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The Supreme Alpha's Mate

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Five hundred years ago, Sebastian Stone, the supreme alpha, was known for his cruelty and cold heart. However, his past mistakes condemned him to an unrelenting curse from the goddess of the moon. Since then, he has been tormented by this curse, which tortures him relentlessly until he finds true love in the form of his second-chance mate, the only one capable of removing the brand that has gripped his heart. But there is a terrible price to pay for his mistakes. If Sebastian Stone proves to be wicked or cruel to his mate, he will face a tragic fate, determined by the ruthless rules of the moon goddess. As Sebastian Stone struggles to resist the darkness that surrounds him, the arrival of Emma Brows, his unexpected mate, will trigger a series of events that will test his ability to change and, above all, to truly love. Emma, who has been abused and scorned by the supreme alpha, sees Sebastian Stone as a repugnant monster, facing her own dilemma: forgiving Sebastian Stone's past and allowing love to bloom, or becoming the catalyst for the imminent tragedy that the curse threatens to bring. Can love prevail over past mistakes and the shadows that envelop them, or will their fate be sealed by the moon goddess's curse? Will the cruel supreme alpha find a second chance at love and redemption from his past mistakes? The answer to these questions will be the key to their destiny.


five hundred years ago.

POV Sebastian Stone

"Today, you will be mine, and I will show you what true pleasure is!" Josh's words echoed in my ears, filling me with anger. The sounds came from my mate's room, and my wolf growled immediately, trying to ward off the intrusive thoughts.

"We shouldn't be doing this!" I heard the soft voice of my Luna.

With swift steps, I reached the door of the room and flung it open. My vision blurred with a mix of raw emotions: anger, jealousy, seething hatred. When I caught them in the act, my beta was on top of her, their bodies pressed together, her dress lifted, and she let out moans of pleasure.

"How dare you?" My voice thundered, filled with hatred and rage. "I entrusted you, Josh, with the most important matters of this pack! And you, Lilith, I accepted you as my mate, granting you the rank of Luna, the pinnacle of power a female can achieve in this pack. How can you betray my trust like this?" My wolf's snarl echoed as my eyes blazed a deep shade of red.

"Kill them!" My wolf's voice roared in my head as I began to transform. Fur erupted from my skin, and my claws grew sharper. In mere seconds, I morphed into a wild beast, ready to attack. My wolf demanded their blood to cleanse my honor.

I lunged at my beta, who swiftly transformed into a gray wolf. Our confrontation began. I scratched his face and sunk my teeth into his shoulder. I was ready to tear him apart when my Luna screamed.

"This isn't what you think, alpha, I swear..." Her face was red, tears streaming down...

Our eyes locked, and all I felt was the urge to end her, to watch her bleed to death. I flung my beta against the wall, his head hitting the concrete with a loud thud. He struggled to rise, his body drenched in blood, gasping for breath. Killing him wouldn't be hard.

But during this storm of violence, Lilith's voice reached me again, fueling my anger. "Stop! Please, stop!" She pleaded, her eyes brimming with tears.

Lilith stepped between us, her gaze desperate, her eyes pleading for an end to the impending carnage. It was a shocking sight, my Luna standing in the way of my vengeance, begging for peace.

Inevitable tension hung in the air. My muscles tensed, my eyes still burning with rage. Her presence weakened my wolf, but the flames of hatred still burned. I couldn't look at Lilith without seeing betrayal or desiring her death, yet her interruption, her fragile plea, made me hesitate.

"Please, don't do this." Her voice trembled, her eyes welling up with tears. It was hard to believe that this woman, the one I trusted with everything, stood at the center of this chaos.

Her words gave me pause, painful to witness my mate in this state. But the pain of betrayal overshadowed everything. "Please, alpha, I love you! Forgive me." She stepped closer, trying to make contact with me.

At that moment, she moved to touch me, and I pushed her roughly against the wall, a brief break in my uncontrollable fury. It was the opening my beta needed. In a treacherous move, he struck with a silver stake that found its mark, piercing my chest and striking my vital organs.

Shock coursed through me like lightning, the searing agony stealing my breath. My vision failed, and my muscles gave way. I fell to my knees, the taste of my wood filling my mouth. Lilith cried my name, her voice filled with despair, tears streaming down her face.

At that moment of weakness, Josh's harsh words cut through me like a knife through my internal organs. "Don't worry, my dear alpha. I'll take care of your Luna and lead this pack. I guarantee no one will miss you." His voice was indifferent, cutting through me even as I teetered on the edge.

"Why?" My mind connected to his, a bitter growl resonating between us.

Josh's words dripped with bitterness, a triumphant tone that fueled my anger.

"I've always wanted everything that's yours, including your woman. And now, everything is in my hands, and there's nothing you can do about it." Sarcasm laced his words. I saw Luna's face filled with tears and the victorious smile forming on Josh's lips as if he were celebrating his triumph. That filled me with rage, and I used the last of my strength to dig my claws into his neck, tearing him apart completely and ripping his head off in a single blow. It happened so quickly; there was no time for him to utter his final words. Immediately after, weakened once again, I collapsed against the wall. I couldn't stem the flow of my blood. By that point, the room was already covered in several pools of blood, and my wolf snarled when my Luna attempted to approach. I was on the brink of death, yet I still lacked the strength to forgive her for what she had done.

"Forgive me, Alpha, this is all my fault! I shouldn't have let things come to this point, nor granted Josh so much freedom!" She attempted to caress my face, but I turned abruptly and spat on her face in anger, displaying my contempt.

"You're right, I don't deserve your forgiveness! This is all my fault. I hope you'll forgive me someday." She said, crying.

Before I could stop her, she plunged a knife into her abdomen, committing suicide right in front of me. I couldn't believe she had just taken her own life. She looked into my eyes, weakly smiling, uttering her final words before departing.

"I love you deeply, Alpha... Thank you for accepting me as your mate!" She said, her lips devoid of color, her face pale. Then, her body collapsed onto the hard floor, and I watched her spirit depart.

My wolf howled loudly towards the moon. The pain I felt at that moment was unbearable. I was on the verge of dying alongside my mate and my beta, who had betrayed me. All I could feel was hatred and revulsion. In an impulsive act, I turned my gaze to the moon and shouted in anger.

"Why did you give me a mate capable of betraying me? The goddess of the moon should be responsible for choosing our destined companions, but this time, you made a colossal mistake!" I yelled with all my strength before losing consciousness, taking my final breath, and feeling my cold body fall against the hard ground.


POV Sebastian StoneThe darkness gave way to a blurry vision. My senses struggled to adjust, and the sensation of penetrating cold ran over my skin. I looked around and realized I was standing on the ground covered with a thin layer of water, stretching as far as the eye could see, all enveloped in an enigmatic mist."Alpha, Sebastian, you have come." A soft voice, laden with authority, echoed through the ethereal surroundings. I turned towards the source of the voice, and my eyes met those of a figure, ethereal yet radiating light. It couldn't be, I was in the presence of the mighty Goddess of the Moon, emerging before me like a transcendental apparition. Her body seemed made of silvery light, emanating a soft and encompassing glow that seemed to emanate from within her."What is happening? Where am I?" My voice sounded hoarse and suspicious, while my posture remained rigid, underscoring my unyielding nature."You are in a place between worlds, where time and space fold. A place where truth reveals itself and illusions are dispelled." The Moon Goddess approached, her silvery eyes seeming to penetrate my soul. "You have been consumed by hatred and anger, Alpha Sebastian, and your journey needs clarity.""Clarity? All I see is betrayal and deceit!" My voice overflowed with bitterness, each word marked by the wound of the betrayal I believed I had suffered.The Moon Goddess did not waver in the face of my hostility. She raised a delicate hand, and the surrounding water stirred, forming images on its shining surface. I saw the figure of Lilith, wounded and fighting off the attack of my beta. Then, the figure of Josh, my beta, appeared. His expression was cruel, a sick smile dancing on his lips as he approached Lilith. His gaze held a perverse covetousness, devoid of recognition or compassion."You won't escape, Lilith." Josh's voice echoed, laden with a sinister desire. "I've always wanted you, and now it's my chance to have you."Lilith stood her ground, a flame of resistance burning in her eyes. She stepped back, her claws raised defensively."You'll never have what you want, Josh. My heart belongs to the Alpha, and I'll never submit to you." Her voice trembled, but there was fierce determination.Josh advanced, his intentions clear in his predatory eyes. He closed in on her, trying to force her to yield, to surrender to the desire he saw as his right."You're just a female, Lilith. A wolf like me deserves to enjoy whatever he wants." He smirked sadistically, ignoring her resistance.Lilith retreated further, her eyes casting a fierce gaze of challenge."You don't understand, Josh. My heart belongs to the Alpha, and I'll never betray that love for you." Her voice sounded clear and firm, her unwavering passion in her words."Today, you'll be mine, and I'll show you what true pleasure is!" He looked at her with malice and threw her onto the bed, lifting her dress and kissing her neck ferociously, Lilith's moans of pain intensified as she scratched and fought against him."We shouldn't be doing this!" Lilith whispered tearfully, but my beta paid no heed and continued to press his body against hers, trying to force her to give in to him.The door of the room opened abruptly, revealing my bloodthirsty eyes ready to attack."How dare you?" My voice sounded like thunder, steeped in hatred and betrayal. "I entrusted you, Josh, with the most important matters of this pack! And you, Lilith, I accepted you as my mate, grgrandantedou the position of Luna, the pinnacle of power a female can achieve in this pack. How could you betray my trust like this?" The growl of my wolf echoed, while my eyes burned in an intense crimson."Kill them!" my wolf urged in my head as I began to transform, fur sprouting from my skin and my claws sharpening. In a matter of seconds, I turned into a savage beast ready to attack. My wolf demanded their blood to cleanse my honor.I lunged at my beta, who quickly transformed into a gray wolf, and our confrontation began. I scratched his face and sank my teeth into his shoulder. Furthermore, I was ready to tear him in half when my Luna screamed."That's not what you're thinking, Alpha, I swear..." She spoke with a red face and tear-filled eyes..."You see, Alpha Sebastian, Lilith didn't betray you. And I don't make mistakes in my choices; I would never give you a mate who would betray you." The goddess's voice contained an implacable serenity.The images continued to unfold, revealing moments where Lilith showed loyalty and dedication to the pack, moments I had ignored amid the whirlwind of emotions consuming me."You saw only what you wanted to see, and lowed your anger to blind you to your mate's true nature." The Moon Goddess spoke firmly. "Believe me, Alpha Sebastian, she is worthy of your respect and trust. Lilith took her own life due to the guilt she felt seeing you hurt. She thought you would never forgive her and chose to end her life, deprived of your love."The goddess's words hit me like a blow. My chest tightened, a and mixture of shame, remorse, and regret enveloped me. The hatred I had nurtured within me had not done justice to Lilith."What must I do now? Give me another chance to avenge Lilith properly. She didn't deserve this!" My voice was full of remorse, the cracks in the tough shell I had built starting to show."Foolish, even after what I've shown you, you still haven't learned your lesson. Lilith died because you wanted revenge and judged her without first investigating the facts. Even in your final breath, you criticized me and doubted my ability to choose a good mate for you. This is a grave offense!"I remained silent; my pride spoke louder. An alpha would never apologize, and despite the pain, nothing could change the events."Now that we're all dead, it's over!" I stated coldly, devoid of emotion"Since you still haven't internalized the lesson and harbor anger and pride in your heart, I shall bestow upon you a curse!" Her voice resonated with authority, echoing like nature itself. "You are destined to return and face death repeatedly at the hands of the person you love. You will carry the memories of this day, allowing pain to corrupt you. Every hundred years, you'll have the chance to break this curse by generating an heir. The curse will then be passed on, and you'll finally be free. However, I will consider a second opportunity for you to find love and make the right choices..."She raised her hands in a majestic gesture as if weaving the threads of destiny. "I will send you a second chance mate. At first, recognizing her will be difficult. If you treat her with disdain and contempt, just as you did with Lilith, the prophecy will come true, and you will perish once again at her hands, feeling the agony of betrayal once more."The surrounding aura seemed to shine with the silver light of the moon, and her power transcended human understanding. "Meanwhile, your life will be extended, frozen in your current appearance, witnessing the slow aging and death of all you love, unable to interfere..." Her words hung like a sentence, carrying the weight of eternity and inevitability.The ethereal landscape began to dissipate, and my vision returned to fill with darkness. Before I could formulate more questions, the last words of the moon goddess echoed in my mind.I regained consciousness in agony. My heart resumed its beating, brutal and irregular. Every fiber of my body was ablaze; I could feel my organs coming back to life, and the tissues of my body regenerating. The pain that followed was like a wave, flooding me with a sensation of burning and fury that coursed through every part of my body. My hands clenched into fists, my body convulsing involuntarily.As my vision adjusted, I was confronted with the surrounding scene. Lilith and Ethan were sprawled on the ground, their bodies covered in blood. The sight brought a whirlwind of contradictory emotions—hatred and anger mixed with a torturous desire to know the truth. My mind was a maelstrom of shock and pain, but also of revelation. She didn't betray me. The truth hit me like a punch to the gut, a mixture of relief and despair. My eyes remained fixed on her with a serious expression.I got up, muscles protesting, and approached the bodies. Lilith, pale and lifeless, guilt and anger swirling within me. I lifted her lifeless body, my arms strong, my face smeared with the blood that belonged to her and a few minor scratches.I walked out of the room with determined steps, curious gazes following me, alarmed. My Luna was dead because of my suspicions. The silent crowd gave way, respecting my silent authority."Take her," my deep voice echoed, an incisive command. The maid extended her arms fearfully. I handed Lilith over to her, my expression serious and indifferent."Bury her," I ordered firmly, not allowing any room for pity or mourning. Lilith was dead, and the world had to carry on. It was an open wound, but my heart was sealed against any weakness.A frigid gaze swept through the crowd. "I forbid mourning," I announced, my voice leaving no space for objections. "No one speaks of this matter again."The words reverberated a final and irrevocable command. There was no room for sorrow, no room for remorse. Pain and anger roared within me, obscuring any sense of loss. It was a burden I would carry, a weight that would never let me forget.

Chapter 1


POV Emma

"I love you, Emma Brooks," he whispered, his intense gaze fixed on my eyes, while his fingers delicately caressed my face.

For the first time, what I had always dreamed of was becoming a reality. Ethan's words were like a sweet melody to my ears, and I could feel my heart racing with each touch of his on my body. He drew even closer, wrapping his strong arms around my waist, eliminating the little distance between us.

"Do you love me?" he asked curiously, and my cheeks blushed intensely, revealing my shyness.

"My feelings don't matter, tyler. I'm just a seemingly useless girl, incapable of shifting into my wolf form," I replied, my eyes filling with tears. On the eve of my nineteenth birthday, my wolf still hadn't awakened. Although I possessed some abilities similar to the other members of the pack, the absence of my wolf made me the target of disdain and discomfort for


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