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Identical Detective

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Following the death of her father and the missing incident of her twin sister, she decided to move back to her birth place and continued her studies there. Her goal was to know the truth about her father's death and to find her missing twin sister. She had no lead at all and she did not even know where to start. However, she met this guy who messed up her highschool life. Although she was bullied by this guy, she endured it all and tried to be in good terms with him, after knowing that he was somehow connected to her twin sister. It turned out that this guy personally knew her twin sister. And eventually, this guy and her became close and comfortable with each other. During the process, her ex-boyfriend, who was connected to her father's death, came from nowhere. She made ways to reach him out but her ex-boyfriend was given an order of eliminating her, from the bad guys that he was working with. Considering that the circumstances became complicated, will she be able to find out the truth about the death of her father? Will she be able to find her missing twin sister? Or will she be eliminated before she would have the chance?



Flowers of the Sakura tree fell as the cold wind blew its branches. She was patiently waiting for someone underneath the Sakura. She was there to discuss some private issues with him and was hoping that he could make him turn himself in to the police. She had all the evidence but she didn't turn him in for the sake of her father's relationship with him.

”お待たせしてすみません," (Sorry for keeping you waiting) A middle aged man was walking towards her. His sweat was dripping and he was gasping the moment he arrived in front of her.

She gave him a small smile, “どういたしまして." (Don’t mention it.)

She was nervous. Although she always encountered different kinds of suspects but this time was different and it made her uneasy. But she still believed in him, though he just betrayed her father and her.

He took a few deep breaths to composed himself. He also looked around their surroundings like he was observing if she's with someone, "あなたは一人ですか?" (Are you alone?)

She nodded, "私が約束したように、警察は関与しませんでした." (No police involved just as I promised)

He smirked as he moved closer to her, "良い. さあ、片付けの時間です." (Good. Now it's time to clean up.)

Her eyebrows furrowed, "どういう意味ですか?" (What do you mean?)

His smirked made her heart raced. It makes her feel uncomfortable. She knew that he was up to no good. But she shoved the thought away. She still believed that she could convince him.

Without their knowledge, someone from the sky saw them. She was making her escape from the helicopters that were tailing her. She witness their conversation that ended up into an argument.

But suddenly, she was so shock to see what happen next. The middle age man stabbed the lady and the lady fell on the ground.

Her sight became so bright that it made her eyes closed and a wind from a propeller was blowing her. She covered her face with her hand and peeked at the small gap between her fingers.

It was the helicopters who were chasing her.

She threw red roses to headlights and it caused those lights to be gone. She carefully landed behind the Sakura tree where she saw them arguing. She hid herself behind it, making sure that they didn't noticed her, as she kept her wings.

Few seconds from her landing, the doorbell from the main door rang and immediately the middle age man. Possibly to the main door.

Without hesitation, She went to the lady to check her. It wasn't her business but she couldn't stand it seeing someone was dying in front of her. Most especially, she can do something to save her. She kneeled beside her and lightly lifted her wrist. She could barely feel her pulse but if she took her now, she could still make it.

The lady slowly opened her eyes and looked to her when she felt someone lifted her head. When the witness is about to lift her body, she gripped her arm and pulled it down.

“If it is Rose…..” Her voice was so low. She could vaguely hear it, “Can you do me a favor?”

She was hesitant to answer, “I'll see what I can do.”

She took a deep breath before she answered, “Will you bury me underneath that Sakura tree? Together with the papers you see around, including that small Compact Disc.”

“But you can still make it if I will take you now.” She proposed.

“Just do as I ask you.” She paused as she took a deep breath and tightened her gripped on her arm, “One day…. Someone exactly look like me will come and avenge my death… please help her.” She gasped to breath, “Promise me.”

“I promise.”



Private school is the place where usually rich students study, as also pretty girls and handsome guys. And sometimes, this is also the place where you can find evil monsters (in attitude). But somehow, there were also angels there… Eventually, you can easily count them by your fingers…

And being a new student in a new school is embarrassing. Especially, when you don’t have any friends there. It’s like you’re walking in the middle of the desert. That’s why it took me an hour just to find the principal’s office. And still, I failed.

My parents enrolled me here, in Daeyeon Academy, actually, a private school. And honestly, I don’t like private schools. Why?? Because I hate staying and sleeping and living in the school for 4 years. That’s what a private school is. Daeyeon Academy is a big and good school but just like I’ve said, I HATE PRIVATE SCHOOL!!

It’s my first day and a miserable day, at the same time. How could my parents enroll me here? They already k


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