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The Hunter And The Prey

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, "Oh God, why are my new neighbors so hot?!" she whispered to herself. She took up the phone and instantly called her best friend Audrey, who answered right away. "Belle!!! I'm so sorry for what happened last night. I called you, but you didn't answer! What happened to you? How did you get home?" Audrey asked repeatedly. "Last night? I-" Belle unable to finish her sentence when she saw in her memory the terrifying experience. "Belle? What's going on? Wait for me, and I'll go there.” Audrey said over the phone before hung up and hurried out of the house. ——— As soon as Belle put on her glasses, she noticed a large wolf staring at her and oozing saliva. When she saw the wolf approach her, she gradually moved backward. She wanted to scream and beg for help, but she was unable to do so since her voice seemed to have been swallowed by fear. Even her body was shaking, "please, good dog... please... don't bite me..." she pleaded in fear. Her plea was unheard, though, when the wolf unexpectedly bit her leg. Belle could not let out the cry because of pain and fear. She gathered every last bit of bravery, and with one foot, she kicked the wolf's snout repeatedly until its fangs were ripped from his leg by her kick. Belle immediately stood up and ran away from the wolf, but it immediately followed her and jumped high to bite her again. But at the same time, as its strike, Belle slipped, forcing its attacks to overtake her. Belle crawled quickly and ran again. ; she had lost track of her running direction; All she wanted was to get away from the beast attacking her.

Chapter 1

Olwegos Town

Belle Pov.

"Belle, hurry up, we're going to be late!" my best friend Audrey shouted and sounded her horn many times.

"Dad, we're going, and I could be home late tonight because there's a program at school," I said before quickly kissing him on the cheek.

"Alright, just be careful and don't walk in the dark by yourself!" my father request.

I shook my head and hurried out of our house.

Aside from the long skirt and floral blouse, who would attempt to harm me?

I had a thick glass covering my face, and everyone knew I was the sheriff's daughter.

Audrey grimaced as she looked over my entire body. "Oh, goodness Belle! We're in junior class, but you still haven't changed your style of clothes! How can you get a boyfriend!" Audrey said.

“You're too loud, start the engine, and let's go...we're going to be late!” I complained “ And Audrey, you speak like you already have a boyfriend...You forget we're simply the same N.B.S.B (No Boyfriend Since Birth)!” I laughed at her as I adjusted my thick glasses.

Before she started the car, Audrey frowned, "That's why I do my make-over...So that will be eliminated from N.B.S.B!" She grinned and drove the car.

I turned to face the car window while turning up the radio because Audrey was still lecturing me.


Stanford University...

In the distance, the happy mood at the university can be seen.

The students are eager to meet with their classmates,

A few couples have separated because one partner went on vacation.

''Hopefully, our class will include fresh transfers! So, we don't only interact with Reid's group until graduation!” Audrey signed as she picked up her bag.

I looked at Audrey, ''Why, Have you moved on from how you feel about Reid?" I asked Audrey with a smile as I stepped out of the car.

I've given up on Reid” Audrey frowned, “He's too in love with his cheerleader!" Her answer is as she walks closer to me. Audrey's grin vanished when she witnessed Reid cuddling up to his longtime girlfriend, Laura, who was the leader of the cheering squad at Stanford University.

"Oh, I thought you gave up? Why is your snout so long?" I giggle as I walk side by side with her.

'Let's not talk about that moron! It will just ruin my lovely day! Audrey walked fast while wrapping her hand over my arm, pulling me up.

Along the way, we passed a group of guys, “Yow, nerd! How was your vacation?” My classmate Carl shouted at me and made his usual fun of me.

“Hey moron, Belle's vacation is fun and meaningful! How about you? I'm sure you didn't do anything but grow your muscles. But I think you forgot, you also needed to nourish your brain!" Audrey's answer while filling me away.

The area was filled with laughter, which abruptly ceased as a result of Carl's stern look at his friends. He is feared by everyone, but Audrey does not appear to be one of them.

"Thank you and It's a good thing Carl is head over heels for you!!! Because if not, I'm sure we won't make it to our first class, and we'll deliver to the infirmary!" I said to Audrey.

As she opened the door to our classroom, Audrey let go of her grip on me and looked at me with wide eyes. "What are you trying to say? Has the moron Carl also affected your brilliant brain?" she asked.

I enter the room first while laughing at Audrey. Carl's affection for Audrey was known to every Stanford student. “I don't know if you're numb... or you just don't know,” I said as I sat at the far end of the classroom.

“Forget Carl and let's focus on what we're going to do at the welcoming party tonight!” Audrey drew her bench nearer to me with excitement.

"What are you thinking?" I asked as I listened to her attentively.

"I'll give you a makeover for the party tonight, and then let's look for the ideal date,” Audrey whispers to my ears.

It seemed I had been poured into cold water when I heard her plan. I scowled and yanked Audrey away, "Stop it!" I'm not planning on getting a boyfriend!” I closed my eyes after slouching, placing my head on the table, and covering it with a book.

Even so, Audrey was certain about her idea and didn't let up until I gave my agreement.

Although it was only the first day of classes, the welcoming party delayed the start of the regular classes. To prepare for the event, the teachers sent everyone home early.

I was immediately taken to Audrey's home. And she did give me a makeover in accordance with her plan.

"Try this one..." Audrey commanded while giving me the dress she picked from her wardrobe.

I go to the bathroom and force myself to put on the dress. Due to a lack of interest, I didn't even peek at my reflection in the mirror out of boredom.

As soon as I exited the bathroom, Audrey screamed, "Bestie! You look gorgeous!" Since I'm not wearing my glasses, I can't see myself when Audrey shows me in the mirror.

"Do you want me to die in shame?" I complained to Audrey as I pulled on the crumpled shroud that covered my breast.

“Oh my gosh, you're so conservative!” Audrey muttered while looking for a dress that would pass my old fashion taste.

"Try this one, "Audrey handed over a black dress.

I initially looked at the dress. When I noticed that the dress had off-shoulder sleeves, I stopped myself from complaining. But when I saw Audrey's dark face, I didn't continue and rushed straight to the restroom to try the dress on.

When I came out of the bathroom to complain again, Audrey preceded me in speaking.

"That's my most conservative dress, and I've given all the outdated clothing in my closet to the needy!?''Audrey exclaimed.

I forced myself to agree. Audrey also wanted to take my glasses off, but I no longer let her.

"If you take off my glasses, I'd rather not go to the event since I'm sure I won't see anything!" I plead as I snatch my glass from Audrey.

"Then we should dispose of your old fashion glasses before the regular class starts!!!" Audrey states.

I frowned as I adjusted my glasses before sitting on Audrey's bed.

While watching Audrey, I felt drowsy. So I closed my eyes first to fall asleep.

Chapter 2

Belle's Pov.

I put a pillow over my ear to block out the noises I could hear.

I eventually got up and...

The incident at the school comes flooding back in my mind.


"Belle, get up!" I was rudely awakened by Audrey's shrill voice and slap on my arm.

I picked up my glasses and looked at Audrey's attire, 'Are you going to a club?' I could no longer restrain myself from saying when I saw the clothing she was wearing.

"This is the latest style, but I won't argue with you right now because we're going to be late." Audrey states while getting her glittering purse.

I got to my feet and took the purse Audrey was holding out for me. Before leaving her room, Audrey added, "I already placed powder, lipstick, perfume, and mint in your purse." Audrey didn't stop until we were in the car to tell me what I was supposed to do.

“You've already said that to me five time


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