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The Killer and Her Mate

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"Since you have already agreed to the deal you must know that being my personal killer would mean that you have to listen to everything that I tell you to do. There will be punishments if you fail to follow this," he said, mirth swimming in his eyes taking Vevina by surprise. She wasn't prepared for this new twist and glaring at him she wretched her hand out of his hold and shouted, "You never said anything about that! And why the f*ck would you kiss me with your filthy lips?" ~ Vevina Yaretzi doesn't believe in love. Why would she when all her life she had only been abused by every person that she had ever met including her parents. She is so suffocated by the torture that when her brain finally snaps she decides to f*ck it and just kill her parents. She doesn't have a will to live and doesn't care what happens to her future. Sinking deep in her madness, alone, she finds her hand being gripped by another man who is pulling her out of the darkest parts of her mind...towards love? ~ Alastor Tynen is a ruthless Alpha famous for his cruelty when he finds out that he has been mated to an abused weak human or so everyone believes. She is unstable, chaotic and although human she has the potential to scare away werewolves like him only if she was honed right. He knows that the only way to make this crazy woman his is to clash against her craziness. The problem was his pack wouldn't accept a 'weak human' as their Luna and neither did Vevina seem in a state where she would love him or accept them. But Alastor is set on making her his. Would this love be possible?


“Ah you are a good f*ck,” the man looming over her smiled, staring into her teary eyes. There was fear mixed in with some disgust. He loved to see that look on her.

“P-Please leave me alone,” she said, scampering to cover herself with her blanket to somehow put a barrier against her and the man. Her limbs ached from the movement as it would after a night that she spent with him.

“Hey, now that is no way to talk to your boyfriend,” the man said leaning down to kiss her forehead.

The woman was once again surprised even though it was always the same. He would f*ck her until she would almost become senseless and then sweet talk to her to make her forget all about it.

“Then why do you always do this Vlad? My whole body hurts,” she complained, her eyes burning from the lack of sleep and the tears in general that had not once stopped since he had started to ‘fill her with his love’.

“You are just too weak, Vev,” he sighed in an almost annoying voice, making her shrink and look away embarrassed.

“I am sorry,” she said, believing it to be her fault. Since Vlad had always been perfect then it must be her. It had always been her; she had been such a loser that no one liked her, not her family or her friends at school.

But Vlad did, so she needed to make him happy no matter what it took her. Even if it meant that her body was used like a rag doll.

‘He only does this because he loves me.’

“You should be,” he sighed, weaving a hand through her hair. “You know how much effort I go through for you, right? You don’t appreciate me enough.”

His face was handsome as always as she peered at it in the glow of her night lamp. She didn’t know if she loved him yet but he did and she wanted to love him too but there were moments that scared her.

Suddenly gripping her hair tightly Vlad jerked her head back making her suppress a yell as the blanket fell from her palm and showed a bit of her bare body. “You are so lewd, Vev. One tug at your filthy hair and you start moaning like a wanton sl*t again.”

It was moments like these which made her question everything.

“Oh but I love you for that baby,” Vlad said once, climbing over her body and kissing her. She wasn’t ready for another round. Her body had been aching too much to even breathe properly.

“Please not anymore,” she begged in between the rushed kiss, her voice slightly raised. She realized her mistake a little too late by then Vlad had already replaced his lips to his hard calloused hand pressing down on her mouth. Although the kiss had been suffocating it had still been better than this painful and forceful suppression of her air supply being cut off.

She wanted to thrash around but she knew she would only be making it worse if she did and so lying still she waited for him to let her go.

“Are you f*ck*ng stupid? What would happen if your mother came in now?” Vlad hissed looking towards the door in expectance. The thought scared her because her dear Mom had no idea that she had a boyfriend much less that she was f*ck*ng him under the very same roof that they both lived in.

Vlad recognized the fear in her eyes again. It was more prominent in respect to her mother than it was with him. It did make him slightly jealous but as long as she stayed submissive he didn’t care about anything else. “I only worry for you, Vev. If she comes in and finds you like this then she is going to hit you again and I don’t want to see that happen. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She sniffled, happy that he was worrying for her but she wondered why he couldn’t just make it hurt less so that she wouldn’t have to shout out her pain. “I’ll be careful from now on.”

“Now be a good girl and turn around so that you can scream into your pillow as much as you want while I take you from behind,” he said smiling at the busty newly turned adult before him.

For an eighteen year old she was too innocent and weak to question him or his love for her. It helped that she was raised in an abusive environment both in and out of the house.

Doing as he had said, she turned around and closed her eyes feeling him kiss her skin. She wondered if it was supposed to make her feel itchy. She had never been loved before so she had nothing to compare but why would people perform an act that would bring them discomfort?

“Stop thinking, Vev,” Came the command from behind her. “I can hear the wheels in your head moving and it’s not making me happy. I need your attention on me and on what I am doing to your body.”

That brought Vevina back from her straying thoughts and focused on him again.

“Vlad, why can’t you take me away from here? I don’t want to live here anymore. The people don’t love me and they don’t treat me well. I don’t think I can take it anymore,” she repeated the same words that she had been saying for the past two months that she had met him, the night of her birthday.

She was expecting an answer but instead she heard a disgruntled groan and Vlad disentangled from her and moved away to wear his pants. Panicking she sat up, unbothered by the naked view of her body she was giving him.

“This is it. I am done with you. You just ruined my mood once again, Vev,” he said, making her worry and apologize for the mistake she had committed.

She came up to him ready to pull him back to her bed when he pushed her back and said, “I love you Vevina. You have a great body and you are good at s*x but I cannot deal with your whines anymore than this.”

“No, Please Vlad. Stay, I am sorry. I will never ask you to help me again. So please stay,” she said scared that the only one who had come to love her was also leaving her alone. It was dark so she wasn't sure but in times like this Vlad didn't even look human to her. She couldn't understand him and didn't know what she should do.

She was shivering and vibrating from the fear that he had aroused in her mind and although he loved to see it. He didn’t want to entertain her any more for the night.

When she tugged at his t-shirt again he slapped her making her go tumbling down onto her bed making it creak slightly. This hadn’t been new to Vevina. She had been slapped countless times before not only by him but by many others but just like every other time tears filled her eyes from the stinging pain and dribbled down her red cheeks.

“It’s over you b*tch! I can’t f*ck*ng love you anymore; I am so tired of your greediness. Nothing is ever enough!” He snarled and just like how he would climb up to her room through the window he went out of it in a flash and disappeared into the night.

Vevina trembled from the sight obscuring slap that she had just been gifted with and looked out of the window. If this was what love was then she didn’t need it anymore.

If this was how love made her feel she was better off without it.

Chapter 1: Beloved Family

Warm naked skin could be felt cupping her right breast. It was the movement of that big hand that had woken her up. Turning her face she stared at the attractive features of the man sleeping beside her. If someone was to tell her that she would end up in this position exactly twenty four hours ago then she would have laughed at them but this was her reality now.

Her new life with this familiar stranger.

*24 hours ago…*

A headless teddy with gray, dust covered cotton peeking out from its dangling head and body was placed in between a myriad of other abhorrent stuffed animals. The small coral couch tucked in one corner of the room beside the table was filled with them and was arranged in a neat manner.

A woman was sat in front of the untouched abominations on a light pink carpet matching the sickly sweet theme of the room, talking to them with a gentle smile on her face.

“I am sorry that it took me so long but as promised I am finally going to ge


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