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The Lycan's Human Mate

The Lycan's Human Mate

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Due to the heartache, she receives from her fiancé, Jaidyn makes an impulsive decision to continue the trip she had originally intended to do with him. As soon as she arrived in the town, she had an overwhelming attraction to both the setting and the enigmatic man. However, secrets have come to light as a result of her continued presence there. She was more than just a human; she was the mate of a being that she had never in her wildest thoughts imagined to exist. With her heartbroken over her ex-fiance and prime life in another country, she was in for a ride that will set the course of her life.


'Let’s end this.'

The words of my fiance kept echoing in my head as I closed my eyes. I quickly reopened them, shaking my head, and turned to face the airplane window.

It seems, being excessively possessive means wanting to travel to spend time with the person you love. I suppose from the perspective of my ex-fiance. He was just waiting for the right moment to break up with me, I know that much. And his justifications were laughably weak.

"I hate him," I grumbled while simultaneously feeling like the fool my sister labeled me for leaving and continuing to travel to a place I had reserved for me and my ex-fiance.

I spent money on it, so why can't I enjoy it, right?

But after a while, it sounds crazy when you do something rash like flying across another continent you have little knowledge about for a little trip to forget the pain. To forget a man you love.

I pushed back the thought and glanced around. My gaze fell on the flight attendant beginning to approach us. I waved her over.

"Can I get vodka, please?”

The flight attendant offered me a kind smile and nodded before walking away. I forced another smile at the old couple next to me, who returned it with an understanding nod.

The flight attendant soon returned carrying my vodka. On regular days, I never even considered asking for a drink since, to borrow a phrase from my ex-fiance, I am very kind and a good girl. Someone who always follows the rules. I don't understand why he believed that after knowing me for ten years. And I did something that I know would not fall in a good girl's book. It was, however, his opinion of me all along. This action may be purely in the mindset to behave out of character, perhaps to prove to myself or him that I can be bad. That I am not what he thinks I am.

I originally reserved a hotel room for two people in Europe. A particular peak there was all of a sudden fascinating to me once I saw it in one of the pamphlets I came across. Though Anthony and I have different schedules, I've always tried my best to spend time with him. Despite my best efforts, he constantly declines and provides a never-ending excuse for his refusal, which I can't believe I fell for. In retrospect, it could just have been his excuse.

My attention was drawn to my ring finger, occupied by the shining diamond ring he gave me. I have no heart to remove it. Not just yet. I fought back tears that were threatening to fall.

It's a good thing I didn't wed that moron.

"You have a beautiful ring" the old woman next to me commented, peering down at my band wrapped on my fourth finger. "Are you married?"

I looked down at the large, shiny on my ring finger, discreetly tucking my hand in my coat pocket.

"No, I'm not," I said.

The confused expression of the old woman didn't go unnoticed by me but I had already turned my attention to the window once again. Avoiding having to explain. I take a sip of my beverage and feel my throat burn as a result. It's time for me to put him out of my mind.

I intended to spend a few days in a certain town before returning home. Although I tried to act like there was something good in this little escapade of mine, fear gripped me. I wasn't familiar with the area, and I didn't particularly enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone. And every time I went somewhere, either Anthony, my older sister, or my parents were there to accompany me. I'm never by myself.

For eight years, I have been with Anthony. He was my rock, my home. Anthony was my first love, therefore it's hard for me to let go of the betrayal.

Even if this journey turned out to be my worst decision ever, at least I would have had a little more real-world experience without Anthony or anyone.

Fortunately, after I told my sister where I would go, her husband–Jaxon, knew someone there.


I had arrived at my destination after a lengthy trip. I was now jammed into a car traveling down a rough and rocky road. I had my camera on my shoulder and as soon as I landed, I had to take a shot of some beautiful scenery.

As I was led closer to the village where I would stay, my thoughts were drifting to how I chose this place. Through a rental agency that I changed at the last minute, I managed to find a small cabin to rent.

If I hadn't decided to go on vacation and surprise someone, I would never have known that a village named Grevis Town existed. However, when I studied the map, I felt as though something was drawing me here.

My muscles were aching from stiffening during this ride, but when the road flattened out, I was able to relax against the tattered leather seat. The driver was focused on the road and my eyes darted to the skin on his hands. It was tanned and wrinkled, and they were wrapped over the splintered steering wheel. I shifted my attention back to the window and peered at the dense row of trees that we were passing by.

My phone suddenly started vibrating. I took it out of my coat and noticed the registered name on the screen.

"Jai!" came a yell from the other line.

I chuckled in response to my older sister's exaggerated greeting. "I just landed and I'm fine."

"Thank goodness. Where are you right now?"

"Inside the car"

"Alright, phone me when you arrive there, and if possible, make up your mind to inform mom and dad about this misadventure and about you and that jerk as soon as you can."

I nodded even though she couldn't see me. "Noted"

When a moment of stillness stretched, I pulled my phone away from my ear, checking if I was connected. And I still am.

“Hello, Jane, are you still there?”

I noted her serious tone when she finally replied. “You didn't feel anything at all about the place, right?”

I frowned. “Okay, now you're scaring me. What should I feel, Jane?”

“Nothing. I just don't want you to want to live there”. She teased, but knowing her from head to toe, I know that it was not completely genuine. Still, I ignored it. Maybe she was simply tired. After all, she was pregnant with her first baby.

“Then I will live with you,” I said, giggling.

“And I would love that.” Then, her tone grew softer. "You'll be fine."

I know what she meant. I smiled sadly, taking a deep breath. "I will be, I need to be."

"Okay, then I will hang up. Love you, sis"

After hanging up, I looked at my phone for a second, mulling over how lucky I am to have my sister. I stowed the phone in my coat pocket. Then my gaze fell on the forest in the distance. I felt a chill run through me at the thought of wild animals there, lurking in the shadows. I chose to shift my gaze again outside the window, trying to ignore the swarm of unpleasant thoughts in my head.

As a tiny town came into view with a large sign of Grevis Town, I took a breath in appreciation of how beautiful the neighborhood was. It was snuggled within the dense group of trees and seemed small yet beautiful.

As the little car sputtered along, I braced my hands on the door. The driver eventually slowed down after a short while, and I was able to calm down again as I looked at the houses and stores that were on each side of me and the people walking along the sidewalks. Only ten minutes passed until the car drew up next to the cabin that could be a model for a storybook castle located in the heart of magical woodland.

I exited the vehicle, paid the driver, and made sure to thank him as well. I then stood in front of a cabin with my backpack on my shoulder and a duffel bag in the other hand. I looked around, contemplating whether to contact the number my sister gave me for this. Before I could give it much thought, a young guy stepped out of the house a little far from the one I leased.

Upon noticing me, the guy exclaimed, “Jaidyn?”

“Yes,” I replied reluctantly. Perhaps this is the man my sister was referring to.

CHAPTER 2: Dinner

With a smile, he tilted his head, walking toward me. His accent was thick, "I'm Cayden, the one I assumed Jane talked to you about."

When I heard my sister's name, I smiled and felt a little relieved in my heart. I extended my hand, saying, “Hi”

We shook hands.

"I was lucky, Jane gave me your picture" he mused while grabbing my bag from me, which I reluctantly allowed. "How's the trip?"

"Tiring. I feel like my bones are so stiff" I chuckled.

"Well, now you have a chance to loosen," he said and began motioning over the cabin.

"The cottage's owner, whom you talked with, affirmed that the home was ready for occupancy even though she was currently out of town”

I simply nodded, looking at the cabin.

"Should we enter and have a look around?” Cayden inquired.

"I would love to," I said, and followed him.

I was given a tour of the charming


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