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Entangled With The Alpha

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I waggled into my cottage and I opened the door. I found a stranger inside and I jerked out in fear. My amethyst eyes glowed in defence to protect my territory since it was marked. "Who the hell are you!" I yelled indignantly in frustration as emotions churned up in my chest. "I am Aryan Delcour, am sorry I stumbled upon your cottage. I was simply passing by" He retorted unfazed. His chest tightened afterwards and his jaw was clenched. A part of him knew that he had trespassed for sure, so he felt contritely at the moment. My eyes were fixated on his packs since he was just in shorts and I almost stuttered. I waggled closer to him fortuitously. "Is this the impact of the bond under moonlight?!" I pondered to myself in a perturbed manner. I knew that I had always resisted the urge to have a mate and bond with him under moonlight but not this time! Not when I was drunk and heartbroken! Dahlia Hyacinth, an Omega from the Loodwig Crescent pack ends up having a one-night stand, fortuitously with an alpha, Aryan Delcour who was a stranger. It was the irrefutable impact of bonding under the moonlight and there were solid factors that caused her not to resist; From being dead drunk to being horny naturally under the moonlight. She gets banished from her pack by her father, the alpha of the pack she was in. While she tries to live a fresh start with her quadruplets cute babies all werewolves, the alpha shows up at her doorstep leaving her mesmerized. Would she get entangled in his world filled with love, conflict, war and myth?

Chapter 1

In the city of Hillstone, under the spectral gaze of a frosty crescent moon, I found myself wandering in the quietness of the night. The moon cast a ghostly pallor on the woods, transforming them into a theatre of shadows. My name is Dahlia Hyacinth, a lone wolf in the literal sense, and on this night, I found myself hobbling towards the only place that offered solace - my secluded cottage, nestled deep within the heart of the gloomy forest.

Each step I took seemed to resonate with the beating of my heart, echoing the turmoil of emotions that had consumed me. My mind was a whirlpool of thoughts, playing the recent discord with my pack over and over again. The disagreements, the shouting, and the sneering faces of my kin, particularly my younger sister, Millicent, were etched into my memory. It was a bitter pill to swallow that she was always treated with more favour than I was. Our father, the alpha of our pack, had bestowed upon her a higher rank, merely because he harboured the belief that I was not competent enough to shoulder the responsibilities of leadership. He had dismissed me as a jabroni, a term that stung me to my very core.

The ground beneath me seemed to sway as if sharing my state of imbalance, causing me to stumble. "What the hell!" I barked out, the echo of my voice reverberating around the silent woods, serving as a reminder of my solitude and frustration. My drunken state amplified my emotions, making them a raging storm within me. "I have always fulfilled my obligations as the first daughter of the alpha," I muttered to myself, the prickling sensation of unshed tears threatening to spill over. I found myself repeating my father's commands, "Don't do this, do that!" I had always been overlooked by my father, Wesley Hyacinth, in favour of my sister. His belief in my incompetence had prevented him from considering me as his successor.

Bathing in the lunar radiance, I felt a primal desire awaken within me. A longing for the company of a mate, something I had always suppressed. My father's disapproval was furthered by my lack of a mate, something that was considered essential in our society. I had always been a lone wolf, preferring the company of friends over the mating rituals that took place under the moon's watchful gaze. My sister, in contrast, was an embodiment of our traditions, having multiple mates, something that brought immense joy to our father.

Our mother, Elizabeth Hyacinth, was different. She loved us equally, and perhaps even favoured me slightly over Millicent. However, the relationship between my sister and me was marred by rivalry and resentment. Millicent's jealousy was only heightened by the fact that Simon Lockwood, who was destined to be my mate, harboured deep feelings of affection for me. To me, Simon was nothing more than a childhood friend, and the idea of him as a lover was something I couldn't entertain. His heartbreak at my rejection had ignited a fire of anger in Millicent, one that had been smouldering beneath the surface.

My father never refrained from expressing his disdain for me, often resorting to physical violence to do so. His anger was only exacerbated when he discovered that I had become intoxicated, a behaviour unbecoming of an Omega like me. During my drunken escapades, my small cottage served as my sanctuary, a place where I could lose myself in my thoughts without the judgmental eyes of my family upon me.

Upon reaching my cottage, I was taken aback by the sight of a stranger within my sanctuary. My amethyst eyes glittered with defiance as I prepared to defend my territory. "Who the hell are you!" I demanded, my voice trembled with a mix of anger and fear. His response was calm, "I am Aryan Delcour. I apologize for intruding, I was merely passing by," he stated, his voice filled with regret for having trespassed.

At that moment, I felt an inexplicable pull towards him. His bare chest, glistening under the moonlight, stirred a sense of attraction within me. I found myself moving closer to him, my mind a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. I had always resisted the urge to bond with a mate under the moonlight, but something about him, about this moment, made it nearly impossible to resist. Without thinking, I reached out to touch his chest, my eyes locked onto his. His surprise at my boldness was evident, but he made no move to pull away. Instead, he asked, "Are you alright, miss?"

His query was cut short as I silenced him with a kiss. To my surprise, he reciprocated my actions. The rest of the night was a blur of passion and desire. We made love under the moonlight, lost in our shared pleasure.

I awoke the next morning, with a throbbing headache reminding me of the night's indulgence. A wave of fear washed over me as I realized the gravity of my actions. I knew my father would never accept me back after this. Aryan tried to comfort me, explaining that my actions were a result of my emotional turmoil and intoxication. But I knew that wouldn't matter to my father. It was taboo to bond with a stranger outside the pack. If he found out, it would serve as yet another reason for him to despise me.

Leaving Aryan behind in my cottage, I shifted into my omega state and sprinted through the forest. Thoughts of how the elders, my friends Amora Pillow and Blake Winchester, and most importantly, my mother, would react filled my mind, each more terrifying than the last. I knew I had disgraced myself and the pack. My only hope was that my mother would be able to shield me from the worst of my father's wrath.

As I approached the large cottage where the elders were congregated, I could hear my father's booming voice discussing security measures. I waited anxiously outside, gathering the courage to confess my sins to the pack. It was time to face the consequences of my actions.

Chapter 2

"What the hell! In a meeting? Such gutsy!" Wesley barked succinctly. Elizabeth's grip on his arms tightened as she tried to curb his anger. "Calm down dear. It could be something very important. I have never seen her this anxious before," Elizabeth implored as she cast a succinct gaze at me outside. "So it's more important than our annual conventional meeting right?" Wesley thundered at the top of his lungs, massaging his temples effusively. "Just hear her out. That's all I ask," Elizabeth implored with a heavy breath. Wesley battered his eyelashes as he ordered that I be let in to speak with him. I knew I had to summon an unblinking courage to tell him in the presence of all. I fiddled with my hands in terror of what my Dad might do to me after I uttered my unscrupulous acts. Wesley's brows furrowed as he seethed thr


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