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Cay Middlemist

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About me

Love can be defined in a million ways and one may still not figure out what it really is. I try to do that, with my stories.


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“Reject me,” Naya sternly said with eyes full of hate. Kael smiled. “Why would I do that? I told you, didn’t I? You’re mine now. I don’t care about your mission. I’ll fill you up with my seed you will forget that d*mn mission of yours.” His fingers traced her lips. “Beg all you want but I will not reject you or let you go. You're my possession, Naya, from here on and until your last breath.” *** In a world ruled by powerful rivaling packs, Naya, a skilled fighter and beta’s daughter of the Light Shadow Pack, is sent on a dangerous mission to assassinate an enemy pack’s royal heir. But when she is captured by Kael, an alpha prince of the West Wood Pack notorious for his unhinged behavior and fierce power, Naya’s plans are thrown into disarray. Forced to submit to Kael and become his slave, Naya struggles to maintain her pride and wonders when she will ever escape from his grasp. As they all say, Kael is the most deranged alpha someone will ever meet in their life. To make things worse, Naya finds out Kael is her mate. Regardless, Naya has her own mission to fulfill so she does everything to escape. But with enemies emerging from the shadows and secrets revealing one by one, Naya is left to wonder who to believe and trust. Can Naya escape Kael’s grasp and fulfill her mission? Who is the real enemy and who is on her side? Will Kael’s power block her from reaching the truth or is he the key to everything she seeks?


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