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  • Author: Illustris
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.5K
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"Since you have already agreed to the deal you must know that being my personal killer would mean that you have to listen to everything that I tell you to do. There will be punishments if you fail to follow this," he said, mirth swimming in his eyes taking Vevina by surprise. She wasn't prepared for this new twist and glaring at him she wretched her hand out of his hold and shouted, "You never said anything about that! And why the f*ck would you kiss me with your filthy lips?" ~ Vevina Yaretzi doesn't believe in love. Why would she when all her life she had only been abused by every person that she had ever met including her parents. She is so suffocated by the torture that when her brain finally snaps she decides to f*ck it and just kill her parents. She doesn't have a will to live and doesn't care what happens to her future. Sinking deep in her madness, alone, she finds her hand being gripped by another man who is pulling her out of the darkest parts of her mind...towards love? ~ Alastor Tynen is a ruthless Alpha famous for his cruelty when he finds out that he has been mated to an abused weak human or so everyone believes. She is unstable, chaotic and although human she has the potential to scare away werewolves like him only if she was honed right. He knows that the only way to make this crazy woman his is to clash against her craziness. The problem was his pack wouldn't accept a 'weak human' as their Luna and neither did Vevina seem in a state where she would love him or accept them. But Alastor is set on making her his. Would this love be possible?


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