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The Wallflower and The Alpha's

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It's about Avery Williams, who is special as she is not just a wolf/witch, but she got two sides: her wolf- Angelstar, and her Veela-Anglica. She is a nerd, loser, and whom everyone made fun of, even her friends called her Wallflower. Usually, when the Moon Goddess finds you your other half, one or two mates the most there will be for you. But Avery is a different werewolf, she does not have one or two mates but four mates. She fated to the four most dangerous, most popular, and most arrogant boys in school, the four horsemen Alphas: Elijah Woods, Jake Stone, Andrew Bradford, and Matthew Steele. The four bad boys knew the whole time that she is their mate but doesn't want anyone to know, instead they hide their feelings about Avery. Avery finally finds out her mates are her bullies and torturer, but when she turns 19 on her birthday, that is when it all changes. That is when she finds out she is a Veela. Will Avery forgive them about they make a bet to see how to get her to fall in love with them? What if someone that hates her? They want her gone so; they get someone to kidnap her right at the dance.? But will the quads make it in time to get her or will they lose their chance? Will the Quads break everything in their path to get to Avery including the walls she has built around her heart? It all remains to be seen in The Wallflower And The Alphas

Chapter 1 "Six Years Ago"

"Stop! "Avery", I heard a deep manly voice behind me.

So, I ran away with tears running down my cheeks.

I want to die!

"Please," sweetheart." I heard one of them again getting closer to me.

I started speeding up my pace.

That was when I heard them running towards me.

I shook my head, kept on walking away from them.

No! I wanted them to leave me alone.

That was when I felt one of their hands on my shoulder and he turned me around to face him, but I saw someone with him. I knew who that was by the look of his handsome face, Jake Stone.

Do you know who grabbed me though? Not someone who but...

Yes, you guessed it, Elijah Wood, Jake Stone! But they were alone. Behind them were Andrew and Matthew.

The most beautiful badass is Alpha, my crush and my mates in Redrock, Pennsylvania.

How I wished the nightmare was over.

I want the night to disappear and turn back in time.

Two months ago...

Before I found out I had two-mates? Or I thought. I found out I have four! That's right four mates! I knew no one that paid attention to me, the wallflower in the school loser, Miss Piggy, the Geek face-ugly she-wolf. I sighed and thought until the night I turned nineteen and I found out I had so many surprises and twists in my life.

So here I am outside where it's cold and dark running. Well, I tried to run away but someone got hold of my arm and I wanted to do was go to someone I could be alone and cry and shattered to pieces.

You want to know why? I am running away and crying.

Well, it all started as a bet.

Yep, you got it right.

A bet.

So, I am a stupid girl who believed they wanted me. What people should do is put up a sign on my back saying kick me! I am stupid! I already get treated that way. I am their butt in each joke in this school and my friends.

So, yep, would that be me? The wallflower everyone treats like a punching bag and slave.

Everything was perfect until they started being in my life in a different way now.

They stop harassing and bullying me.

They stop teasing and tripping me.

They stop taking me and hanging me upside down on the flagpole.

That was not pretty, I was wearing a dress that day and let's say everyone saw my underwear.

We were having a wonderful time tonight until I heard something that ripped my heart out.

" You have to tell her now or I will!" I heard Jake tell Elijah. But I didn't hear what he said because the only thing I heard was three words!

"Bet!!! And I won!" Elijah said, but I didn't stay long to see his expression or the three other sets of eyes.

Do you want to know who said it?

You guess it, Elijah Wood said it out of his mouth.

I should have known it!

But my heart didn't want to listen!

They all had a bet on me! My heart is scattered into little sharp pieces.

Once upon a time, there was a girl and four boys. They used to be little, and they were friends, but one day everything changed when the little boys became mean to the little girl. So, it is not the same with them until she finds out she is a special witch, something no other werewolves and witches ever had. Because Avery is special. Because she doesn't just have one mate but four! What will happen if she finds out her mates are no other than her childhood school bullies, Elijah Woods and Jake Stone? Andrew Bradford, Matthew Steele.

Avery P.O.V.

"Daddy, Mommy," Your Back" I said with so much excitement in my voice. I missed them so much and my grandparents. They were away for a month because of a war they had to fight in. They just came back from battle with the BlueHawk pack, and I see a lot of BlueHawk warriors walking back to see their families. Just like my parents did and my- wait a minute, where grandmother and grandfather at? I thought in my head. Then I started watching them all clearly. I saw a lot of them missing. I heard whimpering and howls from families that lost their loved ones.

They lost their lives in the great battle with the RedBlood pack. I looked up at my parents and I saw the answer I needed to know. NO!!!" Not them, anything but that Lord? I saw my mother sigh and I saw tears running down her face. I looked over at my father. He could not look at me. I saw tears running down his face too. I pulled away and started running away from them.

"Avery!" Hun" I heard my mother say but I kept running and running.

By the waterfall...

I started to whimper when I heard that my grandparents were destroyed in the battle. When my parents' faces told me all I needed to know. They perished. I wanted to go back over to the Redblood pack and kill their Alpha. To show them how much it hurts to lose someone so important to you in your life.

I was so broken and crying sitting on the top of the waterfall when I heard someone's footsteps behind me. I gasped and turned my head around and I saw him, with his beautiful dark frosted blue eyes staring at me with a concerned expression on his face until it disappeared and then his hard expression returned once again when he stared at me.

Elijah P.O.V.

"Father, Mother!" "Your back", I said, waving my hands, trying to get their attention. "Finally," I mumbled to myself. But they could not see me, because I was surrounded by a lot of families waiting to see their loved ones coming back from the biggest war we have had in the last hundred years. Once I saw my parents, they saw where I was, they started walking towards me with a smile on their faces.

I see they are happy to see me. I am their baby boy, they would say. I would shake my head at them because they would embarrass me in front of my friends. But right now, I wouldn't mind them saying that to me now. I missed them so much. It's been a month since they were gone.

"Hello, my baby boy" my mother said. She is the Luna, and my father is the Alpha. He came up to me and my mother.

"Hey, son," he said with his big voice and smile on his face. He pulled me and my mother into a big hug. I heard my mother laugh and giggle when he didn't let go.

"Oh, Bruce!" She told him with a serious look in her eyes, but she had a smile on her face. I back away. Starring at my parents. I see the love in my father's eyes for his mate, my mother. I see my mother staring at her mate, my father. I can't wait to find my mate. I hope it soon. So, I can hug and kiss my beautiful mate. By the time I thought of that, I heard "Avery" Hun- "I heard a woman's voice yelling Avery's name. I was looking around when my eyes landed on something running away into the dark cold woods. "What?" I thought.

Now back to Avery's point of view...

I was sitting at the waterfall, when I turned my head, I saw Elijah Wood staring at me crying and being broken on top of the ledge of the mountain with the water going over the cliff.

"Hey what are you staring at dude?" Angelstar said in my mind. She was talking in my head and yelling at the bad boy that had tortured and bullied me since we were kids. I heard my wolf say in my head. I finally got my wolf just two weeks ago. She is feisty and brave and outgoing and beautiful with purple fur and bright blue eyes.

She is nothing like me, quiet, scared, and shy and a wallflower. Now, I am here sitting and Elijah coming closer to me. He started to sit down beside me. I am scared of what he is going to do to me. But all I hear is he sighs, and he starts speaking...

"I am so sorry about your grandparents." He tells me and puts his arms around my waist. My breathing stops and my chest is going up and down fast. I am so nervous because here is Elijah Wood comforting me and talking to me in an actual conversation.

So, I don't move or speak. I don't want to ruin it by opening my mouth. So, I turned my head. I gasp when I see him already staring at me. I just gave him a nod and a smile.

I turned back around watching the beautiful water going down into the dark waters. So, we sat there in silence, and this was the first time he didn't call me names or tried anything to hurt me. I liked it. For once, I have peace with him. I don't want him to go away. Then I heard a voice in the back of my mind that said,

"Avery," "You will be the greatest wolf that will ever live." It wasn't my wolf, Angelstar.

So, did my body live a Gemini?

Chapter 2 " The Present"

Avery P.O.V

"Avery, Hey girl." I heard Ashely say.

I was walking into the school when I turned around; I saw Ashely Williams, my best friend, and my cousin and Natalie Steele running toward me with a big smile on their faces. I could see them grow up into their bodies, with their long legs, blonde hair, and big chest looking like a runway model. But like me, I was still short with a big waist and small chest with acne and big glasses on my round face. But I didn't know why they wanted to hang out with me. I was a shy nerd who didn't stand up for herself.

I wasn't ugly, but I was not actually beautiful either. But I have heard all my life I am a beautiful young lady. But I didn't want to go all-in. So, I went back to the present where I was at school. I turned my attention back to my best friends walking towards me with their beautiful smiles on their faces. They stopped in front of me by the steps going into the front door of our high school.

"Hey, girls," I


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