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The Wicked Alpha

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Rebecca was watching the full moon from the window of her room. AND hearing the speech behind her back. She already decided to let him live here... It was not a game of mind but her heart. And she already has given her heart to him. But the dangers that come along with him are far more dangerous than she can even think, she never thought that she will lose everything along in the fight for love and trying to change the evil into good. Only because of the Alpha Wolf that came out as her true mate. "Luna Moon, we can not let a Male Wolf enter our territory. It will be not only dangerous but very risky for all of us and our pack." Beta Julie said. "He is not what he looks like, there is something very dangerous and off vibe that has come along with him," Simon warned her... "Not only you, but I also don't believe my brother I don't even know where he was all these years, what he was up to... Don't trust him!" Simara was the traitor but she also told her...

Chapter 1

"Luna, Luna, where are you?" Julie shouted from downstairs.

Rebecca was sitting in her office. She winced hearing Julie shouting. Rebecca had worked the whole night to build an alliance with South River Pack. She had fallen asleep just two hours prior and woke up an hour ago to work on the deal papers. 

"I am in my office, Julie. Stop shouting. Please, come upstairs." Rebecca retorted back. Her eyes were fixed on the laptop screen, her fingers working on the keypad.

A concentrated look on her face. She is biting down her bottom lip reading the file. Julie went quiet for a bit...

"Luna, can you please come downstairs?" She again called Rebecca.

Rebecca has an irritated look on her face. She closed her laptop screen. She placed her head on the table grabbing it in her both hands. 

Rebecca just wants a pillow to put her head on and sleep on, but Julie is waiting for her downstairs. But her wolf senses are sometimes very irritating. She can hear everything going around in the packhouse. She was concentrating on her work to stop hearing all the noise but here it is... The voice came again.

"Luna Moon, Come downstairs. I am waiting for you." The girl shouted again. Rebecca shifted in her chair. She buried her face in her hands rubbing her eyes.

"Okay, here goes nothing..." She took a deep breath and then got up from her chair. She tied her long black hair in a rough bun and then went towards the office door.

Rebecca came out of the office. Her steps are firm on the floor. The dark circles under her eyes were showing that; she haven't slept much! The muscles of her body soared due to her continue working.

Rebecca wants to take a shower, but it is not the right time. First, she will solve all the issues coming along these days. She is wearing a sleeveless shirt along with black loose trousers. 

There are scratch marks on her arms and some bruises. 

They haven't healed or faded yet, because she attended the latest training sessions. 

Rebecca's hair again falls back on her sleek waist. She moved her fingers in her hair to move them out from her eyes. She crossed the corridor and now walking towards the stairs. 

Rebecca's wolf wants to kill the person who disturbed her peaceful mind of the state. She is walking barefoot and the tiles of the floor are cold.

Rebecca wrapped her arms around her body and rub the cold skin of her arms to get some heat. She should wear a sweater. 

Rebecca walks down the stairs of her packhouse to reach the main hall. She sensed the presence of her best friend, Julie. 

Julie is standing near the last stairs. She saw Rebecca coming downstairs. A smile came upon her face. 

Julie is not only her best friend. But, she is also the second-in-command wolf. She is working as Rebecca's beta. 

Rebecca gave her a duh look, looking at the smile on her face. 

"What?" Rebecca questioned. 

"I don't think, there is anything good around our pack to smile like this..." Rebecca is already tense. 

"Stop being harsh! I have good news to tell you." Julie scolded her.

'MOON' Rebecca's wolf growled before settling back in its resting state.

"Julie Silver, I warn you if there is nothing important. If you just disturb me for no reason. I am going to kill you." Rebecca warned her...

Julie saw the look in her eyes and shivered. She was looking at the storms in her eyes.

"I am not joking, Luna. It is serious. It can benefit us and it will lessen your worry." Julie said. Rebecca heaved a deep sigh!

"If you stop creating the suspense. Please, tell me, what is it? I am so tired." Rebecca stopped a yawn. 

"Luna, how many days did pass since Simara ran from the pack?" Julie questioned. 

Rebecca's expression changed into a rage.

"I thought you were going to talk about something important. Can you please stop reminding me about her... I am not in the mood." Rebecca said then turned to leave the main hall. 

But Julie grabbed her wrist making her stop in her steps.

Rebecca facepalmed. She clutched her hands in fists and then look at this dumb girl standing in front of her. A cloud of anger was covering her body. Who the hell on earth chose her as the Beta?

(It was you Moron!) Moon said in her head. Moon never left any chance to humiliate her. 

"Just shut up, Moon," Rebecca growled at her wolf.

Rebecca came out of her thoughts and saw Julie pouting. Rebecca sniffed.

"Okay, I am sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," Rebecca said looking at her pouting face. She arched her eyebrow in a questioning manner.

"Okay, fine. Now, listen to me." Julie said. 

"Umm, tell me." Rebecca sat on the stair. 

"Luna, we tracked Simara. Along with all the papers, bonds, money and jewels." Julie told her, Rebecca saw her with a shocked expression. She stood up on her feet.

"What did you say? Are you serious?" Rebecca grabbed her by her shoulders and shouted in disbelief. 

"Yes, Luna. I am serious. Me and Abel. We have both been working on it for two weeks. And we finally tracked Simara." Julie said. Rebecca's eyes filled with hope and happiness. 

"Oh, Julie. thank you so much! I can not even tell you how much happy I am..." Rebecca hugged her. Julie hugged back and then smiled. 

"I am happy for all of us," Julie said. 

"Where is she?" Rebecca asked. An evil smile hit Julie's face.

Chapter 2

The golden rays of the sun were decaying the dark around the world. The morning songs of the little birds are dimmed by the roaring sounds of the ocean waves. The wind is moist, but the weather is cheery. The sun-bathed sand grains were getting cold with the waves of the sea. The continues suffering from thirst and calm. 

The morning around this beautiful cabin is more pleasant than the ravishing night. It is a wooden cabin made by the shores of the sea.

The pillars hold the cabin up from the ground, and there are stairs to go up to the front door. As you climb the stairs and enter inside, the first thing is an aesthetic sitting area and a little library. The cabin has two rooms, a beautiful kitchen and a little storeroom. The prominent; thing around this place is dark woodwork and white curtains. The white curtains are flying; due to the wind coming from the open windows. 

As you cross the sitting area, the doors of the two rooms are closed. One of the rooms is em


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