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Cecille Kudogawa

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About me

Be what you are. This is the first step of becoming better than you are. Follow my official social media accounts to keep you updated about my stories. Facebook page: Facebook account: Instagram: @cecillekudogawawp Tiktok: @cecillekudogawawp Twitter: @KudogawaC


She's Back
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  • 7.5

An unexpected incident ended her life. The reason she regrets something she didn't do. And a sincere prayer caused her return to Earth. In her return, she was born as someone else. A lot of things changed and most of her life was change and manipulated by a Fallen. Her real identity was kept as a secret from everyone until the day she finds out the reason why she came back in Earth. She needed to find out before her death anniversary, otherwise she will become a fallen angel and will not be able to go back to heaven. But it wasn't that easy considering that a Fallen was getting in her way of truth. Despite being manipulated by a Fallen in her come back, will she able to do what she couldn't do and find the cause of her return? Or will she fall into the hands of the Fallen?

Identical Detective
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  • 7.5

Following the death of her father and the missing incident of her twin sister, she decided to move back to her birth place and continued her studies there. Her goal was to know the truth about her father's death and to find her missing twin sister. She had no lead at all and she did not even know where to start. However, she met this guy who messed up her highschool life. Although she was bullied by this guy, she endured it all and tried to be in good terms with him, after knowing that he was somehow connected to her twin sister. It turned out that this guy personally knew her twin sister. And eventually, this guy and her became close and comfortable with each other. During the process, her ex-boyfriend, who was connected to her father's death, came from nowhere. She made ways to reach him out but her ex-boyfriend was given an order of eliminating her, from the bad guys that he was working with. Considering that the circumstances became complicated, will she be able to find out the truth about the death of her father? Will she be able to find her missing twin sister? Or will she be eliminated before she would have the chance?

When Fate Moves
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  • 7.5

Although he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Daniel King Carnillo was a magnet for bullies. Despite the severe bullying, he was able to survive his fourth year in high school. One day, a group of guys took his card and threw it away. Incidentally, Hannah Mae De Vera found it—she was the most popular girl in school—she tampered with King's name on the report card and happily showed it to her mother. But her mother found out about the tampering and made a deal with her. She shall need to graduate with excellent grades in math, otherwise she would be expelled and unable to proceed to college. That was why she needed the help of King. King became her tutor and unintentionally their hearts fell in love with each other. But a revelation from the past ruins everything they started. Despite knowing the truth, King and Hannah manage to graduate, struggling to ignore the feelings they had once. But Hannah wasn’t able to pass the aisle due to deep devastation. Will the wounds from the past heal the heartaches of the present?

Angel's Revenge
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  • 3.0

Alexis Marquez is a real example of a religious person with a pure heart. A loving sister, faithful and loyal servant of God. She devoted her whole life as a nun and serve God. She is a living testimony of God's faithful and loyal servants. However, a tragic incident follows that made her beliefs turn around and pushed her heart to disobey God's command. She loathes God and all religious beliefs. Hatred filled in her heart as she turned herself away from the convent and God. Her journey started as she set a foot in worldly deeds and left the world of Christianity.


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