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I slid under his arms, looking for a safe place to breathe. I noticed a playful smile on his lips, but chose to ignore it. “Will the change hurt?” I lowered my gaze and asked in a low whisper. “More than you can imagine, human…” The candor in his words made me raise my chin toward him. “How is the transformation?” He approached me again, speaking slowly. “First, your bones begin to break, throwing you to the ground.” His eyes were closed. “Then dense fur will grow all over your body. The elongation of the limbs, I find the most exciting part of the pain.” He teased with a flick of his tongue before continuing. “Then comes the shortening of the snout and the development of sharp claws and fangs.” I took a deep breath, trying to process what was coming. “Is there anything else I need to know?” I asked, my voice shaking. “Loss of control is imminent.” His eyes sparkled, as if he had traversed some hidden memory in his mind. “The thirst for blood is insatiable, the beast will dominate you, acting primarily on primal instincts. This will result in violent attacks on anyone or any animal in your path!” “Will I become irrational?” I covered my mouth, trying to control the knot that had formed in my throat. “How do you control it?” Laughing, he had already reached me and pulled me close, digging his claws not too deep into my hip, causing a groan of pain. “It takes strength, training, and having the goddess on your side, human…” He retracted the claws, leaving only one long one, and returned to my chin, scratching it and collecting a drop of blood. He licked it and smiled. “Don't worry, I'll be here for your whole trial…” “To make sure I die?” With tears in my eyes, I took a few more steps forward into his dangerous game, noticing that his breathing was a little heavier. “You remind me so much of her.” He murmured, pressing his forehead against mine. “To make sure your transformation doesn't get out of control and to witness the deity's choice.” With more pressure on my forehead, he forced me to take a few steps back in pain. “I'm scared…” I confessed, squeezing my hands together. The wolf remained mysteriously seated, not saying a word. Joint pains began, a twist in my stomach, and my ribs seemed to expand inside, as if to make room for a dog's soul. “Ouch, that hurts…” I groaned, squatting down and wrapping my arms around my stomach. “I don't want this…” I pleaded with teary eyes, looking at the Alpha in front of me. “Please, help me avoid this!”


Her breath was heavy due to the icy air of the Colorado streets, her lungs burned with every deep breath as she desperately sought air in her relentless escape. In the distance, she heard a whistle that was accompanied by cruel laughter and a promise of hatred.

“You can't escape us. We'll hunt you to hell, and you'll pay for your betrayal!” declared one of the pursuers.

“Damned,” Agatha whispered to herself, exhausted. “Why won't they leave me alone?”

Turning the corner and entering a dark alley, she believed she had found temporary refuge. However, before she could catch her breath, heavy footsteps approached. A figure in the darkness emerged in the form of a wolf, fangs bared, clearly announcing imminent danger.

“Please, leave me alone… I promise I won't reveal anything to anyone!” — Agatha pleaded with the creature before her.

“Oh, my dear, we can't let you escape. You carry our victory against him, and we need the offspring!” roared the supernatural being, giving her a cold, chilling look that made her shiver.

“That wasn't part of the deal,” Agatha said, clenching her fists firmly. 'It didn't involve an innocent.' She yelled, “You used me!”

"Used? Haha, isn't that exactly what you did to him? What do you think will happen when he finds out that you were an insider who seduced him and gave birth to his heir as a bargaining chip for another pack, just to gain money and power?" the being's tone became even more threatening, prompting him to advance towards her.

"You won't do anything if you don't find us!" Agatha stroked her belly, positioning herself on the defensive, ready for any attack. Just then, a wolf with warm brown fur attacked fiercely, trying to bite and tear with its sharp claws. Agatha hissed as she deftly dodged, quickly taking a powdery substance from her pocket and blowing it into her predator's snout. The wolf, now disoriented, sneezed.

"D*mn you, what's this?" exclaimed the enemy as his vision blurred, causing him to stagger from side to side.

"A little gift from the witches. Go back into the shadows where you came from and tell the leader of the Blood Moon Pack that you will NEVER lay a claw on my son again!" With that, Agatha turned to run, but not before hearing his final threats.

"We're going to find you. We will kill everyone you love. Your fate is sealed, human..."

Looking over her shoulder, Agatha could see the seriousness of his words before the Beta collapsed on the cold, icy streets.

A few months ago, my identical twin sister, who had disappeared, returned without further explanation. She made us wear a necklace that smelled of moss. Her justification was simple: a protection granted by the reclusive witches of Colorado, acquired during one of her trips around the world.

I noticed an increase in her weight and restlessness. She seemed to live in a constant state of alert, as if something invisible was following her.

"Is something wrong?" I asked as I watched her sprinkle a glistening purple powder throughout the house.

"I have something to tell you!" she exclaimed, her wide eyes meeting mine. Her expression showed exhaustion, something I had noticed since her return. Her mouth was constantly dry, her skin pale and cold. None of it matched the 23-year-old young woman she once was.

"You don't look well. You should lie down," I approached, but stopped abruptly when I felt something wet on my feet. A puddle of water surrounded her legs, with traces of blood running down her skin.

"There's no time, I... Aiiiiiiiii," she screamed, making me rush to her side in shock.

"What's happening?" I asked in desperation.

"I, I, aiiiiii. I'm in labor," her explanation echoed in my head. Pregnant? How could that be? How could I not have noticed?

"Pregnant? You must be delirious. I would have noticed."

"Forgive me, my sister. You wouldn't have noticed. I've been using frog saliva in your drinks to alter your vision and distort my appearance..."

"You did WHAT? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" I clenched my fists, feeling my anger rise.

"Aiii, it hurts so much... Please, please, Sophie, help me..." she fainted.

"D*mn it, AGATHA, why do you always attract trouble?" I cursed before rushing her to the hospital.

The machine's beeps echoed, bringing back terrifying memories from the past when we received the call from the hospital informing us that something had attacked our father. “The beeps remind me of that terrible day. A call from the hospital… Our father…” The local police claimed that the creature responsible was supernatural, but there was never any proof; the case was closed as a “bear attack”. After his death, our mother fell into depression and eventually left us.

Agatha has always been impulsive, and her irresponsible actions forced me to mature prematurely at the age of 18 and take care of her ever since. I gave up many things for her, but I always made sure that she lacked nothing. Even when she disappeared, I remained faithful to our secret account and continued to deposit money. It was for emergencies, a lesson we had learned from our father, who strangely lived in a constant state of alert, just as Agatha had done these past few months.

“Where am I?” Agatha wakes from her fainting spell, groaning in pain. “This can't be a dream… The pain is unbearable, something is tearing me apart!”

“Wait, I'll call a doctor!” I hurry, but she desperately grabs my hand.


“What do you mean, Agatha? You're in labor. We need a doctor now.” With a furrowed brow, I point out her condition.

She is writhing and screaming in pain. “Please, Sophie, listen to me… Please, understand… AAAA, it hurts so much!”

“We can talk later. Just hold on!” But she doesn't let go of my hand.

“LISTEN TO ME. I don't know how to face this alone…” Her look is desperate. “But you're all I have now.” I nod in agreement as I stroke her hand, trying to calm her.

“The father of this child… He's not ordinary, he's extraordinary, something I've never seen before. I was foolish… AAAAA!” Another wave of pain stops her.

“Please, let me call the doctor. We'll deal with the idiot who impregnated you later. I'll take care of him personally!” I smile understandingly.

“NO, LISTEN. I changed… I became almost superhuman to protect him. Furthermore, I need you to protect him, to hide him, because there will be people who will look for him. Evil will pursue him.”

“You're talking nonsense, Agatha. You're delirious!” I protest, but strangely her words seem lucid under the circumstances.

“SOPHIE, I've made another big mistake, that's why I disappeared… I… I wanted to repay you for everything you've done for me. It was easy money… I just had to seduce him and sleep with him. It didn't seem like much of a sacrifice…” She grimaces as she squeezes my hand, showing that another contraction is hitting her. I've been trying to uncover the truth about our father's death.”-She pauses, taking a deep breath-” I don't have much time…”

“Our father's death? What does that have to do with anything?” I put my doubts aside, sniff deeply and look at her seriously. “Stop talking nonsense, Agatha. You're in labor, you're not dying!” I hold her hands tightly, afraid of the desperate look she gives me.

“No matter what happens here, you will take care of this baby, put my necklace on it and escape. Do you understand? Never stop running, for nothing, trust no one…”

“You scare me, my sister…”

“Promise me you'll do what I ask.” Her breathing gets heavier and irregular. — “Please, Sophie… We always promised to protect each other. This baby is a part of me… Please, protect him as if he were your own!”

Her words leave me stunned as she faints. The machine beeps and an alarm echoes throughout the hospital:


Nurses and doctors rush into the room, pulling me aside as I remain frozen, watching in despair.

“She's in cardiac arrest!” — A doctor shouts, looking at the others.

“Emergency C-section!” — They rush off with the medical cart, and I follow in a state of fear.


But I'm prevented from continuing as one of the nurses holds me in place.

It doesn't take long for a doctor to approach me; words are unnecessary in the face of the news my heart already feels. It feels like a part of my soul is coming away with hers… I can almost feel her last breath, see her last tear fall, and hear her pleading whisper: “PROTECT HIM!”

I take a deep breath, my eyes fixed on the doctor in front of me.

“Can I see the child? When can I have him with me?”

“Ma'am, you have just received devastating news. There are options for the child if you wish to explore them.”

“I want to take him now!” — I abruptly rise from the chair that was once a refuge for my tears and prayers. — “When can I have him?”


After the sad days had passed, I undertook the painful task of watching over my beloved sister's body and burying her next to our parents. The feeling of abandonment washed over me as I looked at the freshly placed earth, as if everyone I loved had turned their backs on me. A moan disturbed the baby in my arms and elicited a weary sigh from my lips.

“Well, it seems like everyone has abandoned me, except you, Conan…” I murmured with a tender smile to the restless little being in my hands. Shortly after, tears welled up in my eyes and a single stubborn tear rolled down my cheek. “Yes, I know,” I continued as I carefully picked up the baby and placed her in the carrier against my chest. “I miss them too, but now it's just you and me, my brave one.”

A gentle smile graced my lips as I stroked the baby's soft cheek and rocked her gently to calm her restless spirit. As I did so, I hummed a soft melody, a fond reminder of the songs my mother used to sing to us whe

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