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Micaela Whitlock was born and raised inside the Palace, having little experience with life beyond its gates. Despite the benefit of working at the palace, her life was anything but enjoyable. It has been 100 years since the beast overran the human world, eradicating the vast majority of people and enslaving the remainder. Unfortunately, her parents had been among the people who had been taken prisoner. She followed instructions to the letter, doing everything in her power to blend in and go unnoticed until an awful event occurred and irrevocably altered her life. ♧♧♧ " Do i scare you, Micaela." "Your majesty." I whimper, avoiding his gaze. I couldn't muster the courage to meet him in the eyes, not when his intimidating demeanor blocked every sense of reasoning. " mea bella mate ," The way he uttered those strange words, so soft, so delicate, like a sweet caress. Yet I couldn't bring myself to be swayed by his tactics. He wasn't just the king but a man betrothed to another and I was merely a maid, assigned to serve him. "What would Anastasia think if she walks in on our compromising position?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper. " I couldn’t give two sh*t what she thinks or feels." His tone was so calm yet frightening. " She means absolutely nothing to me."


Who would have thought the human race would be put through such an ordeal. To be taken captive by creatures they had no clue existed among them as they managed to stay off the raider for billions of years.

It has been close to hundred of years since the beast took over, ruling after the humans.

There were strict laws given to be followed and not to be broken or a punishment much worse than death awaits whatever poor soul.

They called themselves the shape-shifted, having the ability to shift from man to beast.

More specifically wolves.

This ability also gave them immense powers like speed, strength, heightened senses and the gift to heal ten times faster than the humans. They were taller and the men were more muscular than the average human man.

With all these powers combined the human race had no chance against them. The beast didn’t bother holding back, they were deadly and brutal.

After taking over the world, every human captured were either killed or given the lowest rank if found useful.

The older men and women who were found weak, sick or injured were immediately brutally killed. The younger man and woman at the age of eighteen upward were either taken to the wh*r* house to be used as the beasts sees fit or taken to as slaves were they are constantly beaten, some times to death.

The little children were brewed, training from little what they are needed to do and what not to do till they got to the age of eighteen.

They were the kind of horror stories said to scare off little children.

They had successfully managed to put themselves in every part of the world, each part ruled by a leader they called their alpha.

But all tribes and packs as they liked to call themselves, are ruled by Royals, just like how the humans had presidents.

The Royals are the strongest amongst them. Rumor has it that each royal possesses a certain kind of gift each, making them special.

Her life had been bearable, since she was able to get over each day with her head down like she had been told. That way she could avoid any form of attention being given to her.

Despite the number of times she tried to keep to the rule that didn’t mean she hadn’t been punished, but she was able to endure it, as long as they didn’t try to take advantage of her, she was able to push through every day.

That was until her life took a turn for the worst when she was assigned to work in the other part of the Palace as his maid. Which meant there was no way for her to avoid him.

With the amount of cruelty the humans had to face it was nothing compared to him, the worst of them all.

They called him,

Diabolus Bestia


My eyes were red and heavy, my breath cold as ice. I sat there on my small wooden bed, legs up, cuddling tightly to my body as I struggled to stop the tears from falling off my eyes.

I should be used to this.

This wasn't the first time, I should have expected this to happen.

You would think someone who grew up hand in hand in death, won’t be this affected anymore when a friend or family dies.

But who won’t bawl their eyes out, after losing the only member of your family you had left.

Everyone I ever loved, all gone from this cruel world. I had no parents, no siblings and now Tatiana.

When I found Tatiana’s dead body, I was numbed for a moment. Doing nothing, feeling nothing. I couldn’t say anything, I just stood there staring at her cold naked body laying on the floor after being raped countless time and left to die with no remorse.

That had been six days ago. No matter how many times I wanted to scream my lungs out, I couldn’t.



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