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The Alpha King's Mate

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Noelle Layke has always been drawn to the forest near her small town, but for unknown reasons, she could never understand why. Noelle also had an unusual birthmark in the shape of a howling wolf and has never really known what it meant until she is rescued from her abusive boyfriend and his friends by the mysterious Alarick Kingwood. Alarick Kingwood is the Alpha King of all wolves and rules his kingdom with an iron fist but treats everyone be it she wolf pup or male wolf fairly and justly. His only flaw is the fact that he can't stand women... until he rescues a beautiful woman who was being beaten by a group of idiots. And the said woman has a howling wolf birthmark on her wrist.

Chapter 1

Growing up in my small town on the edge of the forest, the townspeople we're always afraid of the forest and had banned everyone to not enter the forest. Unfortunately for me I was the one who constantly broke the rule because ever since I was little I was always drawn to the forest and to top it off, I was born with a howling wolf birthmark on my left wrist. But right now, I'm currently running for my life from my ex boyfriend, James and his lackeys who are chasing me through the forest. Suddenly my foot caught on a raised tree root causing me to trip and fall, as well as hitting my head against the tree. I cried out in pain before I curled up in a tight ball to try and make myself a smaller target. I soon heard James and his friends come to a stop in front of me. "Look at her boys, see how my pathetic girlfriend cowers before us." James laughed at me while his friends joined in. James then grabbed me by the throat and yanked me up off the ground. Gasping, I stared at him in pain and fear as I tried to get him to release his grip. "Please, let me go" I gasped. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest as James tightened his grip on my throat before he threw me against the tree. I continued to cry out, as I curled up into a ball and covered my head as they used my body as a punching bag. Suddenly the torture stopped and I could hear a low growl. Hesitantly, I slowly opened my light brown eyes to see a giant black wolf standing in front of me, while James and his friends stood motionless away from the giant wolf. "J-James, we need to go." One of James' friends said. I watched as James nodded slowly before he and his lackeys backed away slowly from me and the wolf. The giant wolf growled before letting out a vicious bark, causing James and his friends to turn tail and run. As soon as they were gone, the giant wolf turned towards me, allowing me to see its yellow eyes for the first time. the wolf and I locked eyes before the wolf's yellow eyes began to glow and his fur began to shimmer, closing my eyes tightly against the bright light, I curled into myself until I felt a strong hand rest against my shoulder. "are you alright?" the voice asked. Opening my eyes slowly, I found myself looking up at a man in fine clothes. Almost like a prince of some sort. "Who are you?" I asked softly. My name is Alarick Kingwood. King Alpha of all alphas. Can you tell me as to why you are in my forest and why that group of boys were chasing you?" Alarick asked. I'm Noelle, and that group of boys that were chasing me were my abusive ex boyfriend and his friends. I replied flinching slightly when the man in front of me shifted his hand on my shoulder to cup my face. "Your hurt." Alarick stated. "N-no I'm not, I'm fine really. Thank you for saving me." I said. But as soon as I moved to get up my body screamed in pain, causing me to let out a pained gasp. "Please, let me help you Noelle." Alarick pleaded as he held a hand out to me. hesitantly, I reached out and took his hand and allowed him to pull me to my feet. "Can you walk?" Alarick asked me. timidly, I shook my head. I heard him growl low in his throat before his eyes began to glow yellow. Before I knew the giant black wolf stood in Alarick's place before the wolf laid down and allowed me to get on his back.


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