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Mister Arrogant, Don't Run Away

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At the age of 8, Mathias witnessed his mother's suicide. He grew up with the guilt of not being able to save her and accused his father for her death. Ever since that day, he became brutal and arrogant as the incidents kept appearing back as nightmares. His life drastically changed when he had to save Angela from the same event that happened 12 years ago. Angela made a promise to his friends to make him a better person and forced him into a relationship accusing him of taking advantage of her which Mathias agreed only for a month. Although he made life horrible for Angela she never gave up until she melted his heart. What arose when Mathias called Angela and declared the end of their relationship? How will they put an end to the dilemma against their family that will affect their relationship?

Chapter 1 (Past And Present)

|12 years ago|

"Today at New York city's biggest bridge, an accident took place and was said to be 'jump into the sea'." A young journalist inside the TV station announced.

"We found out that the victim of this accident is the mother of an eight-year-old boy who is recognized to be the only son of the Minister of Finance." She disclosed and proceeded.

"The little boy has watched his mother spring herself into the massive ocean and refused to leave the spot he has been standing on for the past few hours." She said and flipped over to the next page of her circular.

"The marine is yet to find the corpse of Mrs Albert and is still on the search." She paused.

"People confirmed it to be_"

Click. The TV went off.

"Sh*t!" Sideon growled and rolled his hands into a fist.

"Are you okay sir?" His secretary, Mr Ben implored.

He nodded without a word.

Though he never loved or wanted her, this was the least he was expecting. How could she do this to him? Was she making an effort to tarnish and destroy his image?

"No! That won't come to pass as long as I'm still breathing. Something needs to be done." He thought.

"Ben?" He called.

"Yes sir."

"Block out the reporters and do not invite anyone in, tell them I'm not in a good mood right now." He managed to declare.

"Consider it done sir." Mr Ben bowed his head about to make his exit.

"Make sure that boy is sent home." He commanded, stood up, and went to strut in front of the tinted reflector view inside his office.

"Yes sir," Ben uttered again before taking his leave.

"Mom!" Maths bellowed again, "Why mom?" He cried, gashes streaming down his eyes.

Hours passed before he could finally earn the courage to climb down from the block brick he has been standing on.

"Oh, Christ!" Those who have been watching and aiming to get him down screamed.

"He's finally moving away from that spot!" A woman yelled joyfully as they'd been trying to get him down but to no avail.

He sauntered through the crowd, absorbing all their consoles.


"Get back here Dennis, you don't want me chasing after you, do you?" Angie shrieked at her eight-year-old little brother who was fleeing around the sitting room, playfully.

"Oh! That's what I want. C'mon, come get me if you can." He replied and kept running around.

"Gosh! Whose son is this? He's such a brat." She thought, getting fed up.

She has been struggling to get her bag packed from him for the past thirty minutes and now she was getting late, not to mention being stuck in traffic again. She sighed, aloud.

"Okay?" She called, "Can I know what you want from me?" She asked gently.

"Now that's easy." He said and stopped running to face her, "Give me a ride to school and I'll be satisfied."

"Oh, not today!" She thought, placing her hand on my head. "You know I'm late for school, don't you?" She asked, brutally.

"You're always late, don't give me excuses." He let out, shoving his tongue at her.

"Alright deal, can I get my backpack now?" She agreed so she won't consume more of her time.

"Until we get to my school." He countered and flew out of the house.

Seeing him run out, her emotion drifted to how long they'd been doing decently without their mother. Her brothers, Ben and Dennis have been the only ones she had, even though she knew her Mom had her motives for leaving them behind, she still loved that they were working out competently.

Ben is twenty-four and a final-year student in college while Dennis is thirteen, ready for high school. She's eighteen, a final-year student in high school. Everything worked out for good.

Although Ben was older than her, she still imagined herself as his mom. Silly right?

She has been the one taking good care of them ever since their mother left them at a tender age.

"What did you say again?" She asked Dennis as they rode to school.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked sheepishly, making her look awkward.

"Oh shut up! I was thinking about how to squeeze my time today. I have a debate class and I have to cook for the plus test."


"Whatever." She scoffed and focused on driving.

"Will you be able to make it to my graduation party?" He asked.

"Of course, who else will it be if not me." She answered back and ruffled his hair.

"Watch out!" He yelled and she twirled to see a tour vehicle trying to hit past her car.

"These drivers should learn to drive well before getting a license." She thought, decompressing the car's acceleration.

"When driving please don't fail to face the front, so you don't get me killed," Dennis uttered which made her gasp.

"Are you serious?" She asked bewildered.

"That wasn't my fault!"

"Well, you should have concentrated more on driving than making me look like a kid"

"How?" She asked, unable to grasp what he meant.

"I mean, stop ruffling my head like a five-year-old boy!" He snapped.

"Oh!" She mouthed and shut her jaws.

"Yeah." he mumbled, "Please tell Aunt Jane to bring along Zee."

She turned and gave him a cold stare. "Who told you Jane will be attending your graduation?"

"She's your best friend."

"So? Should I make her hang around my neck all the time? Do you have any idea she's also busy?" She questioned, taking the right turn into his school.

"I thought best friends do things together." He teased her.

"You wish, boy." She told him and hauled her car to an abrupt halt and faced him.

"I'll be late for school if you don't get out of my car."

"Please, bring her along with Zee." He pleaded one more time, revealing one of his puppy looks.

"Fine, fine I will. We shouldn't be having this conversation this early. We'll discuss things when we get back from school, now off you go".

"Don't tell me you love me because I won't return it." He shuddered as he unlocked the side door to go out.

She chuckled, reversing her car.

"Hey girl!" Angie called and ran up to my only best pal, Jane who was making her way into the school hall."

"What's up girl?" She asked and hugged her, "I heard you went to Dallas yesterday."

"Oh! Yeah, Angie, it was fun," she said, giving her a broad smile.

"Good for you, that naughty son of mine won't give me space."

"Is Ben at home?" she asked, unexpectedly.

"No, he never said he was visiting," Angie answered even if she knew it would distort her mood.

"Uh uh, I was just asking. I miss him a lot."

"There you go again, lover girl." She teased and they both chuckled.

Ben is Jane's boyfriend and they have been courting for a year and a half. As a college boy, he was giving her a tough time with his long-distance relationship and Angie knew they were both trying to endure it. Still, she felt pity for Jane and always tried to make her feel better when they talked about him because she knew Jane was the right girl for her brother. Jane was a lovely soul.

The lectures commenced immediately after they'd entered their various classes. But today, Angie was lost in her wonderland.

"Angie, you are called." Jane tapped her which made her return to where she belonged.

"Yes?" She answered facing Jane but she signals with her eyes, telling Angie who called her attention.

"Yes_yes ma." She stammered, getting on her feet.

"Today is not going to get better for you if you don't turn off whatever is going on inside that head of yours." Mrs Hudson let out, gawking like a lioness close to feasting on her prey.

"I'm so sorry ma." She pleaded and lowered my head in remorse due to the piercing eyes on her.

"Better off." Mrs Hudson scoffed and returned to what she'd missed, "Be certain to pair with each other before the demise of the day and task smoothly on the research." She concluded, giving Angie one more glare before leaving the class.

But she wasn't left out, she was asked to follow her back to the office.

Chapter 2 (His Nightmares)

"No please come back, don't leave me alone." He pleaded even in his dreams.

His nightmares are back. He had tried his best to stop it but it kept coming back. Even after the years, he has lost his mother, there was not a single day he wouldn't dream of her. She was always appearing in his dreams.

The dreams were always frightening and looked different from what he had once seen, making him tremble while asleep.

"Meow." His cat moaned into his ear as he saw his master pulling and ruffling the bedsheets.

Maths jerked and flung his eyes open patting heavily. "It's the dream again," He thought.

He sat down on his bed and tried recollecting part of what he had dreamt about this time around and he has seen both his Dad and mom.

He has seen them arguing and then he remembered the past incident again.


"Happy birthday our awesome son!" Mr. and Mrs. Albert congratulated him,


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