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Lailah Gazth had her whole life planned, but her world falls apart when her best friend Alison dies in a car accident, caused by nothing more and nothing less than the young criminal Azael Grimm or so he calls himself ... Lailah decides to take a risk and report him, getting a trial in which they will debate whether he is guilty or not, but that will be in three months, the same time Azael has to make her fall in love and prevent her from testifying against him and thus not go to jail. Will she get it? What consequences could she bring to her after her?


We were heading to the third-grade prom. Jason, my best friend, was driving, and I was in the passenger seat. My best friend, Alison, was in the back seat, right in the middle. We have always been inseparable, like the three musketeers. That same year, we had decided to go together to the prom, Ali and Jason had rejected a lot of girls and boys; I rejected a few, but not as many as my best friend.

"I think you should put your belt on" I snapped at Alison as she fastened mine. Jason was already wearing it.

"I don't want my dress to wrinkle" She complained, observing her pretty red dress with one leg in the air, which highlighted her curves.

She wore her blonde hair in a bun, letting two strands fall on her forehead, she was heavily made-up making her light blue eyes stand out and if she stood up, she would surely take two heads off me with those heels.

I was wearing a simple black dress with the back in the air, my hair flowing, and ringlets and some pretty sandals.

"Turn up the music more!" Ali yelled so we could hear her well. We are young by Fun was blasting through the speakers of Jason's little car.

"Don't you think she's already very tall?" I raised the tone of voice above the song so they could hear me and spat out a lock of hair that had gotten into my mouth because of the excessive air that was coming through the car windows, which were all down.

"You know, they say that when you are bothered by loud music, you are getting old!" Ali replied.

This immediately brought a smile to my face. Jason laughed out loud and raised it even higher.

"This is our night girls!" Jason yelled raising one of his arms in the air. "We're young tonight! And we will never be more so than now!"

The three of us laughed and began to sing the song at the top of our lungs. Our song. The lights of traffic lights and streetlights entered through the glass and multiplied in the dark. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. The typical cool breeze of summer nights blew through my nostrils.

"I will never be younger than I am now" I repeated to myself while laughing listening to my best friends sing.

Everything seemed to be going well, everything was going to be fine. This was going to be our night, we would go to the dance and enjoy it like it was the last night of our lives. But then, turning a corner, a car came head-on in the opposite direction at full speed. A black SUV three times the size of my best friend's beetle, and Jason had no time to dodge it.

All I felt was a sharp blow to the head and thousands of crystals around me. I was lying on something cold and hard, but I didn't feel my body.

Open your eyes… Open them… You cannot give up… Not now… Struggle

I ordered myself.

My eyelids managed to open and focus on a young man who was inspecting me closely, he was crouched next to me, several tattoos peeking out of his shirt and he had several piercings, but I could not see anything. His eyes were closing on me again, heavier now.

It's the end I thought and with that, I closed my eyes. But she was sure of something: I would never forget his face.

Wake up

Where I am?

It's the first thing I think of when I open my eyes. I am in a white room and the light coming through the windows damages my eyesight. I have something on my nose that makes me hear my breath harder and something that pricks my arm. It is a dropper. I try to move but my muscles don't respond, I can't even lift my head from the pillow on the table.

I'm in a hospital. But what am I doing here?

At that, a nurse enters the room with a bag of transparent liquid in her hand, but when she sees me, she makes a surprised face and runs away.

How weird.

I focus all my attention on moving the fingers of my right hand, one by one, but voices interrupt the room. They are my mother and her new husband.

My mother sobs when she sees me and hugs me, drenching me with her tears. Jim is crying too, I can see it, but he immediately wipes his tear with the sleeve of his shirt and smil


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