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Unhinged Alpha's Slave Mate

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“Reject me,” Naya sternly said with eyes full of hate. Kael smiled. “Why would I do that? I told you, didn’t I? You’re mine now. I don’t care about your mission. I’ll fill you up with my seed you will forget that d*mn mission of yours.” His fingers traced her lips. “Beg all you want but I will not reject you or let you go. You're my possession, Naya, from here on and until your last breath.” *** In a world ruled by powerful rivaling packs, Naya, a skilled fighter and beta’s daughter of the Light Shadow Pack, is sent on a dangerous mission to assassinate an enemy pack’s royal heir. But when she is captured by Kael, an alpha prince of the West Wood Pack notorious for his unhinged behavior and fierce power, Naya’s plans are thrown into disarray. Forced to submit to Kael and become his slave, Naya struggles to maintain her pride and wonders when she will ever escape from his grasp. As they all say, Kael is the most deranged alpha someone will ever meet in their life. To make things worse, Naya finds out Kael is her mate. Regardless, Naya has her own mission to fulfill so she does everything to escape. But with enemies emerging from the shadows and secrets revealing one by one, Naya is left to wonder who to believe and trust. Can Naya escape Kael’s grasp and fulfill her mission? Who is the real enemy and who is on her side? Will Kael’s power block her from reaching the truth or is he the key to everything she seeks?

Chapter 1

“Alpha Prince has arrived!”

Everybody bowed down as the man with a mischievous smile on his lips walked forward. The warrior guard standing by the pack house made a salute before he stated. “Alpha Prince, the slave is captured back as you ordered. She is inside and waiting—”

Kael didn’t even let him finish as he strode inside.

The entire room was immediately filled with his alpha pheromones. Kael’s eyes glowed as they landed on that one particular spot in the room – on the bed, where a woman was sitting down at the moment.

Her body was chained to the metal frames of the bed, restricting her movements and preventing her to take more than five steps away from the bed. She heard the door and instantly looked up, her eyes filling with coldness as she met Kael’s gaze.

“Any new greetings to your master?” Kael asked mischievously.

Naya glared at him, her eyes full of wrath, but she didn’t utter a word. The way she looked at Kael felt as though no words could ever make her tremble whether in fear, surprise, or pain.

Kael smiled, his heart was full of excitement at the sight. Unable to hold back, he strode further and reached her, grabbing her chin forcefully.

Naya looked at him coldly.

“That look of yours, do you know how much it annoys me?” Kael exclaimed, “But it also stirs something else inside me. Do you know what that is?”

The coldness in Naya’s eyes increased. With enough strength she could gather, she moved and butt-headed Kael’s hand, enough to push him back a step away.

Kael was stunned. But he recovered fast and stared at Naya with more amusement. This time, however, his heart couldn’t help but feel a little agitation. So he pulled her hair, yanking it so she would face him, his mouth crashing against her own – tasting every bit of her mouth, declaring she was his.

Naya resisted, trying to push Kael away but her hands and feet were tied and Kael’s strength was far bigger than hers.

With a low pant, Kael pulled away briefly but his hand remained on Naya’s hair. Yanking it harder so she would still face him, he stared right into her eyes. “Keep looking at me like that. You know I won’t hold back either, right?”

Naya didn’t even take her gaze away. She only kept her gaze cold and resentful while looking at Kael, as if no words could ever penetrate her mind and heart, never making her afraid of anything.

It pumped Kael’s blood even more, it made the fire in his heart go wild. In a huff, he pushed Naya down the bed, pinning her down. “I really have to remind you all the time, don’t I? You’re never getting away from here. Run and you will be captured again. You belong to me now, so it’s either you surrender yourself or I won’t stop until you beg for my mercy!”

At that, Naya’s eyes wavered slightly.

She wondered what she had let herself get into.

And out of all people she had to encounter, it really had to be this famous crazy prince.


Naya jumped in the air, hitting the person in front of her. She landed back quickly to the ground. Another attack came from behind. Naya’s eyes glinted, her body leaning down forward to dodge the attack. Then she turned around, kneeing the man on the stomach and giving him an elbow cut on the head. The man let out a groan of pain and fell.

A few more men came to attack her, with different weapons which Naya all quickly dodged, twisting their arms and cracking their necks, sending them off to the ground with loud whimpers of pain.

One of them looked up, sweat dripping off his face as he slowly stood up and positioned himself. “One more time…”

Naya glanced at him with no expression.

“Here I come!” the man exclaimed with a loud roar and came to attack Naya again.

Sweat trickled down Naya’s face down the side of her neck. She swiftly avoided the man’s attack, making him stagger, and landed on the ground once again.

Panting, he wiped the sweat off his face and looked at Naya with a smile. “As expected from the beta’s daughter.” He stood up and quickly faced Naya. “How about another round? Your skin distracted me there.”

Naya’s eyes remained cold and distant.

“F*ck off, Jeffrey,” another man from the men sitting by the tree exclaimed. “Don’t speak gibberish to her. Don’t forget, Naya is not your childhood friend from now on. She’s our leader.”

Jeffrey laughed. He looked at Naya and was about to tease her some more when a series of footsteps were heard.

In an instant, the people sitting under the tree and the rest who were fighting with Naya stopped. They all came forward and formed a horizontal line.

At the same time, about five men appeared. One of them stepped forward, facing Naya who stood in the middle.

“I see everyone is gathered here,” the tall man said with his chin up high. His rough beard and a crescent moon tattoo on his shoulder made everyone stand still and quiet. He shot everyone a quick glance before his gaze stopped at Naya. With a serious, expression face and a deep voice, he said, “I came to deliver a message from the alpha. Naya, come with me.”

Naya looked at the tall, sturdy-looking man. She quickly and politely answered, “Yes, Beta Alfredo.”

Chapter 2

Inside the hut – a temporary shelter of Naya’s group – Naya stood before the pack beta.

Beta Alfredo walked forward and gave a paper to Naya.

Naya received the paper and looked at it, confused.

Before she could ask any questions, the tall man before her spoke. “Alpha and his children had seen your intelligence and skills for the past recent years. They decided to promote you to a higher-ranking beta warrior. You will have a pack house in the main village once you turn twenty-five.”

Naya’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at the man, staring at his expression.

His face remained unreadable, however, making Naya wonder what he actually felt inside.

After the announcement, Beta Alfredo sat with Naya and discussed more things related to their pack. Naya and the other beta warriors had been away from home for a year, securing the borders and training at the same time as part of the pack. It was only through Beta Alfredo that they would receive news from


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