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The Omega Best Friend

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At Eighteen Gabriella Chambers has no wolf, has no mate so why is the Academy for shifters demanding she attends? When Gabbie gets there she's demoted to omega, the lowest rank in the pack. The only thing she looks forward to is seeing her best friend Alex again. Things have changed Alex is a feared and respected Alpha Heir, strong and s*xy, but Gabbie is still his best friend. Even though an Alpha and an Omega must never mix. Things get complicated when Alpha Kade, Alex's rival for battle season crosses paths with firey Gabbie. In Kade's pack Omegas are scum, but what happens when simple encounters turn into something more. To add fuel to the fire Gabbie is a target for three Alpha Females including Alex's mate and Kade's chosen mate. A mystery blooms while Gabbie's at the academy that involves her past and her family. Will Gabbie survive long enough to awaken her wolf and find her mate?

Chapter 1 The Beginning

“Honey, we got a letter,” Mom said, clutching a red envelope in her fist for dear life.

I set my bowl of oatmeal down.

“Who from?”

“From a school, they’re requesting your presence.”

“What kind of school does that? I don’t remember writing to any schools, plus university applications are months away.”

“Yes… I know.”

“Something's fishy mom. Throw it away.”

“I can’t.” Her voice cracked. “This is their fourth letter. We have to… consider.”

“Geez, who are they?”

“McGregor Academy… it’s a shifter school.”

My eyes from the red tablecloth to the kitchen window, giving me a perfect view of the oak tree in my back yard. A shifter school? I lost all feeling in my fingers and my cheeks heated. They shouldn’t be after me.

“Honey I think you should…” My mom Anya trailed.

What was she thinking? I couldn’t go there.

“Mom, I can’t shift.” I was eighteen and still hadn’t gotten my wolf. I was pretty sure by then that she wasn’t showing up.

“You just haven’t done it yet,” Mom said, still clenching the letter.

“I’m not a wolf. I’m done with the wishful thinking.” I grabbed my bowl and wandered to the sink and turned on the water. “I’m not like everyone else.” I could see the backyard completely and into my neighbour’s bigger yard.

I lived in EastWood a community of shifters. Mom wasn’t a shifter and since dad vanished living in a community of wolves made her nervous.

“The school is requesting you be there by tomorrow Gabbie. They’ve been asking for you for weeks. I thought they would go away if I didn’t answer.”

“But I don’t have a wolf, what are they going to do? I didn’t know they just handed them out.”

Mom groaned, “They’re going to involve the Alpha’s council. All shifters have to go to the academy.”

“Is it because my birthday was a month ago.”

“From what I know most shifters turn before eighteen. They must think you’ve already turned.”

I settled back on the table. I knew about the mysterious shifter Academy. I couldn’t count how many people I knew left town to attend the Academy. I honestly thought a select few got to go. When I was fifteen my best friend Alex left town to attend. Well… he’s no ordinary wolf. He’s the son of the Alpha. I haven’t seen him since or heard anything about him.

Obviously, I would know if he died. It would be a dark day in the pack. Would I get to see him again?

“Do I have to leave so soon?” I asked.

Mom settled on the empty chair to my right. I didn’t want to leave her here alone. Not that this was a dangerous pack. The Alpha was friends with my dad once upon a time so I’d like to think we’re protected. I don’t want her to be lonely. My dad wasn’t coming back and she was too scared to put herself out there again.

“Yes honey, a bus will take you straight to the school.”

“How long will I be there for?”

She pushed a strand of hair behind my ear, “You haven’t even gotten there yet and you’re thinking of leaving.”

“Being the new girl is hard mom. Not to mention the only one without a wolf.”

“They’ll help you out.” She insisted.

I bit my lip. The kids here were terrible enough. Everyone was expecting me to shift but I didn’t. I always wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I can’t even feel the connection other wolves talk about with their wolves. Mine was just quiet or hollow. Dead.

“You’ll make lots of friends. I think you’re a pretty cool girl.”

I chuckled, “Thanks, mom. You think I’ll see Alex again?”

I felt my cheeks blush a little. I could imagine he was totally different on the outside, I was hoping he was just the same on the inside.

Mom’s face brightened, “Yes, Alex. He was such a sweet boy. See you already have a friend.”

She got up and wandered into the living room. I followed, she wasn’t going to cry was she? She struggled with the drawer on the table that carried a massive ugly lamp my grandmother gave her. She got it open and rummaged inside until she pulled out a chain.

“What’s that?” I asked.

She held the shiny silver chain out for me. “It was your dad’s I think you should take it. I think he left it for you. He never took that think off.”

It had a pendant of an arrow and an axe crossed together. I let the cold metal fall in my palm. I remembered it dangling on his chest when I was a kid.

“You should get ready Gabbie,” Mom said softly.

“I just… it’s so soon. I don’t want to leave you…”

“Oh… Gabbie.” She wrapped me in her arms and I squeezed. “I’ll be fine.”


I had one suitcase in front of me and a backpack. The bus taking me to my new home for the next who knows how long was empty and the driver looked at me as if I kicked his dog.

“It’s going to be okay Gabbie.” Mom smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

I nodded. I couldn’t believe I was reaching home. It was only now hitting me that I wouldn’t wake up in my own house anymore. Not for a while. I hoped they were wrong. They’d find out I didn’t have a wolf and send me home. I would still be teased, but at least I would be somewhere familiar.

Mom wrapped me in her arms, “Everything’s going to be fine. You have to go now, honey.”

“I know. I’ll try to call every day.”

“That’ll be great.”

The bus ride felt like five hours. I fell asleep with headsets on listening to music. The rock of the bus woke me up. The lights came on and I had to blink to adjust to the light.

“Final stop young lady.” The bus driver rasped.

I slung my bag over my shoulder and wobbled out of the bus. Well, here was home. A medieval castle that looked possessed by demons. Better yet people turned into fury beasts. The lights from the bus illuminated the entrance.

A woman in a long gown and bucket hat stood before the door. I placed my hand on my chest. I thought she was a ghost.

“Welcome Miss Chambers.”


What was she the caretaker? She turned and beckoned me on.

“School officially starts tomorrow. New students sleep in Helene Hall for the night until they can be put into your proper dorms. Unfortunately, you’re the only new student.”


“Well… some arrive on the first day. Some years we have no new students at all.”

I paused, this didn’t feel right.

“I’m sorry ma’am…”

“Headmistress Athena.” She straightened up her spine.

“Headmistress… I don’t think I should be here. I’ve never shifted before. I don’t know why I’m here.” I said almost in a whisper.

“Just because you haven’t shifted doesn’t mean you aren’t a wolf who belongs here.” She proceeded to expect me to follow.

The only other sound was that of our shoes clicking against the marble floor.

“What happens if I can’t shift?”

“We’ll cross that line when we get there, Miss Chambers. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow.”

Chapter 2 First Days

It was too quiet. My mind kept racing, taking me to places that made my heart race. When I fell asleep and my fears followed me. I didn’t want to be here. The castle was only quiet at night by five a.m. I was being woken by footsteps stomping on the roof. What did I even wear? Uniform?

Athena hadn’t left me one. I looked for the most neutral thing in my bag. I found a black skirt with pockets so I could hide my phone. The only plain shirt I had was a white sleeved shirt that tightly hugged my body. I tried not to get my strawberry blondish hair wet in the shower, but it did, now I had some parts curls and other parts frizzy or straight. I didn’t even have a scrunchy to tame my hair.

Black sneakers completed my look. The second I stepped out of the door I turned into a mouse.

“Oh, who’s that?”

“Fresh meat?”

I backed into the hall.

“Hurry up now. Miss Chambers, assembly’s next. Which you should all be at.” A surge of power filled the room. It went s

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