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White Lake High School (DIMPLES)

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White Lake High School, a supernatural institution with supposedly mundane students yet to manifest their supernatural potential. One of them being me, Kelly Isabella McHale, hated by all but only hate one. The infamous, Instagram sensation 'Dimples'. Why do I hate him, you ask? Well, my first response will be the fact that ever since he came into existence, bad things have been happening to me, like barred from a good college bad. But the real reason begins with my initiation into the supernatural world through the death of Henry. 'Looks at the sky' The full moon draws near...or should I saw the blue moon. 'Eyes glow....'

Chapter 1

My life has never been my own. When I was 8 years old, I had an accident that split my family in two but it was already broken before that. My dad wasn't the best person or dad. He had a dangerous past that came for our family. My mom divorced him and then he just disappeared from our lives. I had an aunt that met briefly and an uncle, I never knew. Of course, I don't blame my mother but ever since I was 8, we have been constantly on the more.

My mom didn't fancy me living alone and her work was very important to her. So we moved to White Lake. A big enough town that was split in two, to house an unofficial area called Black Pond. Let's just say, it was much like the parliament of small countries. One town with two opposing districts that constantly vie for dominance. On one side was the Privitels and on the other was the Vicisski. The districts were separated by a legendary bridge, on one side was water as black as night and the other was as white as limestone. No one knew the true story of the water but I imagined that it was one to draw a crowd.

My mother and I lived with her sister, Aunty Ciara. She was nice, my favorite aunt even though I didn't know the other all that well. My aunt was expecting twins in a few months. Her husband, Rapheal was a sweetheart quitting his well paid job for an online teaching gig in order to take care of her. I had 3 cousins, Katrina, who was more like a sister and the twins, who weren't actually twins but everybody treated them as such. Kat was fortunate to get into an elite private school, close by Rapheal's mothers home. That was were she spent most of her weekends. I was so jealous of her since I got stuck with White Lake High.

White Lake High was the bane of my existence from the moment I stepped a foot into the building I have had a bad feeling. The way most of the students stared at me was enough to awaken my anxiety. Though that was just at the edge. I was alright with have some drama queens whisper my name under their breathe and have some jocks look at me like I was peace of meat but to have the vice principal constantly picking on me and accusing me of things that I didn't do rubbed me the wrong way.

Though after 6 months of constant torment and detentions, yet zero suspension or expulsion, I have decided to lay low for this term. Hopefully, I don't get into anymore trouble.

I sighed and pulled my bag closer to me. The blue and white halls were bustling with teens. Chatting with one another about how their summer went and gossiping about the latest hot gossip. Essentially, 'Dimples'. Every step I took there was a murmur of that name. A partial photograph and a song which was mildly inappropriate and this man went viral in under 12 hours- correction boy. So many hormonal teenagers had hoped on the 'D' train faster than I could say 'fly'. Merchandize was printed and sold at insane prices within 2 days.

I questioned the sanity of parents of teenagers and the content that they let their kids streamed. I don't know if you've noticed but I wasn't his biggest fan, in fact I blame him for majority of the detentions that I had received during summer school.

I rolled my eyes and pushed harder through the crowd. The faster that I got to class, there faster I would get away from the brain cell deterioration called high school gossip but as always, fate had other plans.

"Who do you think you are texting my future boyfriend like that," a high pitch and very annoying voice yelled from down the corridor. A few students had paused the traffic of the hallway to watch the encounter.

I was so close to my classroom, so pushed forcefully against the bodies, my face contorting with discomfort every step of the way. I stepped out into a little space just before my classroom door. I realized that the person who was yelling was Angela Roberts, Queen Bee of White Lake High School. She was Barbie's twin sister or should I say, Barbie's evil, stupid twin. Since the moment 'D' blew up, she has been calling him her future boyfriend, the partial face of a teenage boy. She was arguing with Melanie Green, head cheerleader of the cheerleading team, who was currently dating the golden boy, Kyle Summers. Scandalous!

"Um, I don't see your name written on him," Melanie replied sneakily.

I sighed as I stared through the space between their bodies. The door was closed but standing on my toes I could see the teacher walking around and handing out papers.

"Uhm, excuse me," I tried to say politely. Why was I even trying to be nice

"You know that I have a crush on him you b*tch," Angela screamed at Melanie. I cringed at the frequency. I was not aware that the walls to this school were soundproof

"You barely know him, you psycho and unlike you, he actually replied to one of my texts," Melanie said and a series of 'ooh burn' followed. I was sure that a response wasn't suddenly relationship status.

"Yeah, and I could care less. So if its not too much could you Barbie's take your conversation elsewhere. I'm trying to get to class," I snapped as the first bell ra

"Who are you calling a Barbie, you hobo," Melanie said her face contorted with that of disgust.

I mean with my baggy jeans, oversized hoodie and run down converse, I do agree with her but that wasn't a very nice thing to say. Also Barbie was a well put together and distinguished figure. That doll has more PHDs than all that exists in the world.

"Oh, just the two girls with less self respect than the fly that lands on anything it sees," I retorted, gaining a few snickers and oohs. I was truly surprised that anyone got that joke.

"What's going on here," the voice of the vice principal suddenly sliced through the laughs of the crowd, that immediately dispersed. Here, we go again.

"Mommy," Angela suddenly ran towards the vice principal, my brows raised in genuine surprise. Melanie rolled her eyes.

"That girl was bullying us. She called me a sl*t," she exclaimed to her mommy.

"Are you serious," I said trying to defend myself. I mean I did but I didn't use that word.

"Be quiet," Mrs. Roberts boomed, finally gaining Mr. Crews attention.

She glanced me up and down with disdain and then peered into my eyes with hatred. "You must be the new student Kelly McHale." She said my name with so much hate, I thought that she would barf. I've been here for 6 months and right now she sounds like a broken record.

"Like Father, like daughter," she commented under her breath.

I narrowed my eyes and tilted my head slightly. What the hell does she know about my dad?

"You just got yourself another detention, missy," she said before ushering away, Melanie and Angela.

Mr. Crews opened the door and I walked in without a word. I took a seat at the back of the class and stared at the paper in front of me. I was so tempted to roll it into a ball and hit him over the head. I took deep breaths to calm myself.

So maybe I did deserve this one.

Chapter 2

For the remainder of the day, I laid low. I avoided all well populated places and went to and fro my different classes without further complaints. But eventually the final bell rung and I envied the students leaving with joy, though I could be at ease seeing that half of them would return for the game shortly. I left my class with everybody else but instead of going on through the front door, I stopped by the restroom. It was peaceful and quiet. In that moment, I felt like I could breathe freely with a hitch of anxiety creeping up on me. White Lake High knew what cleanliness meant. Every room was like my mother's wedding ring, sparkling and spotless. No she wasn't married to the man anymore but that didn't mean that she didn't still love him. He had impacted her life, a lot and positively and I'm grateful for his 50% of the gene pool that gave me hereditary gray eyes. I was born a mixed child, half black and half latino. Curls mixed with kinky hair


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