the toilet. I felt my head jerked back by my hair and let out a shriek. 

 Not too long after, I gathered my breath and gently got up to take a closer look at myself. I detested what I saw, to put it mildly; I could still faintly see his handprint on my neck. My color gradually returned, but there were red streaks on my face. I splashed some water on my cheeks and then touched my hair. 

 Nadia Anderson, this place would be the end of me.

Chapter 2

Hudson's POV 

 I said, "Kill them, without mercy," glaring at the two outlaws who had thought it was okay to just go through my territory. 

 There was a lot of fear. 

 "Yes, Alpha." One of my toughest warriors, Zach, muttered as I turned to go. 

 I've come out here for this already, and I've wasted enough time. Audrey, my mother, is most likely waiting for me. She's never been the same and I've never been the same too since my dad, William, passed away. Soon after, she became ill, and Nadia is the only one who stays in bed all day. This makes me long for the times when Mom would cook the packed breakfast and get up smiling. 

 Since my parents were the most significant figures in my life, my father's passing made me even more ruthless than I was before. My mother's illness simply made me more enraged. It's said that losing one's partner is an unbearable, sickening experience. 

 Although I've never discovered my mate, I would have preferred her to b


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