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Midnight Snow

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, "Oh God, why are my new neighbors so hot?!" she whispered to herself. She took up the phone and instantly called her best friend Audrey, who answered right away. "Belle!!! I'm so sorry for what happened last night. I called you, but you didn't answer! What happened to you? How did you get home?" Audrey asked repeatedly. "Last night? I-" Belle unable to finish her sentence when she saw in her memory the terrifying experience. "Belle? What's going on? Wait for me, and I'll go there.” Audrey said over the phone before hung up and hurried out of the house. ——— As soon as Belle put on her glasses, she noticed a large wolf staring at her and oozing saliva. When she saw the wolf approach her, she gradually moved backward. She wanted to scream and beg for help, but she was unable to do so since her voice seemed to have been swallowed by fear. Even her body was shaking, "please, good dog... please... don't bite me..." she pleaded in fear. Her plea was unheard, though, when the wolf unexpectedly bit her leg. Belle could not let out the cry because of pain and fear. She gathered every last bit of bravery, and with one foot, she kicked the wolf's snout repeatedly until its fangs were ripped from his leg by her kick. Belle immediately stood up and ran away from the wolf, but it immediately followed her and jumped high to bite her again. But at the same time, as its strike, Belle slipped, forcing its attacks to overtake her. Belle crawled quickly and ran again. ; she had lost track of her running direction; All she wanted was to get away from the beast attacking her.


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