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vivian daher

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About me

I'm a budding writer with a passion for dark romance and werewolf stories. In my profile you will find several stories with these themes. they will all be very thought-provoking and exciting, I love receiving comments from my readers and interacting with them, listening to them is essential for me, if you want to leave a message or a feedback of what you think of my stories, leave a comment in one of the chapters , I will reply you quickly. Like my profile to receive new awesome stories on the topic you love the most! by the way you can call me: vivi. it's my nickname.


Book cover
Book cover
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" You asked me to go hard and without stopping, it was a shame you weren't talking about us" she smiled. Caroline Baker is a sweet and innocent girl who ended up being kidnapped to pay off a debt from her family, with no hope, she cannot escape the hands of the nightclub owner. "You belong to me, Caroline," he repeated this intensely. Caleb Miller,The billionaire mafia boss, famous for his night-life and his reputation for brutality, became attached when he laid eyes on that girl. She was so sweet and delicate, Caleb wished he had her for himself and bought her for his personal satisfaction, making her the property of the biggest mobster in Los Angeles. Caroline longed to regain her freedom, but she didn't expect to fall in love with the man who saved her, he was so rude and severe, would a man as cruel as Caleb be able to love? " I should have hated him, but instead I fell in love with him and wanted to stay by his side, this time not because I was forced to, but of my own free will. "Caroline lowered her head, confused. The consequences of getting involved with the mafia boss could be fatal and Caroline could put her life in danger by deciding to stay by his side, of all the feelings a girl can feel love will always be the most dangerous. It makes people do crazy things, including getting involved with the biggest criminal in Los Angeles and becoming his wife helping him with his personal business and becoming part of the criminal world.


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