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The Alpha's Triple Lunas

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Synopsis Abused by their Uncle, emotionally and physically, for fifteen years, three sisters blindly accept to be the wife of a Lone True Alpha Werewolf. The goal was to escape their Uncle’s torture and live in peace with their newfound brother but tide changes when they grow attached to the lone wolf. Scott never expected to have three Lunas in one day and accepted it as luck but his luck runs out when the evil Dragon Queen puts a bounty on the head of his three Lunas. The sisters never expect to become entangled with magic and dragons but as Lunas, they took their place besides the Alpha’s side. Which sister would finally get the title of Luna Queen? And is there really no secret of their Alpha husband and the Dragon Queen. Read to find out how the outrageous adventure and love story rolled in.

Chapter 1

Chapter One – Killer Wolves.

It wasn’t an ideal fishing weather and they had strayed past their village boundaries. But would Margaret listen?

Lydia tried convincing her second oldest sister that they could get in trouble for one, leaving the house without permission. Two, for coming to a forest’s river to fish.

The river was out of bound for fishing. But of course, Margaret won’t listen, she would rather begin yelling on how she always opposes her and is disrespectful to her and only respectful to Evelyn, their older sister.

Lydia turned to Evelyn, she was just quiet, not even trying to convince Margaret to forfeit the fishing.

“Fine, I’m leaving. If you two want, do as you like!” Lydia stomped off expecting her sisters to follow her.

Evelyn did and soon after Margaret. Of course, not without grumbling “She always opposes me”.

Lydia wanted to bring up a to brighten the mood but Margaret counted it.

“Stop wait” she stretched her both hands to stop her sisters. Margaret wanted to protest till her ears caught some growling sounds.

“Killer wolves!” Margaret suddenly shouted and began running, the others followed.

The very hungry wolf pack, which were just passing by, heard Margaret’s screams and began chasing the trail.

Margaret kept on screaming, it seemed to add strength to her legs. Lydia wanted to turn to see how far back the wolves were but her body only wanted to run.

All her strength went to her legs, even her heart got tired of beating profusely. She was almost passing out.

Evelyn noticed and grabbed hold of the rope she tied to her waist.

“On my count you hold me tight” she tied her axe to the rope. Lydia reduced her pace, her panting sounds were wearing off.

“Lydia stay with me, be strong honey. You should throw this axe to the next tree you come across. Climb up there and wait” Evelyn helped get hold the rope and ran faster to Margaret.

The increasing howls of the wolves made Lydia start up running faster again. The fishing was a bad idea, she knew it.

A tree was coming to sight. She forced her hands and begin swinging the top and the axe and she threw it across the tree.

It went round a branch thrice and she began climbing up to it. Evelyn slowed down and turned to check her Lydia, she was safe on the tree.

“Margaret, grab that rod!” she shouted.

Margaret, who was already far in front of them, stopped running and turned backwards.

“I said use that rod. Use it to lift yourself to a tree!” Evelyn shouted again. Margaret got hold of the rod lying on the grass and she began running.

She saw a tree so used it to lift herself to the tree. She threw it down so her older sister could use it too.

The ‘Killer Wolves’ were known not to be tree climbers so trees were a huge advantage when running from them.

After loosing two preys, the wolves howled louder and began jumping faster towards the last sister. Evelyn missed the rod and ran ahead for her life.

“No, you missed” Margaret cried as the wolves ran behind her elder sister. She looked back at Lydia who had already passed out on the tree.

“What to do! What to do! If I come down, they’ll eat me!” she cried louder.

A rod came to Evelyn’s sight but it was too short to lift her up. She grabbed it still.

She saw another one, slightly longer than the first but it still wouldn’t do. She grabbed it too. She was now close to the village.

If these ‘Killer Wolves’ followed her there then they’ll surely have a meal from the village children playing tag.

“Stop, you mangy beasts” she stopped abruptly and turned to them. She held the both rods on her both hands.

“I am Evelyn, the daughter of Scar-Face. My father had killed a lot of your kind so…” she stopped. Was she actually talking to wolves?

The wolves growled angrily at her. Whenever one came close, she’d swipe her rod to it to send it back. It went on for some seconds. She knew soon they’d get tired of her game and jump on her.

“Heeya!” she strikes the leader with the two rods at the same time. He howled loudly and went backwards.

Evelyn heard a short growl behind her. She was sure it wasn’t the wolves. A shadow passed her and the wolves began being submissive. It was a human’s shadow.

“Who’s there?” she screamed at the shadow. It went past in front of her and she caught sight of it’s tail. A human with a tail? A werewolf?

Just then an arrow was shot to one wolf, then two, then three. The rest fled back.

“Cousin Timothy!” Evelyn yelped on seeing who saved her. He came riding a horse, that quickly ran off when it saw the wolves. Screams were heard afar off.

“Margaret?” Evelyn ran, chasing the wolves again.

“It never ends” Timothy gasped and chased after Evelyn.

Margaret had came down the tree hoping to save her older sister and her little sister, Lydia, too.

Lydia was now unconscious and was almost falling off the tree. Margaret was specially thoughtless in handling real life situations.

“They’ve surrounded Margaret. “I got just three more arrows” Timothy told the oldest sister while catching his breath.

On impulse, Evelyn began throwing stones at the wolves.

“Go away from us” Margaret screamed as she did also. Her screams were ever resounding. The wolves growled louder as confusion was setting in.

Timothy made advantage of this and shot at their leader. “Alpha down!” Evelyn shouted still throwing her stones. Another arrow was shot.

Then another. The last two landed on the land.

The wolves grew aggressive but then another howl was heard. Timothy stood still as chills ran through his spine, “Was what that?” his eyes were wide open.

The wolves began howling back. With the leader down the wolves began growling in defeat. One swung his hands at Evelyn but got a stone in his mouth as response.

They humbly went back into the forest.

“Still screaming” Timothy dragged Margaret to him so she could stop finally, the wolves were gone, she was just hurting their ears.

“And thank you, Marg for your great and loud voice” Evelyn turned to her cousin. She caught sight of the shadow but he was leaving.

“And you Timothy, you couldn’t even help with your arrows so don’t scold her” Evelyn picked his arrows and handed them to him, basically he had missed most of his shots.

She left to check on Lydia who was now staggering to them. Timothy gave her glare before walking away with her.

What even brought these cousins of his to such a dangerous place. Oh, he forgot they’re were danger magnets.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two – The abuse.

The sisters were quiet as they walked back home. It had dawned on them that their Uncle Sylvester must have sent Timothy to find them because they had stayed out late. Another four hours scolding and lecturing again.

“You know this is your fault Marg” the youngest sister started.

“How my fault?” Margaret retorted.

“If you had listened to me and left fishing in that river. All of these wouldn’t have happened” the youngest explained.

Timothy’s widened then he turned to Evelyn, “You and your sisters went to the prohibited river to fish! Was that how much you girls loved trouble! Wait till father hears this!” he stomped faster ahead.

“Now you caused this one” Evelyn gasped.

Margaret made a funny face at Lydia and Lydia returned one at her back. They continued their walk in silence again.

Then came the fire.

Their Uncle was always mean to them, he hated the “weakness of women”, as he called it. H


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