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Memories in Juventus High School

Memories in Juventus High School

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Louella a seventeen year old high school student who was in her final year in Juventus High School. Gifted in singing and tutoring,she began to tutor the most charming boy in her school.She has a crush on Aiden Junior who turned her down when she wrote Letters confessing her feelings. She faces problem when she became close to Basti Paxton . Due to the problems, mysterious things began to happen which turned her life around making her live in regret. She began to investigate with the help of Basti as they began unraveling some discoveries and tried to bring down the enemy.

Chapter 1

Always wished for this day to arrive, at the beginning of my final year in high school as I took my bath, wore a nice outfit and walked to the dinning room where mum was serving breakfast.

Good morning mum having a great time indeed so what's up as they hug each other.

Already prepared for school, dear

Yes mum, as I prayed a little prayer and started eating.

You are gonna wonder who's been talking "Louella Williams by name, a final year student in Juventus High School"!

Mum can I make use of the bike Louella asks

No Ella you can't ride a bike until you are nineteen?

Mum I will be eighteen soon please she pleads

You said soon for now you are still sweet seventeen dear.

Louella picked her school bag and slunged it over her shoulder...

You've not finished eating, her mother said

I'm satisfied mum just have to leave so that I can meet with Mira bye

take good care of yourself dear shouted Mrs. Williamson.

Outside the gate, she stood for a moment and listened to distant sounds of music. She walked to the junction. Someone called her name. It was Mira her best friend Louella dear I have missed you as she hugs her

Oh! My God Mira you are looking good in this outfit, I think you have to take me shopping Mira as they laugh

Holding their hands together, they moved into the school environment and located their lockers which were built like a shelf and hanged on the wall they took their books and headed to the class.

What are you going to be doing this weekend, maybe we could go out and have fun" Mira suggests"

Come on we just came back from holidays and mum won't allow me out this weekend why don't you come over so that we can solve statistics together and then have fun later on...

Hi everyone someone shouts from behind

Odessa they both shout and hug her

I think you should continue wearing this glasses you look good, Mira said with a pouted face.

Thanks so much so are you still offering your normal courses, or you are changing Mira

Why the question and why am I the only one asked

That's because you have to you are the only one here that changes courses every year in high school Odessa replies!

Here comes the handsome boys of Juventus, though they are not that close, but they still feel the vibes that they are friends.

Each of them passed drawing everyone's attention we talk about Aiden Junior, Michael Nelson and lastly Basti Paxton the hottest guy among them, but I don't think he is more handsome than the others, but you know what"he is hot, sexy and smart".

Actually, Michael is Louella and Mira's best friend three MLM they are...

Hey guys, Michael waves to the three girls as he walks close to them.

Michael Nelson, Louella and I never existed during the holidays you never answered our calls, and you never texted in our group message.

I am sorry guys I traveled to Rwanda with my family for summer holidays you know he smiles...

You should have also gone for winter, spring, Autumn holidays, lol I did not travel Louella demonstrates as they laugh!

[The Bell Rings]

I think we need to get to class as they all enter the class.

Entering the class, Louella had to be alone now because Mira sits with Michael and Odessa she has to go find her seatmate and boyfriend Jackson.

Louella looked around, almost all the seats were filled, she went and took a seat close to the handsome student all the girls are dying for.

She was surprised he didn't talk when she sat on the seat, maybe he knew she was not one of his fans unlike other girls he gives a rude talk, and they leave, perhaps today was one of her lucky days.

She brings out her jotter pretending to be writing as a girl walks to Basti

Hi Basti please can you sign an autograph for me?

He turns and looks at her, yea sure as he signs it and the smiles and leaves.

What's so good about him, damn shit as she hits the table and draws everyone's attention including Basti.

Sorry, class, just a little misunderstanding with myself as everyone returns back to their what they were doing.

I think you need a therapist for yourself, Basti finally talks to her.

Oh! Seriously do you think I require a therapist? Come on Louella be cool and sweet you are talking to the most Popular boy in high school she thought

He looks at her book and sees her name.

Louella Williams, nice to meet you as he extends his hand for a handshake.

Oh! thanks, as they both shake hands

I am...

I don't think you need to introduce yourself because you are pretty famous around the school, she chuckles.

Talking to the hot guy in school made her feel on top of the world, maybe she couldn't notice how attractive and hot he is, possibly she could date him.

Oh!no Louella stop dreaming this person cannot date you, you are way out of his league.

She sneezes, and it touches Basti

My bad as she cleans it with a handkerchief, am so sorry.

Fine, as he takes the handkerchief and cleans it himself then returns it back to her.

Do you need an autograph to be signed he asks

No thanks as she holds her book tight

Basti smiles

He never smiles like this what charm is Louella with..?

I think you are the first girl to decline an autograph from me.

Jeez Louella you really played your part well, possibly you could receive award for that...

Sandra Williams her cousin walks into the class

Hi Basti she smiles

Basti looks at her and continues reading his book.

The rumor last year was true. Sandra Williams was actually Basti's girlfriend until he corrected her English errors on the later she sent to him scoring her D, and he broke up with her.

Sandra Williams wanted to sit close to Basti so that they could reconcile, but today her sister was sitting close to her ex, so she has to chase her away and sit there.

Lorella, you are looking good love this outfit I can bet my uncle is really spending on you.

Thanks, Sandra as she continues writing...

Can I speak to you for a moment, she whispers to Louella's ear?

I know what you want to say"Louella please can I sit with him, I really need to patch up things with him"?

Yea, you really read my mind

Find a nice and comfortable seat for me, then I can stand up for my "award cousin"to sit.

I think you're going to stop making use of that word "awkward"because I think it is really manifesting.

Find a seat for me and stop making me talk too much, she pats her head.

I have already close to her, she points at a girl.

Louella stands up, carries her bag and moves to the other seat as Sandra sits down.

What a disturbance Basti sighed

Basti carries his bag and moves to another seat

Wow! the handsome guy is sitting close to me the Girl Scouts as she takes pictures of Basti and her sitting together.

Miss Chen walks in...

Hi class as she drops her book

Hi Miss Chen, they all chorused

You look beautiful, Miss Chen Mira shouts

Thanks, Mira Henry, still offering Literature.

Yes, Miss Chen I think it helps my GP if not I have to spend one more year here.

Hmm I hope you study hard these finals, remember you are not a sophomore student.

Basti Paxton congrats to you, you made A's again

Thanks, Miss Chen

So class this is your final year in high school if you want to go to college you have to study hard and make good grades to see you tomorrow...

Hi readers I hope you enjoyed this chapter...

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Love you all...

Chapter 2

Good morning class our literature lesson today is going to be an interactive lesson on the novel "secret life of an American teenger"as every body brings it out.

Emily pregnant for Sam after flirting with him do you think he will accept his responsibility and fall in love with Emily, over to you class...

He can accept his respoGood morning class, our literature lesson today will be an interactive lesson on the novel "secret life of an American teenager" as everybody brings it out.

Emily pregnant for Sam after flirting with him do you think he will accept his responsibility and fall in love with Emily, over to your class...

He can accept his responsibility by not falling for her, Basti breaks the silence they didn't plan for that just flirt with each other.

Why do you think so? Why flirt with her if he is not in love with her, Louella interrupted?

Maybe to catch fun as he shrugs his shoulders

Playboy he was indeed Lo


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