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Addison Winters

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About me

I am a new Author; I been writing for two years now. I like writing and I enjoy making up stories I have in my imagination and my mind, and I have to write the story I make up and I put on my notebooks and laptop. My stories The Wallflower and the Alpha's is bestselling on top platforms. The Badass and the Beta Part One is top 10 new books. The Badass and the Beta Return Part Two in coming in July 2022 I hope you enjoy and remember never give up writing and whatever you want to do in life. Life is short, we all can see that. God doesn't promise another day we could go in time when he is calling us home. So don't waste it and enjoy life and your families. God Bless A.


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Everyday! Bryce Armstrong has bullied me for the last four years since I moved here in my ninth-grade year because ever since, I messed up his shoes! Well, it's a long story, but I ran into him on my first day and knocked all my food over his brand-new shoes. So ever since that incident, he started making my life a nightmare. Ever since that day, he hated me! So, one night, Williow goes to a party but needs to know whose house it is. But when her cousin Marryann tells her where they are going, Williow doesn't know whose house it is until she sees a familiar face on the wall of this house! Bryce Armstrong. The guy who hates her guts and he promised to make her life a living hell. What would happen if she woke up the following day with her face on a half-naked guy's chest? But what if the half-naked guy is no other than the guy who made his life mission in high school to make her life suffer, and he always told her he would enjoy it when he did? What would happen when willow grabs her shoes off the floor and slowly opens the door when she tries to walk out? Before she can do that, she hears something behind her. She gasped when she felt a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled back, and her back was on his hard stomach. "So, no kiss goodbye?" She heard his deep raspy chuckle behind her. She was caught! Now it's too late, and Her monster got her in his lair. The Story of The Girl Behind the Book! High School Bully Romance.


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