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The Alpha's plus size urban human mate series
  • 👁 2.2K
  • 9.8

What happens when an all business Alpha planning his choosen mating ceremony, smells the most wonderful fruity scent that belonged to his curvy mating ceremony planner. Confident plus size Ji'lahni, her two cousins, and friend owns a successful Wedding planning company along with a dance, and self defense workout studio, get hired by their new friend who is like a mother to them plan her sons wedding I mean mating ceremony? What will happen when the sassy plus size women step into the world of werewolves? Read to find out.

Chosen By The Dragon Kings
  • 👁 8.3K
  • 9.8

When I was a child, my grandma used to tell me stories. At the time, I never gave them much thought. Thinking they were just that… stories. Growing up, I soon realized that they weren’t lofty fantasies and fairy tales but memories of her past, memories of our ancestors before our world turned to shit. You see, what comes from legend, no matter how exaggerated the story becomes, there is always a sliver of truth. You just need to weed out the fiction from fact. My grandmother used to tell me stories of the Chosen One—the one who would save us all. When I was younger, I used to believe that what she said was true. Eventually, someone would be born, just as the Oracle predicted—someone who could save our souls and bind us back to our magic. Once I grew up and saw the world unfolding around me, I no longer believed in salvation. The chosen one seemed to be more of a prayer than reality. Some dream we wanted desperately to come true. Something in which we needed to find hope when there wasn’t any left. When our ancestors turned their backs on us, how were we expected to believe in this so-called salvation? Especially when all we witnessed was death and carnage ever since the great war. Nothing except pain and poverty. I used to believe the stories and used to pray for the mysterious chosen one that would rid our world of its evil. Now, though, I see it for what it really is, just a dream of hope. Some out of reach fairy-tale. A story to create hope. Hope is dangerous; it makes you believe things will get better. I stopped hanging on to hope when I witnessed firsthand that it caused nothing but heartache.

My Possessive Vampires
  • 👁 27.3K
  • 9.6

"Sonja is a down on her luck waitress. Her bills keep climbing and she's stuck in an embarrassing job with no way to escape. She gets a letter from one Jasper Bright. He demands she come to see him that very night. There's only one problem, Sonja has no idea who he is. Her boss has been acting very strange lately. Ever since she received that letter he's been almost possessive, but that couldn't possibly be true, right? But these men are holding a secret of their own and when Sonja stumbles onto it, her normal everyday troubles are over and she's got a whole slew of much more worrisome ones to deal with. Just what are you supposed to do when you find yourself in the center of two possessive vampires?"

The Lycan Kings Unwanted Mate
  • 👁 5.4K
  • 9.6

It is supposed to be a game—a game of life and death. But what started with the maze trials ended in a prize that is more than Zirah bargained for. She never thought the prize would be for her to choose between the three Lycan Kings, who are all fighting for their father’s throne. Upon meeting the three Lycan kings, Zirah learns that the Kings are no prince charming’s. That this would be no fairy tale love story, but one where her life is constantly balanced on the sharp edge of a knife's blade. A knife that is poised to take her life or leave her horribly broken. The Kings want nothing to do with her or each other and plan to get rid of her. What they don't expect is for Zirah to fight back, only she plays with something far more dangerous than weapons. She’ll play with their hearts. Zirah has to pick one King, but secrets will be revealed, and the battle between the Kings will be for more than just the throne. They will battle for the queen that they tried to break. But there's just one issue: Zirah wants revenge, and what better revenge than taking away their precious throne?

Ravished By The Alphas
  • 👁 3.6K
  • 9.3

When the war started, the beasts slaughtered. Humans were nearly wiped out on the earth. Survivors were classified into three categories: free humans, Servants, and Slaves. Valerie Davis was captured as a slave for the crime her parents had committed to the beasts. She was taken to a slave shop when she was 16. It was during the dry season when she was put in the display box and the Alpha came to investigate a disturbance in the slave market. She thought she was lucky to be unwanted because of the bizarre birth mark and her eye color. But when the Alpha’s gaze fell on her, he decided to buy her. ___________________________ Dystopian Paranormal Romance. Reverse-Harem. This story may include explicit sexual contents, traumas, and physical violence. Trigger warning will be put in advanc. Please read at your own risk. Daily Update!

Daddy Lucifer
  • 👁 5.2K
  • 8.6

I had misbehaved. My knees ached from being planted on the aggressively cold floor for so long, but I would take the pain for as long as possible, if it meant gaining the Devil's forgiveness. I whimpered helplessly as the beast of a man pierced me with his cold eyes, ever so subtly patting his strong thigh twice. "D-daddy please-" My pleas were unfinished and went unheard as he continued to pick up the black paddle from his desk and roll up his sleeves. "Don't waste my time, angel." He muttered gruffly, the depth of his well matured voice making every fibre of my being to tremble. "Bend over daddy's lap and receive your punishment, princess." "Y-yes daddy." -- - - - - / - - - - - - For her he'd slaughter a nation and drag many to Hell. The Devil has had his eyes on Vanessa since he met the innocent, untainted angel. His Angel. He'd do anything to keep her, to feel her impeccable skin under his impure fingertips, to kiss and stain the luscious lips of an angel with sin and to ruin her innocence and carve his name into her soul. And she's not just about to resist him. When an innocent, naive, little angel mingles with the step-father from Hell.

  • 👁 1.6K
  • 7.8

I shivered in the darkness, the air stale, damp and cold making goosebumps appear on my bare skin. The low rumbles and huffs which were coming from behind made me a little scared, and I knew the beast was still there, watching me with interest. I knew screaming and calling for help was futile since my voice was already hoarse from trying to scream the past few hours, but the only thing to be heard was my echo, and the snarl that followed next. I heard it shift and felt its soft fur brush against my body and skin. I swallowed hard and held in my voice. The more it leaned in, the more my heart beat wildly, and I tried to move away from it. It's warm breath brushed against my cold skin making me shiver in response. I couldn't see but I had an idea what it wanted. I kept resisting but it was much stronger than I was. It showed its dominance as a way to make me submit. I knew I wasn't strong enough to fight or escape it, but that didn't mean I was going to willingly do what the beast wanted, at least at that minute. But everything changed when I felt it's big, long, rough, tongue brush against my nape, that's when I knew. The beast wanted to breed with me.

The Immortal Pact
  • Author: R.M. Swan
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 2.5K
  • 7.5

Miranda Moore is a 22-year-old college girl from Ravenfalls, a town generally quite outside of its menacing woods. Now something sinister is brewing and locals have begun to disappear. Desperate for answers, this local girl will have to face her fear of the woods if she has any chance of finding her loved ones. Can Miranda uncover secrets that have been buried by time and put an end to it all? Or will she become the next victim? The Woods - A place that nightmares are made of. For years it sat untouched by the town until the arrival of a last heir, Darius Ryder. He is the dream man every girl wishes she could take home, but he only has eyes for one...

At 3:15
  • Author: AminaSb
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5.8K
  • 7.5

Rachel Miller is an average teenager who has been wanting to attend college, after they got relocated, she gets admitted to a college. A college with a dark history. She meets her roommate Alice who is a senior student and a very nice roommate. When Alice tells her not to open the door at 3:15, she wakes up after some hours, and the same thing replays. Was it a dream or her reality? ******* "Racheal! Racheal!" A faint voice slowly whispered as I turned back, I saw Amy staring at me with a large creepy smile that reached her ears. I instantly moved backward hitting the shelf, a book fell on my head. I fell to the ground and began panting when I saw her, Amy was gone I don’t know where she went to but it seems like she disappeared, I was left alone in a corner with the girl staring at me as she moved closer to me, she knelt and gently caressed my cheek with her long nail, I felt a massive burn when she did that. My heart was going a mile a minute as I started to panic, my breath was becoming short and fast, feeling like no matter how much I breathe in I wasn’t getting enough oxygen into my lungs. When she moved extremely closer to me, I instantly closed my eyes and began reciting the random holy verses that came to my mind. "Racheal, are you okay?" A voice said as it softly tap my back. My eyes were still closed as I continued reciting the verse. "Racheal, what happened? Why are your eyes closed?" I slowly opened my eyes when I recognized the voice, I let out a breath of relief and instantly embrace her "What happened? Why did you scream?" Amy asked I have no idea how to tell her what I saw, even if I do, will she believe me? I will look like a fool who has no idea of what she’s talking about.

A Tale of Chase and Love 1
  • 👁 8K
  • 7.5

Theresa, a sole heiress of the William family, falls in love with a boy band in S-Korea. Unable to keep her excitement bottled in anymore, she blackmails her butler into getting her tickets for the concert that was to happen soon. Her parents find out but she also blackmails them into letting her go. She boards a plane and is super excited to see her idol perform live. Unexpectedly, the plane crashed 2 hours before her destination. Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a new dimension. A world where people cultivate magic to become immortal. She receives a mission from a dying concubine of the emperor to avenge her death and in the process, she becomes host to three magic pets, and acknowledges a foster father and mother. She goes to magic school to train her magic skills and becomes host to a system that grants wishes. She finds her first love in the magic school and decides to chase him, ignoring warnings from all sides. Even when he turns out to be a traitor, she still chases him to the point of becoming a maid at his palace. They finally get married and she thinks all will be well till she finds him in bed with another woman. He says he married her for benefits and now she's useless. Heartbroken, she gives up the system and returns back to Earth with the price being her memories after the plane crash. Later, her husband realizes his mistake and it is too late when he searches for her. She is no longer in his world. He gives up his beauty, kingship and magic powers in order to come to earth. Ten years later, he finally finds Theresa his wife but she has no memory of him! What will be their fate? Pls take note of part two. (A Tale of Chasing Romance 2) and don't forget to leave a comment, add to your library or send a gift if you like this book. Thanks.