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Love And Secrets

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Ayra
  • Chapters: 84
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.1K
  • 7.5
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Just one phone call. One phone call was all it took for Navaeh's Last year in High School to take a drastic change. Who was on the other end of the phone? What are we talking about? The one thing everyone in Silva High doesn't know about Navaeh, their popular, straight A's student is revealed to one person through the phone call. The cherry on top was the fact that it wasn't Navaeh's friend but an old acquaintance was the one that found out. Meet Quinnel Ashford, the Basketball team Captain and Navaeh's infamous old Acquaintance, the person on the other end of the phone. Navaeh didn't see any reason as to why the whole school had to know her own personal issues and so she kept it away from them for the past three years but now Quinnel Ashford knows. The popular b*st*rd. They were friends when they were young, best friends if you may, but all it takes was deceit and... anger for them to break apart. What exactly happened 13 years ago that made Navaeh decide that she wasn't ever going to talk to Quinnel ever again? Now the question was, why did Quinnel Ashford call Navaeh Thatcher that day when they weren't on speaking terms and will he keep her secret from the whole school and let her graduate with no drama or reveal it? But then... The secret is out. Everyone in the school knows. Uh-oh. Who revealed her secret? The one person apart from her two twin younger sisters that knew about it was Quinnel. Will Navaeh find the truth or just blatantly refuse to see anything and turn her back on her new best friend and crush, Quinnel like he had done 13 years ago? Did Quinnel keep her secret till the end?

Quinnel Ashford!


"Come on. Aelin. Where's Aerin?" I asked wearing my sneakers.

"Oh... she's already outside. I have no idea why she's there though. She really weird if you ask me." She replied scrunching her nose before focusing back on her cereal. 

I looked at Aelin in disbelief. I shook my head and stood up straight having successfully worn both shoes.

"You shouldn't say that about your sister. She finished her breakfast earlier than you and is ready to go doesn't mean she's weird. Understood?" 

She nodded her head and muttered an apology before taking her bowl of finished cereal to the sink. She climbed up the stool right in front of it and washed her dish placing it back in it's rightful place.

We walked outside hand in hand to see Aerin standing there looking in distance. She noticed our presence as she looked up at both of us.


I smiled in response.

"Lunch?" I asked.

"Check." They both replied.

"Lunch money?" 

"You haven't given us." Aerin said.

"Oh shoot. I'll be right back." I said dashing like a mad woman back into the house. I ran up my room and took the two ten dollar bill on my vanity.

I had said I'll take it when going out but silly me, I forgot.

"Here you go." I said giving them one each. 

"Thanks Vee." They said in unison smiling at me. Why they chose that name is very awkward. My name is Navaeh.

I'll introduce myself later. I have to make sure my siblings get to school first. We're running late right on our first day of resumption.

"All set?" I asked.

"Ready to go!" They both said before giggling. 

They slipped each arm into mine and we walked away from the house. We walked to the bus stop and had to wait for few minutes since the bus was suddenly and unexpectedly late.

Let me tell you about myself in the meantime. 

My name is Navaeh Thatcher. I'm in the 12th grade. I know.. the last year blah blah blah. Sitting on my right are my two favorite siblings–I've only got both of them actually–playing with each other.

No, our parents aren't dead... They're just... well how do I put this? They're always working and when they're around you'd think they would devote time to their children. Nah. 

They argue like crazy people. I got fed up about two years ago and made a vow to run away from home. Irresponsible. Yeah, I know.

Either ways, I was walking past my sister's room with our parents loud voice as they screamed their head off at each other still sounding downstairs. I heard them sniffing while comforting each other. 

They were only three years old for Christ sakes! Those bastards... My parents I mean. Definitely not my little angels.

"Vee? The bus is here." Aerin voice cut through my thoughts.

"Oh? Come on then. In you go." I said standing up.

We walked in as we moved to our favorite seats... the back seat. It's so we could be by each other. The other seats were either double or single.

Making sure they were safe and everyone had gotten in, the bus started driving. I looked out the window as my mind drifted back to two years ago.

I couldn't help but feel some sisterly instinct maybe it was motherly... I have no idea when I heard their sniffs. I pushed their door open dropping my duffel bag containing the little clothes I wanted to bring along with me right beside their door.

"Hey guys." I said sitting on the edge of Aerin bed. Both of them were cooped up in each other's arms on Aelin's bed.

They only looked at me for a while before they jumped me and I pulled them closer.

"I'm sorry. I really am." I sobbed into their shoulders. I was sorry. Sorry for ever having the thought of dumping them with our crazy parents. Sorry for ever thinking of running away. 

They both patted my back while I patted thiers. Soon, I heard soft snores. They were both asleep but they clung to my body like a jellyfish.

I looked at both their small beds that was supposed to only occupy one or two of them. Definitely not us three.

I stood up carefully and walked to my room instead. Our parents were no more yelling and I could hear my Mom's cries in the kitchen. I rolled my eyes at it but my eyes stung which made me close my eyes.

I placed them gently on my bed and they let go of my body surprisingly. I plopped myself in between them on the bed and they moved near me. I pulled them in my embrace.

I looked at both their faces and made a vow with determination in my eyes and mind.

I won't run away. I'll take care of my siblings. They need me as much as I need them. 

Ever since then, we have been living like a family of three. We are a family of three. That's what we are. Together forever.

I couldn't help it. I planted a kiss on both their heads before the bus screeched to a stop. We had reached their school.

They walked out of the bus after waving me a goodbye. Aelin greeted in English while my other sweet beloved sister, Aerin greeted me in Spanish.


"Bye. Love you." I said waving at them in return.

"Love you too!" They yelled in response.

"You must eat your food." I said sternly through the window gesturing with my hand.

They both looked at each other and then stuck out their tongues at me. They giggled and ran off into their school ignoring their teachers who were there to collect them.

They were independent. My babies are.

I smiled shaking my head before the bus moved. Off to School then. 

School. Where I was a popular one. No, not the bitchy type. We actually have none of those in Silva High. See, there was this girl, Bianca... She wanted to act all bitchy and mighty. Hey, that rhymed. People reported her to the School Disciplinary team. They summoned her and everyone said what she did. Everyone testified against her and the next thing we knew, she was out of the school. Expelled. From Silva High. That's going to be a huge blow to her resume.

Ever since then, no one had the guts to be the bad girl or bad guy. No one was above each other. Not in Silva High. 

So the popularity I was talking about was because of my grades. I was and am a straight A student. Before and after my Parents "dilemma–slash–craziness" I didn't let their stupidity get in the way of my studies.

You're probably wondering why I keep insulting them? You'll see for yourself.

Everyone knew me for my grades. Yeah, good thing huh? I know... and I'm proud of it.

My siblings too were intelligent. They're actually more intelligent than me. Our Dad and Mom are intelligent.

I'm glad that's what myself and my babies inherited. And not their craziness.

The bus stopped and I got off. I trekked to school the short distance that was left.

Amelia Dean who was also dressed in the school uniform that I was wearing except the fact that she had put stones on her skirt was the first to wave at me. I waved back and pulled my bag strap as I made my way into the School.

Our school uniform was actually beautiful. It was a white shirt with a light blue floppy bow ties for girls and a long normal tie for boys. The skirt which was black in color reached just above the knees and so all the socks I have was a knee length socks.

Our cardigan was white in colour with black stripes at the neck, the end of the sleeves, at the mouth of the pocket and at the edge of the zipper to the cardigan.

SH is written boldly on the left side of the Cardigan and behind everyone's cardigan was their name. You could customize your though. Any name you would like for it to be printed onto yours.

Amelia Dean was my friend. Not my best friend though. I don't have one. I can't and did not tell anyone what was going on at home. No one has to know. I see no need for them to. All they'll do is show some little sympathy that I don't even want, or maybe not. 

It's kind of like my secret. Mine and mine alone. I sighed and walked to my newly assigned locker. It was the first one on my right with number 005. Trust the school to give me the first ten lockers. I could roughly guess who the rest of the four were.

Amongst them was my acquaintance. Well not particularly an acquaintance... Just an old friend that we broke off for some reason. 

I heard hooting as I opened my blank locker. I have go put some things in here. Some photos...

I stretched my neck from behind the locker door to see what's caused the hooting.

Then I saw him. I rolled my eyes. Of course he's the reason they're hooting. 

Guess who? My old Acquaintance, Quinnel Ashford. He was smiling as he rolled the basketball ball in his hands. I saw him wink at a brunette and then the blonde right by her.

He was a flirt but he changes girlfriend like every week... That's what rumors says. And he hasn't for once stepped out to clear it.

I watched him as he smiled his six years old smiling face flashing right in front of my eyes. His smile hasn't changed since then. He still had that dimples on his left side of this cheeks like he has always done.

No one, well except myself, his mom and Zaire Hemple,I guess knew he had a mark under his left eyebrow. I did it. I gave the mark to him.

I giggled at the memory and shook my head pushing Quinnel out of my head. 

His eyes somehow drifted to mine and I saw his smile fade away. I looked back into my empty locker and pulled my bag up dumping all the notes my parents–Mom had brought along with her.

She just dumped it there on the dining table along with Aerin's and Aelin's. 

I took it after they had gone to bed and went to the twins room to give theirs to them as well. 

My parents pays our tuition fees, buys our books... But is everything really okay just because they've given us books?

I slipped a note into my bag and then slammed my locker close in annoyance to come face to face with Quinnel.

I then saw that he input his lock combination and opened the locker. His locker was next to mine?!

Can this year get any better? 

"It can actually." I heard. Quinnel's voice.

I looked up before blushing in embarrassment. I had said that loud.

"Yes, you did." He replied me still looking at me.

"Ughh." I groaned and turned away from the locker walking to my class with the help of my schedule.

I walked into Biology class but the teacher wasn't here yet. I looked around for a seat until I heard my name being called.


I looked to a girl with shoulder length blonde hair. I think her name was Ashley... Maybe.

I walked towards her nonetheless with a smile on my face.

"Hi." I greeted.

"Hey. There's an empty seat behind me. You can sit there. I'll have invited you to seat by me but Ashley asked me to keep the seat for her."

"Oh... Your friend is Ashley?" I asked.

"Yup. I know people say we look like each other blah blah blah. I'm guessing that's why we're girl–best friends." She said smiling.

"Yeah... I thought you were Ashley just now." I said lying.

"Nah.. I'm Connie." She said.

"Great. Thanks for the seat." I said and slipped into the second row seat. 

"Anytime." She said.

Of course I caught on to her slip–up. They're lesbians. A girl walked in and I saw Connie's eyes trained on her until she reached beside her.

"Hey." She said softly.

"Hi." Ashley, I think replied slipping into the seat beside her. Yup, that's Ashley.

"Oh hey Navaeh. Didn't see you there." Ashley said chuckling awkwardly.

"Yeah... your eyes was only for your girlfriend. I'm so small." I joked.

Ashley then turned to Connie with a smile.

"You told her?" She said.

"Umm.. yeah. I did." She said smiling in response.

Ashley pulled Connie in for a hug and then behind Ashley's back, Connie mouthed a thank you.

I smiled in return saying the same words she said earlier.

"Anytime." I mouthed back.

Ashley broke the hug and Connie smiled at her. 

"Sorry... It's just that she's always the one that's saying we shouldn't tell people... Don't ask me why... I have no idea." Ashley said with a smile on her face.

I laughed a bit before they faced the front. As if they had planned it, they turned their head towards me at once.

I blinked at them.

"But... you'll...

"No, Yeah, No... Your secret is safe with me." 

They both smiled in gratitude and then looked at each other with love evident in their eyes.

Right then, someone entered making the whole class go quiet. Mr Finch... The Biology teacher.

"Good Morning class." He greeted.

"Good Morning Sir!" We said in unison with smiles in our voice.

"Hope y'all enjoyed your Summer holiday?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." We replied.

"But we don't want it to end." A guy's voice from the back said.

"Trust me, same here." Mr Finch said smiling at us. The whole class laughed.

I'm guessing that's why all students like him. I could by far say he was the best teacher of most students. Most students including myself.

"I'll be taking attendance then." He said.

"... Ashley  Hemple?"


"...Connie Hills?" 


"...Navaeh Thatcher?" 

"Present sir." I said.

"Nice to see you again, Navaeh." He said looking up from the register book.

"You too sir." I replied.

He continued calling the names and then the boys until a name caught my attention...

"Quinnel Ashford?" 

"Present sir." He replied.

I instinctively turned my head to see him but he was nowhere.

"Over here." I heard again. It was too close to be so far away.

My eyes widened in realization... My seat mate was... Quinnel?!

I stared at his honey eyes as he bored his eyes into my green grass coloured ones.

I turned my head quickly and was saved when Mr Finch started the class. I let out a breath that I didn't know I was holding.

I could feel Quinnel looking at me a few times but not once did I turn my head again.

The bell rang indicating class was over. Everyone groaned and Mr Finch smiled.

"Hold on now... I haven't chosen the class assistant." He said his eyes flickering around.

"Any nominations?" He asked.

"Navaeh Thatcher." Quinnel said from beside me. I felt his stare yet again beside my head. And yet again... I did not turn my head.

"Yeah! Navaeh!" Ashley yelled followed by Connie's claps.

Everyone soon joined in the class and Mr Finch smiled at me. I smiled in return before he raised his hands up.

"Navaeh, you'd be in charge of calling the register now. Come and collect the assignment after I leave the class."  He said.

Everyone groaned at the last sentence. So did I. Hey, I'm kind of lazy.

"Have a good day." He said. I stood up and packed my books into my bag. Then I remembered Quinnel was sitting next to me.

I huffed and walked away nonetheless. I walked to the Teacher's office and collected the assignment from Mr Finch.

"Hey, Navaeh!" Someone called my name when I returned from the Teacher's office. That voice sounded familiar. And no... it's not Quinnel's voice.

I turned around to see Amelia Dean strolling towards me. I paused and then released a smile.

"What class do you have now?" She asked.

I pulled the schedule out of my bag looking at it.

"Oh... It's umm... Baking. You?" I asked.

"I have Music now. See yah." She said and without waiting for my answer, she turned around walking away.

That was Amelia Dean for you. She's my friend but not my friend. See, we're not close. Thought I said it before, I don't have and want a best friend.

I walked away as well to my locker. I need a note for my class. 

"Navaeh." Someone called again just when I closed my locker.

"Hmm?" I replied turning around again coming face to face with Ashley.

"Oh it's you." I said.

"Yeah... just me." She replied shrugging.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Oh... I wanted to ask what class you have. Connie has Crafting right now. And I'm not fit for craftworks." Ashley said shaking her head.

"Same here." I replied before we laughed.

"Baking." I said.

"For reals?! Let's go my chef." She said pulling my hand.

We got to class and sat in the front seat. We waited on our teacher but she was running late. Not.

We came to class early.

"So... when have you and Connie been dating?" I whispered.

"Oh... For two years now." 

"Woah! You guys know how to keep stuff huh? I really didn't suspect you guys." 


"Well, I wish you luck." 

"Good Morning." Mrs Elsher said smiling as the bell rung.

Punctual Woman.

"Morning ma'am." We all replied.

You'd think we're elementary schoolers the way we normally replied.

We started and she did the introduction to what we'd do today.


A girl with brown hair that was packed into two pigtails was listening intently to the teacher until a boy with black hair poked her back with a pencil.

"Hey, Aelin." He whispered so the teacher wouldn't hear.

Aelin glanced at her sister, Aerin with the same style of hair who was listening to the teacher as well.

She sighed helplessly and didn't look back.

"Hey Aelin." He called again poking her back numerous times.

She raised her hands up.

"Yes, Aelin?" Her homeroom teacher asked with a smile.

"Caspian is disturbing me. He keeps poking my back with his pencil."

The teacher rolled her eyes at Aelin which Aerin saw and then the teacher sighed and looked at the boy behind her whose eyes was wide open looking at Aelin's back.

He didn't expect her to actually report.

"Caspian, why are you trying to gain her attention in the class?" She asked.

"Miss Laura... I... She..." Caspian stuttered.

"Forget it. Just stop poking her back alright? Let's continue class." She said nonetheless and continued the class.

Their class bully, Lewis snickered at Aelin before raising his hand to give Caspian a high five which the latter ignored.

The few who saw it happen giggled at Lewis but when Lewis turned around, they kept quiet and listened to the teacher.

Soon, class was over. Another teacher entered before the bell rung indicating it was Lunch time. Aelin grabbed Aerin's hand since she was just beside her.

Caspian saw this and immediately ran after them.

"Girls!" He yelled.

"Aerin! Aelin! Hold up."

"What?" Aelin snorted as she crossed her arm.

"I really didn't expect you to report. I'm really sorry for disturbing you. I just wanted to give you this..." He said pushing his hand into his school uniform before he pulled out a bunch of candies.

"...candies. My Mum got it for me yesterday but it was too much for me alone. So I thought to share it with the two of you?" He said smiling.

Aelin looked Aerin before she said

"Thank you... but we don't like sweet." 

Aelin pulled Aerin along as they walked away. Caspian watched them leave and then he looked down at his candies dejectedly. He bowed his head and was about to retract his hands when a hand collected three from him.

He looked up to see Aerin smiling at him. He looked to her side and Aelin was there as well.

She took three as well and they thanked him before going their way.

Caspian smiled at them in return as he looked down at the four candies left. 

"Caspian?" He heard.

He looked up and saw Aelin and Aerin looking at him.

Aelin spoke up again.

"Do you want to join us for lunch?" She asked.

"Really?! Sure! Let me go get my lunch. I'll meet you at the dining hall." He said and without waiting for their response he turned around and ran off.

Aelin looked at Aerin and giggled before they went to their bags to get their own too lunch.

Caspian arrived later with his lunch in hand and his face beaming with smiles.

"Come on then." Aerin said.

The trio walked into the dining hall and ate their lunch.


Navaeh was soon done with Physics as she went to the cafeteria to get lunch.

Hamburger or fries was on the menu so she ordered Hamburger. 

"One Hamburger–no mayonnaise please and one box of... Apple Juice, please." 

The kitchen lady gave it to me and pushed the tray rather harshly.

"Guess this continues, huh?" I mumbled to myself.

I scanned the cafeteria looking for an empty spot. I saw one and was moving towards it when I heard...

"Psst. Navaeh." 

I turned my head to see Ashley and Connie waving at me enthusiastically.

'Oh God!' 

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against Gays just this ones are getting closer to me. I don't want a best friend!

"Hey guys." I said placing my tray down.

"Oh I see you got Hamburger as well." Connie said.


"This one here says Fries are better." She said pointing her thumb at Ashley.

"They are actually better!" She grumbled.

"Which one do you think is better?" 

"Hamburgers." We heard from behind me. A male voice.

I turned my head sharply to see Quinnel staring down at me. I turned my head again focusing on the seeds on the top of the hamburger.

"Umm... Sorry Ashley, but Hamburgers are more filling. Even in your stomach." I said smiling at her.

"Exactly why I said so." Quinnel chipped in again.

"Why are you here anyways?" I asked.

"Finally!" He groaned sitting down beside me. I saw he had gotten the same thing I did. No Mayo as well... We both hated it.

"What do you mean finally?"

"Hey Cap!" Someone from the basketball team called.

"I'll be right there." He yelled in response.

Why not now? The question was on my tongue but I swallowed it.

"I mean... you're finally talking to me. Intentionally." He said to me.

I blushed in embarrassment remembering what happened in the morning.

I didn't say anything more as I lifted the hamburger to my mouth.

"I see you still don't like mayonnaise." He said.

How did he even notice that?! I still said nothing even though I felt his stare on my face.

"And she's back." He said grunting before he stood up walking to his table. The basketball team table.

"Well, that was confusing." Connie and Ashley said simultaneously.

I turned my head to look at his table before I saw his eyes on me. Our eyes met and we stared for like a minute before something hit my face. A fry.

"What are you doing?" I asked. Connie was shielding her hamburger while still stretching her hands to take a fry out of her girlfriend's plate.

Ashley wasn't shielding anything but her hands was inside her fry packet. Hence, the fry flying around.

"Don't mind us." They struggled to say.

"Yet you say that like it's easy but I'll try." I said eating my burger.

The rest of the day went by in a blur and the next thing I saw the week was over.

Ashley, Connie and Navaeh have been hanging out more often. Let me say that like it's not me. I really wished it wasn't but...

Oh, ever since that day, Quinnel hasn't tried talking to me again. Meh.

On Saturday evening, I was resting up in my room facing the ceiling having done all my assignments with Fade Away by Tatiana Manaois playing softly in the background.

The twins were watching Frozen downstairs after I made sure they had done their assignment.

My phone rang and I picked it up to see an unknown number.

I frowned but picked it up nonetheless. I placed it on my ears and waited till the other end talked.

"Is this Navaeh?" the voice said.

Hey, I know this voice. But it can't be him.

"Yeah? Who am I speaking with?" 

"Quinnel. Quinnel Ashford."

It's him.

Someone Important.


"Bye Mom." I said.

"Won't you eat breakfast?" She asked coming from the kitchen.

"I know... I'm late for practice." 

"Regards to coach." 

"Kay... bye big man." I greeted Caspian who had buried his face in his bowl of cereal that he was having for breakfast that morning.

"Bye." Caspian muttered eating his cereal.

Today was the first day of school and yes we really do have practice... Crazy coach. I could ditch practice but I'm the captain so I can't.

I entered my Corolla and drove to school passing by the Thatcher's. Standing outside was a girl, whose hair was packed into two ponytails or was it quacktails? I knew it was one animal tails, staring into the air with no care in the world.

I drove past her and then to school. Running out of the car, I ran to the stadium.

"You're late, Ashford!" Coach bellowed.


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