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Wolfe Witch

Wolfe Witch

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Piwi
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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The earth trembled as her life was awakened. Oxygen filled her lungs, crisp, fresh and full of foreign knowledge that she was not accustomed to but was trained to do and she was more than well equipped for this realm. Earth. No Wolfe, no Lycan, no Elder or Council nor no Witch could foresee or predict what was about to unfold on their planet. Earth. The human race, left to themselves unless conditions change, dramatically. It was time for, Adonyce. There were lessons to be learnt, on-both sides. One thing she did not know how to control was her own emotions when it came to loss and Love.

Earths Elements

’Always rememer who you are Adonyce...

Those were the last words I heard.

I felt the firm ground below me. It felt cold, yet warm.

The crisp fresh air as I took in a deep breath, my eyes opening as I was breathing it out, all the while taking in my surroundings.

I touched the ground beneath me as the element let out a welcoming hum. I felt the warmth from the soil below me, feeling it rise through the earth I let it capture my body.

The Element of Earth.

I looked down to my hands, as I was raising them in front of my chest. I clicked my thumb and index finger together. Instant heat.

The Element of Fire.

Melody to my ears, the flow of water. I tuned into the sound, feeling the element to life. My thirst was quenched.

The Element of Water.

I felt a warm gust surround my body, as if I was coated in a warm but soft, almost like I was dressed in a white Wolfe fur coat.

The Element of Air.

I gathered my thoughts, a deep breath in and then I released it. A warmth that started within my heart then it travelled through my entire body at speed, releasing a glow at the tip of my index fingers, bright enough to light up the darkest of nights.

The Element of Spirit.

Feeling complete, with the last element put into place. Those very elements i have obtained. Blessed from the Witch Wing Coven with pride and honour I will make my mark, and forevermore.

Raising my head to the night sky the stars were glistening so bright, a shimmering of bright colours reflecting through the universe.

I took in a breath, all the while being thankful for my life and for the air that I breathe until my very last breath.

I grinned with pride, placing my hands by my side.

Listening to the sounds, night crawlers, insects and the nocturnal creatures walking in the night, while many creatures slept.

A beautiful sight at night, in the forest. I am enjoying my introduction to earth.

As I rise to stand I realise I am naked. My sisters did not tell me to expect this.

I look around knowing I am alone. I snigger to myself and scrunch my nose with a smirk.

Well I may as well enjoy myself.

Standing, I stretch my arms and raise them until they are shoulder height. As i start to hum I chant a spell to bless my arrival. As I twirl the leaves below me start to swirl in a circle around me, as they rise sparks of light flash around the leaves darting in all directions.

The night crawlers come to investigate, they do not fear me and run as they know, I am of no threat, at least to their livelihood.

The doe and her fawn, rabbits, owls, and squirrels the forest is alive with the creatures of the night.

Fireflies zip zap threw the trees. It is a welcome I did not anticipate.

In a blink the forest goes quiet. Too quiet. All the creatures and insects vanished.

Clothing myself in a robe, deep red. My suitcase is portable, a witch perk.

My long black hair almost reaches the ground, I have red eyes.

Hearing their voices, Wolves. A minimum of three tones, then I pick up on a fourth. Subtle, I barely heard her squeal. It is a Female.

Three male tones come into my frequency. I see a vision, lasting approximately forty minutes for the recepient of the abuse.

Then death.

I curl my finger into a point.

Standing in view for when they approach I spell myself. I snigger, I know I will enjoy this!.

In the vacinity of where I was standing, one of the Wolves sniffs the air.

"Hmm.. smell that boys".

They all stop and breathe in.

"I do Drax".

The blonde Wolfe replies.

"Where is she".

Responds the dark headed Wolfe.

"Its fresh scent lads, we may have an extra?".

Drax, the gingerhead leader of the three amigo's responds. He nods for them to start looking around the area. Stationary.

As they view the forest, scanning with their superb vision, sniffing the air with their vast sense of smell but to no avail.

Yet the scent is so strong they cannot understand it.

As I watch the scene before me unfold I also see they are distracted by my scent to the point they take their view off, of the victim.

I cast an invisible cloak over her, calming her to sleep as I hoover her away, up into the trees, from the soon to be kill zone.

Without remorse.

Clicking my fingers I reveal myself.

Walking out from behind the trees, standing on the path they were walking along, with their victim.

"Looking for me lads".

They stop and stare. Their mouths gaped open.

"Dogs lost your tongues".

I respond with a cackle. They are dogs when they behave like a mutt and a disgrace to the Werewolf race.

Thinking ahead, no blood bath in the forest tonight, I will not let their blood taint the earth.

They were standing there speechless and my patience was running thin.

"You are a waste of the air".

I lift my right hand and click my fingers three times, consecutively, as I whisper.


There carcuses fall to the ground.


Viewing the three cadavers I wanted them out of my sight, no time like the present.

A flick of my fingers.

"To ash, so mote to be".

I click my fingers, just once, they turn to ash, with a puff of my lips there ashes evaporate with slight gust of wind, gone!.

"Welcome to earth-side Adonyce".

I say to myself.

Looking up I see her, she is now safe. I bring the victim down from the trees. Placing her on the ground, carefully.

Approaching her I smell royalty in her scent. I also smell something else.

I wait before waking her. I need to know who she is. Placing my index finger on her forehead I see her life in a flash. Her ancestors too.

Looking at her, beautiful fair skin, blonde hair with green eyes. She is pure and honest.

Viewing her life, seeing her family, her siblings, her friends. A family, her friends who would miss her in their life if she had been on the receiving end, her life ending this night.

I look further, I see her residence. A palace, her Kingdom.

Sitting beside her, touching her hand, placing it in mine, I hum a tune. Her eyes flicker, she blinks a few times while rubbing her vision clear.

"Hello Phoenix".

She looks at me.

"Hello and thank you for saving me".

She smiled softly.

"You are welcome. Did you see me Phoenix".

I looked at her with curiosity.

"Just before you save me, you were like a halo in the forest".

I smiled at her, touching her arm.

"Time to take you home, do not fear Phoenix, you may feel a little dizzy from this, it shall pass".

As we stood up together I held both of her hands. Starting off with a hum to distract Phoenix, knowing she would look at me, I had my eyes closed.

I then visualised her Kingdom.

In a flick and a blink another Witch perk not many have in my realm.

We we standing in front of her Kingdom with the steel gates, gloss black with wolves on each side, concrete at 7" feet standing.

The grounds were covered all around with high walls. Camera's on all points, trees included. I did not need to view to know their security system.

Phoenix hit the key pad code.

"Please come in, I am so sorry, how inpolite of me, I do not know your name".

She looked sad at the thought, considering the evening events.

"Adonyce, is my name".

Smiling at me. She motioned for me to go forward.

"How did we get here so fast?".

"Teleportation Phoenix".

Her eyes widened.

"Where are you from Adonyce"

I smiled, the thought of home.

"Witch Wing Coven".

She looked at me, surprised as my reply was brief.

"I am also a Werewolf. Who would of thought by the look on your face Phoenix".

I laughed.

"Wow, sorry but that is all new to me, like you said, who would of thought".

Her stare was enough, she wanted to know more.

"My mother is a Witch".

I hesitate.

"My father is the Werewolf, an Alpha".

I wait before I continue. Changing topic.

"Who were those wolves and where were they from Phoenix".

Knowing full well who they were and where they were from.

"From Black Creek Pack, enemies to all packs and they take what they want".

She bows her head.

"If not for you-".

I cut her off.

"Lets not think about the if-".

I smile at her, she nods.

"I owe you my life, Adonyce, please come and meet my family".

I nod in approval.

As we approached the large golden doors to the palace the tears of joy, screams from behind the doors as they opened ahead of us.

I stopped. Phoenix stopped and stared at me.

As I was looking at the doors I saw the history of the Kingdom flash through my eyes. I looked to her and gave a polite nod.

We managed several steps before her entourage arrived at our feet.

Less than five hours since Phoenix was kidnapped she was back, safe on the palace grounds.

Her assailants managed to obtain her from a check up appointment at the hospital. The Kingdom now has a Doctor and medical team on site.

Soon to be their own hospital by the time we have had further discussions.

I introduce myself once all of Phoenix's family have had their moment.

"Blessed be, I am Adonyce".

I tilt my head to the right in acknowledgement.

"Belonging to the Witch Wing Coven. I am half Witch and half Werewolf".

I hesitate as they stare at me, curiosity and no doubt they will have questions.

"I killed three Wolves from Black Creek Pack, saving Phoenix from - well I will leave that thought there".

I await a response, already knowing their direct thoughts.

"Adonyce, thank you for saving my daughters life. I am Alpha Zane of the Royal Moon Pack, here in England".

He holds out his hand. I shake it firmly. Reading his soul he is an honest Alpha, true to the Werewolf underworld.

"Luna Vallah, my mate".

I reach her hand, I feel her loyalty and her love for their pack. Good impression so far I ponder to myself. Not all packs will be so welcoming, that I can feel without a thought.

"Bless you Luna Vallah, nice to meet you. I must say you gave a beautiful kingdom".

I smile gracefully.

"May the pleasure be all mine Adonyce, we cannot thank you enough for saving our daughter, Phoenix".

She grabs my hand.

"If there is anything at all we can do, please do not hesitate to ask".

She held my hand with absolute gratitude. Luna Vallah was geniune.

"If I may, I shall".

I smiled with appreciation. Releasing her hand. Looking towards the forest on the east side.

"Alpha, Alpha, the border, there has been a breach. Rogues at least fifty of them".

I sensed the issue prior as the Alpha looked to his Beta running towards the forest.

"Warriors! Come out to play, calls Alpha Zane".

All the wolves are mind linked.

Within seconds their grounds had Werewolves shifting in mid flight and running into the battle field within the forest.

"The outcome will be in the Royals favour".

I mumured to Phoenix, she looked confident with my words spoken. She smiled.

"Adonyce, please would you stay with us, I will be forever grateful".

She looked at me, she needed me, I could sense it without reading her.

"Yes Phoenix for 48 hours you have my attention".

Her smile spread across her face. Her excitement grew.

"Come, I will show you to your quarters Adonyce".

We entered the palace. It was a grand palace indeed.

Phoenix is a Witch

We entered the palace. White, gold and royal blue decor throughout the entrance. A staircase that curved as it arched up the wall to the floors above.

Chandeliers swing from the roof. Gold and glistening.

Phoenix speaks.

"Through here is the main living room on your left, dinning room on your right, kitchen ahead to the right also. Right that is that, lets go Adonyce".

Phoenix grabs my hand pulling me towards the staircase.

As we climb the staircase she explains all the floors and who stays on the levels.

A pack of over two thousand members and growing in size. I could see the pride as she spoke about their pack.

They have 3 pack houses including the palace.

Second floor we approach a wooden door.

Phoenix opens it and gestures for me to go in first.

It looked like a forest.

A wooden four post bed in the centre. Trees and vines growing around the room with velvet curtains, deep green.

Plants surrounding


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