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The Alpha King and His Queen

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Eric Colson is the Alpha King and ruler of the werewolves. He was never supposed to have a mate, but here she is. Once it is discovered that the King has a mate forces start to move in the shadows. Forces that seek to take the thrones for themselves, even if it means killing the king. Luna Moon drug into a world she never thought she'd know. She is suddenly an item that everyone wants to control. Between betrayal, heartbreak, and a war torn country. Can these two protect their love and their country? Or will they have to fight alone?


When I woke up, I was lying on cold unfamiliar ground. As I observed the world around me, I noticed that it was on the cusp of winter. The trees were bare of leaves and the ground was brown. There was a castle in the distance. I stood up and made my way there.

I braced myself against the bitter wind; I didn't seem to have a jacket. I seemed to only be wearing what I went to bed with the night before. As I continued to walk along the wooded path, I saw lots of wolves. Normally, that wouldn't have bothered me, but they were much bigger than your average wolf. I started to walk quickly, hoping to reach my destination faster. I walked up the stairs and approached the door to the castle. The castle was white and large. As if expecting me, the doors to the castle opened. I walked inside and looked around. Everything inside was also white. I truly wondered what kind of person would want to live in an all-white castle. Ahead of me was a giant staircase, the landing leading in either direction.

"Hello child," I heard a smooth feminine voice say.

"H-hello?" I stifled as I started to feel anxious.

A small laugh echoed through the foyer. "Well met, young one, I am Lunara. I brought you to my realm because I have chosen you."

I laughed at the notion of being a chosen one. The mysterious woman steps onto the landing and beckons me forward. I moved forward without my consent, as if she was pulling me forward. She walked toward me and grabbed my chin, moving my head all around. As if she was inspecting a cow for slaughter.

"Hmmm....Strong chin, determined eyes, strong body. It has to be you." I glared my eyes at her as I stepped back.

"I agree with nothing until you explain what the hell you're talking about!" I'm angry and I don't even know why, my breathing is heavy.

Lunara laughs and takes a step towards me.

"Hush my child. You will be my champion, you will reform the werewolf world and become the king of all. An alpha king you might say."

Reform the werewolf world? "Who are you?" My tone was nearly demanding.

"Lunara, the goddess of the moon. The creator of werewolves." I dropped to my knees to bow.

"How old are you boy? And what do they call you?" Lunara asked me gently.

I stood up to face her. "I am 17, and they call me Eric Colson, your majesty." I felt shaky.She laughed, her laugh was melodic and pleasant

to the ears.

"Eric Colson we haven't much time left, come with me."

She grabbed a torch and started walking down the hallway to the left. The torch illuminated the hallway and revealed paintings. They appeared to be of her. The petite build with long white hair, dark blue eyes like the night sky, and the palest skin I had ever seen. She truly was a certain kind of beautiful.

The hallway ended with a big wooden door; Lunara opened the door and beckoned me in. The room was big. The walls were lined with shelves that were full of potions and books.

"Are you also a witch? Why would a goddess need a potion room?" I looked around the room in marvel. There was one window that opened out. Like the rest of the castle, this room was also white.

"Although I am a goddess, I am not all-powerful, my power is limited. Now hush, I need to concentrate." She turned away from me and began working at her table. I walked around the room and noticed a piece of parchment encased in glass. I read the parchment. Seemed to be ingredients for a potion:


Sparkling Moon Water

Emerald Green Toad

3 Locks of Unicorn Hair

Pure Blue Dragon's Blood

It's for immortality, but would a goddess need a potion for this? She's been around since the creation of the earth.

There was a legend that Lunara fell in love with the sun god, Lunoso. The creator separated them and their love became forbidden. She secluded herself in her realm, never to be seen on earth again. Maybe she didn't want to see the sun and be reminded of her lost love. The only communication that still exists is the moon at night, and fated mates. On every werewolf's eighteenth birthday, they find their mate. I think it was Lunara's way of keeping love alive even though she could never have hers.

"Eric, the potion is ready," she said, jarring me out of my thoughts.

"What potion?" In her hands, she held a glass container with green liquid inside.

"It's for immortality, it's for you. Drink it. You will stop aging at the age of twenty-one. There's just one catch-" she hesitated, for a moment. "You will never have a mate. Once you drink this, the traditions of mates will die." I nodded and grabbed the container, a small price to pay, I suppose. I took the potion to my lips and drank. The world spun, and I fell to the floor. The last thing I hear is Lunara telling me that it's okay.

I woke up in my own bed with my parents next to me. "Hello sweetie, you've been out for nearly two days. Where did you go?" Mother placed a cool hand on my forehead and I realized I had a fever.

"I saw her mother," I said as I struggled to get up in bed.

"You saw who?" Mother raised an eyebrow at me.

"The moon goddess, Lunara." My mother's face went pale. She quickly excused herself and ran out of the room. That was weird. I stood up and immediately had to sit back down. I had been out for two days, but it had only felt like a few hours with her. I finally managed to stand up. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked ragged. That was expected though. I hadn't eaten in the past two days.

I walked down the stairs. The smell of food made its way to my nose as I entered the kitchen. The table was set with all sorts of food. Mostly my favorites: spaghetti, and chili. My mother walked into the room; I noticed she was fidgety.

"Son, I have something to ask you." I didn't know how, but I already knew what she was going to ask.

"Of course mother, you may ask me anything." My mother took a deep breath as if she was mentally preparing herself.

"Did you drink a potion of immortality?" I froze. How could she know? It's not as if she was there.

"How did you know?" Tears started dripping down her face.

"Mate bonds are broken, the prophecy is starting.....I-I have to go." With that, my mother quickly left the room.

I had no idea of the chaos that my decision had caused; I thought helping Lunara would be harmless. At seventeen, I had basically upset the entire nation. I walked outside and decided to run. I transformed and headed toward the woods. I had always loved running around the forest. There was a glen with a small pond and waterfall that was my favorite spot. It's like it was from a fairytale, with the sun pouring in through the trees. I took a moment and chose a spot to lie down and relax. The bubbling of the waterfall was so relaxing that I fall asleep.

I woke up in a panic. Night had already fallen. My parents must be worried sick, but why didn't they send anyone to find me? I ran back to the house, hoping I wouldn't be in too much trouble. I was about to open the door when I heard voices I didn't recognize.

"The kid isn't here boss."

"What do you mean he's not here? He's gotta be here somewhere. Tear the town apart! Find him! kill him!"

"Yes sir!" There are a bunch of rogues in my house. My heart starts to race as I realize my parents are in the house. I don't know what to

do, so I am doing the most reckless thing there is. I yelled and whistled to let the rogues know where I was.

"I hear the little b*st*rd! Outside the house!" They came barreling out of the house in wolf form, ready to rip me apart. I shifted, I

immediately went for the smallest one and ripped his throat out. The second one put up a fight and managed to rip open my side. I

whimpered and ran away, just as I had planned; the second and third rogues followed me.

I ran into an alleyway to hide in the shadows. I knew I didn't have much time. I found a box to hide behind and crouched behind it. I listened for their footsteps. Right as they were about to run past, I leaped out and sank my teeth into the flesh of the second rogue. Slinging him over to the side, I growled and stepped toward the third rogue. I expected him to attack, but instead, he did the exact opposite.

He bowed "Please, spare me." He must have been in a high rank at one time, to have telepathy capabilities.

"Why should I do that?" I snarled, the anger rising in my chest.

"I can help you," he pauses, "But, we need to save your parents first." I pricked my ears up to try and listen. I heard my mother scream. I walked past the rogue.

"You may run, or you may follow me, but know this: If you follow me you must do so until the end of time." With that said, I ran at full speed to my house. I shifted back into my human form. When I turned around, I saw the rogue. I nodded at him and walked into the house. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I crept up the stairs; it was deathly silent. I made it to the top of the stairs and smelled the blood. I walked to my parent's bedroom to confirm what I already knew. My parents were dead.

Once I'm back outside, I confront the rogue. "What do they call you?"


"Why was this band of rogues after me?"

"All the wolves felt a disturbance. As if something had broken." Xavier said, matter-of-factly."

"I've been awake less than a day, how has the news spread this fast?" I said. Xavier looked at me oddly.

"What do you mean "awake less than a day"? I gulped. Not knowing what to say.

"Okay so, this might sound crazy." Xavier just kept staring at me. Waiting for me to explain myself. "Two nights ago I fell asleep and entered the moon goddess's realm. I don't know how. I think she summoned me there. She had me drink a potion of immortality. She told me to become the king of werewolves." When I finished Xavier just stood there and silently nodded.

"There was a prophecy made a thousand years ago." He said, "That one day, the moon goddess would choose a champion. This champion would become the "Alpha King" of the werewolves." He paused. "The only catch would be that 'fated mates' would no longer exist. Nobody knows why she decided it to be that way. Maybe the moon goddess had decided that free will was better than fate."

"How do we know this prophecy is real? Is there any proof?" I asked anxiously.

"Eric, she sent down a transcript from the heavens. It is set in stone to happen. While you may have only been awake a few hours. The events began to unfold the day second you entered her realm." My head was reeling. What am I supposed to do now? My parents are dead and I have no one left to guide me.

"Xavier, how old are you?" I asked, I got the feeling that he wasn't much older than I was.

"Twenty-five, forevermore I suppose. Although you are younger than I am, I will serve you as my master." I cringed a little. I didn't like the idea of being called a master.

"My people need someone to care for them. I was next in line to become alpha. I have no one left to guide me. Xavier, will you be my Beta and right-hand man?"

He bowed, "Yes, my alpha." He looked up at me and I spoke what he was thinking.

"It's time to restore order to the werewolf nation. We must fulfill the prophecy, as our goddess so desires."

**** I realize this is told in a different tone and POV than the rest of the story. This is because this event is told as how King Eric remembers it.********

Chapter 1

Luna POV

It's fall, and the whole town is abuzz. There is to be a grand ball and 'choosing' tomorrow night. It is the birthday of Tristan Smith, the

alphas son. To add even more excitement to the event, our alpha invited the king. It seems that King Eric accepted the invitation and is

set to arrive in town today. King Eric is said to be one of the most handsome men in the nation. I have no interest in such affairs. My only

concern, is to not be chosen by Tristan.

Tristan is soon to be the new alpha of the pack; as such he needs a Luna. It is rumored that only ten ladies were chosen for this event.

Two from our pack, and the rest from neighboring packs. This is so that Tristan can pick out a bride and future Luna. By a stroke of bad

luck, a letter arrived in the mail for me. I was crushed when I saw the contents. It's not an option, it's an order.

I shake myself out of my thoughts


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