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The Alpha's First Love

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He moved closer to her, held her by the neck with both hands and gave her a slobbery kiss, then she felt his strange presence and held his chest, it felt good, like she wanted more of what he just did. That night he made love to her and became an alpha, the first to ever walk the earth. His name was Bambi, the first werewolf to later become an alpha. Bambi's mother Rasah had been having strange dreams right from the moment she turned ten, inquisitive about a compass she found she followed it's leading to a cave where she was forced to mate with a strange spirit, the spirit that was to later become the father of the first alpha werewolf to ever walk the earth. Visited by monks and against her will commissioned for the task ahead, Rasah and her lover Akez who lost his family to a war and with her two year old son Bambi in a quest to avert the prophecy over Bambi's life went to live in the deepest part of the forest of Safa region, in an ancient country in the European continent. According to the strange monks that visited Rasah Bambi her son will fully become an alpha and discover his true potential when he meets and mates with his mate. Rasah had to hide her son in the forest from all humans to avoid his getting to mate with a woman.

Chapter 1

He moved closer to her, held her by the neck with both hands and gave her a slobbery kiss, then she felt his strange presence and held his chest, it felt good, like she wanted more of what he just did. He was an alpha, the first to ever walk the earth. His name was Bambi and this is his story;

Bambi was fifteen and had just been woken up with a long whip by his mother and being troubled by his stepfather that early morning, grudgingly stood up and walked away into the farm near their lonely home which stood in the woods.

"Your son is no good!" the man said aloud and slapped the ground with the whip. This outburst from him shook the fair woman and she covered her face with both hands. He left her standing there and she sat on a log of wood and sobbed silently.

Bambi's step father, Akez was a farmer and he lived in the woods, after the war that devastated his home he had married Bambi's mother who was unaware the father of her child and had insisted they lived in the woods. She knew this man was good, also good in bed but he had refused to accept her son. She walked up to him inside the one room they had built few years back and met him standing near the window. She walked to him and held him by the shoulder. She was a very beautiful woman, with her two breasts that seemed as though they were always pointing at those infront of her, the husband, Akez had married her because of her beauty and because also he loved her. She was so s*xy but to Akez she was also a liar.

"I don't like shouting at you the way I just did. Your son annoys me" he said.

"He is our son" she corrected him.

"My sons died in the war. It is a pity you never met any of them. And my wife, she was just like you. She had your face, your breasts and your kind of hairy p*ssy" he said and she liked how he says it. It triggers on her sexual desires whenever he had to refer to her p*ssy in that manner. She could feel her breast swelling as though they wanted to hug the man. Akez turned and looked at those breasts, held them into his hands and began to rob them both against one another. He had to raise her silky short top which revealed her navel and the breasts fell out of her chest and into his heavy hands. He carried them and began to eat them hungrily, allowing his saliva to pour on them, robbing them against each other. The woman could not stand those touches any longer and she had to lay on the ground and opened her legs wide. The man knew her short pants could hinder him and so to make it even more romantic he used his knife to tear the cloth and revealed her body, the very thing that had refused him make sound decisions in life.

"You tore my cloth" she whispered.

"I could tear open your legs as well" he said and did just that, opening her legs to slide himself in.


Bambi had been wondering in the forest, not knowing where he was heading to. He just wanted to be far away from him, the abuser without mercy, who had refused to acknowledge his hard-working qualities. Bambi got to a point in the farm and sat down, very handsome like his mother, had dimples in both cheeks and had dark eyes with well carved eyebrows. He was still fifteen yet looked twenty. He had been in the woods ever since he became two and so he could still not comprehend it when he is told by his mother that there were those like him on the outside world.

"Yes my son, you are my joy but you have to respect your stepfather" she had said.

"What do you mean by stepfather?" he had asked.

"It means he is not your real father but he is now married to your mother, which makes him your step father and you his stepson" the mother explained.

"I don't think that's right. If I'm his stepson he would love me" Bambi said.

"I wouldn't blame him. He thinks I'm lying about your birth" she said.

"Who is my father?" He had to ask.

"Son, let us not talk about it" she had said.

"Then he is right when he calls you a liar" Bambi said.

"What?" she was surprised at his words.

They had lived in the forest for thirteen years and for all those years Bambi had been exposed to seeing his mother make out with the man he was forced to call a step father. Bambi didn't know anything else except farming, except the man and woman he was calling parents but he heard their stories, some of their stories of how there are other living beings outside the forest that he had known all his life. He would climb the mountains and yet all he sees is the forest. He would sigh and go down.

"Mother are we going to stay here forever?" asked Bambi one afternoon.

"Yes, we will but there is a reason why we have to be here for now, until I'm sure those men from that strange land lied about your destiny. How do you feel?" she had to ask.

"I'm feeling fine" he said.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"I'm fine" Bambi said and stood up. The mother held his hand and said, "I know that the world doesn't want you but I want you. You are my son. I carried you in my womb when I was twenty years old and gave birth to you fifteen years ago. The world wanted you dead but i wanted you alive. I don't care what they said you would end up becoming If I have to make the decision of protecting you from those that thought they were doing the right thing and sought to end your life in your infancy I would do it all over again"

Chapter 2

"Are you squirting?" she heard him ask her and she nodded, with eyes closed and lips tucked in, riding him harder, with his right hand on his bare and hairy chest and the other hand on his right thigh. She was vibrating as she released herself on him, her two pointed breasts shaking infront of her and sweat dropping from her forehead. She was naked and he was naked too and they had been having this sex for close to an hour now. With both panting like beasts and groaning they laid on the bed and faced the ceiling of the house.

"Did you ejaculate?" She asked him and he nodded.

"You didn't make any noise this time, you sure you released?" She asked again.

"I did, but I wasn't the one who needed this so bad but you. The herbs helped me though. If I hadn't taken it as you prescribed maybe I wouldn't have lasted this long" She smiled at his words and kissed his lips.

Bambi's mother stepped out to se


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