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Sasha Johnson

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  • 7.6
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About me

Let's go on an adventure together! From arranged marriages to werewolf academies and forbidden loves between angels and goddesses. Follow me on social media to connect and know about more of my books. @Sasha Wynters on Facebook


The Kissing Game--The Money Universe
  • 👁 17K
  • 7.5

What was it with the Kiszinger men? First it was the forbidden Sky Kiszinger now his marked and mysterious older cousin West. Grey didn't belong among the billionaire of Prime Academy so a relationship with West Kiszinger shouldn't be possible, but neither of them can deny the heat and emotions between them. West isn't only marked, he's tainted with his own secrets much darker than Grey's. Faster all hell breaks loose, Grey learns who her true allies her, but will she make it out alive? Can she keep West after her secrets and her heart have been exposed?

Sold for Gold & Bells
  • 👁 9.1K
  • 7.5

Gia Glass. But I'm not made of glass. I've mingled with sharks and wolves all of who have the intention of swallowing me whole. I'm drowning in debt and the only solution I have is to marry a ruthless loan shark or become a high-class proustite. That's until Bradley Wolfe shows up in my life, he doesn't save me, but I will have to marry him in order to save my estranged father from his own harrowing fate. Bradley is everything I feared he would be, but in the end, will he be my saving grace when my world continues to spiral or the thing that pushes me down? Book #2 Sold for Gold & Bells (Lilly's Novella) Emilia or Lilly as her friends call her is meek, predictable and does everything to make everyone else happy. When Rocco a loan shark recognizes her at her best friend's wedding it sparks a passion that should never happen. Lilly finds herself in a web of lies she can't get out of. It gets worse when her boss leaves her thousands of dollars in debt before he flees the country. All that lands her back into Rocco's arms and living a double life to clear the debt. Will good girl finally break free and choose passion and adventure or will the dangers of the new world she's found drive her back to safety?

Olympiad is Falling, The Rise of Artemis
  • 👁 10.1K
  • 7.5

Their Love was never meant to be born. She belongs in the sky. For twenty one years Olympiad has been missing a goddess now it's falling at the hands of a deadly war. When Artemis' sister gets kidnapped she travels to the mage dimension to find her. Daylen's a denimus angel in the Royal court with a stone cold face and broken interior. After he blows up half a city block with Artemis, he decides he has to protect her from the clutches of the evil Queen. Their love blooms in the midst of darkness and chaos and lies. Both of them keeping secrets that keep them apart.

The Omega Best Friend
  • 👁 7.9K
  • 7.9

At Eighteen Gabriella Chambers has no wolf, has no mate so why is the Academy for shifters demanding she attends? When Gabbie gets there she's demoted to omega, the lowest rank in the pack. The only thing she looks forward to is seeing her best friend Alex again. Things have changed Alex is a feared and respected Alpha Heir, strong and sexy, but Gabbie is still his best friend. Even though an Alpha and an Omega must never mix. Things get complicated when Alpha Kade, Alex's rival for battle season crosses paths with firey Gabbie. In Kade's pack Omegas are scum, but what happens when simple encounters turn into something more. To add fuel to the fire Gabbie is a target for three Alpha Females including Alex's mate and Kade's chosen mate. A mystery blooms while Gabbie's at the academy that involves her past and her family. Will Gabbie survive long enough to awaken her wolf and find her mate?


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